Automate LSP communcations with Dynamics Finance and Operations

100% native app to send shipment manifests to LSPs and retreive tracking information

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Integrates with Pick and Pack

Book shipments manifests without leaving Dynamics, store them as attachments against your Shipments.

Print directly to thermal printers

Multi-Carrier offers quick and easy shipping seamlessly tied to your Dynamics customer data, page layouts and workflow.

Create Labels with One Click

Carrier compliant and certified labels are automatically generated. Commercial invoices can be electronically submited for customs clearance.


Real-Time Shipment Tracking

With scheduled tracking you get the latest tracking updates of any shipment in real time! No need to copy and paste long tracking numbers outside of Dynamics ever again.

Shipment Status Updates Every Hour

Zenkraft automatically updates your shipment records every hour. Once a shipment is delivered the "Delivered" checkbox is automatically checked.

Branded Tracking Notifications

Write workflow rules off of shipment status. Send branded email templates with the lastest tracking update with upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Dynamics F&O Modules supported

WMS Module

Zenkraft supports Dynamics 356 F&O Containers entity, pick and pack functionality as well as shipping carrier label generation in ZPL and PDF/PDF formats.

TMS Module

Zenkraft assits with load planning by providing real-time rating for 30+ shipping carriers based on your negotiated rates. Transporation status can be automatically updated every hour.

Retail Module

Zenkraft supports the Dynamics 365 Retail Module by integrating Sales Orders, RMAs to Return Locations and Online Store Transactions

45+ Pre-Built Carriers

Zenkraft support the global consolidators, local postal providors, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.

Accelerated Carrier Integration

Setup CSV, FTP, EDI and Paper Manifest connections in minutes.

Setup Pre-Built Carriers in 5 minutes

Zenkraft has pre-built integrations with 45 carriers and we're adding 1 per week. Just add your account number and passwords and start shipping straight away!

Setup accelerated Carriers in 2-3 hours

Many carriers will run on EDI, FTP, CSV or even email for many years to come. Luckily we've built an easy way to automate traditional integration methods.

Change carriers in minutes

Carrier contracts are continuously re-negotiated. Adding & Removing carriers with our platform takes minutes. Don't let integration be a bottleneck for implementing better/faster/cheaper LSPs!

Zero ongoing maintence

Zenkraft take care of carrier certification requirements, changes to APIs, sandbox environments and help with communications with carrier IT departments.

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