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I can't see your shipment objects

You are trying to use our app but a user can't see the Zenkraft objects such as Shipment, Package etc.


The user is not able to see shipment objects

There are a few potentials reasons why your users aren't able to see the shipment objects and we will detail them below:


Ensure User is Licensed

Make sure your user has a licence for our Multi Carrier App. You can check this by going into Setup > Installed Packages and clicking on the Manage link next to our Multi Carrier app.

Make sure to add your users so they have a licence. Once the user has been added, please recheck to see whether they have access now.


Ensure User has correct permissions

Make sure that your users profile has access to the objects in our package. You can check this by going to Setup > Object Manger and checking each of the objects under the zkmulti namespace to see if that profile has access to read/write.