Transportation and logistics spend is often 10-15% of total spend for manufacturing, retail and pharmaceutical companies. Streamlining processes can deliver big cost savings.


The Zenkraft services team can help you design an automated logistics system that provides greater visibility of your supply chain built natively on the platform.


Our team of consultants and Salesforce certified engineers build on top of our ShipAutomation logistics platform to enable 3-5x faster project delivery time.

Servies we offer

Order Fulfilment Automation

Our ShipAutomation platform enables customers to print up to 1,000 shipment batches.

  • Generate up to 1,000 labels at a time
  • Print directly to your thermal printer or desktop printer using our printing desktop client available for Mac, PC and Linux
  • Tracking automatically updates in Salesforce every hour

3PL App Development

Zenkraft provide development services to 3PL and logistics companies.

  • native shipping applications based on the Zenkraft shipping data model offering label generation, thermal printing, automated tracking and global apex method support

RMA Automation

Enable one-click RMA label generation / email to customer on a case. The case number (with barcode representation) is stored on the inbound shiping label for easy identification.

Community Portal Integration

Enable distributor or dealer networks to request or generate return shipments within Salesforce communities. Lock or restrict service and packaging types using permissions. Site Integration

Our apps are 100% native with global apex methods which means we can integrate into sites for:

  • Shipping Quotes within checkout processes
  • Self-service Return Label Generation (like
  • Shipment tracking / order updates

Connected Device Integration

Let sensors and machines decide when parts need replacing, services or repairing. Our global APIs enable your machines to easily order new parts and replacements directly via our APIs.

  • Simple Salesforce Shipping API
  • Automated Shipping
  • 100% Shipment Visibility