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Before you can ship a package through Shipmate, you must define a Shipmate Preference, which will store your FedEx account number. If you have more than one FedEx account number, you must create a Preference for each. Also, if you have multiple shipping addresses tied to the same FedEx account number, you must create a different Preference for each shipping address. You cannot create two Preferences with the exact same shipping address, instead you will need to alter the shipping address slightly in order to save both (i.e. 123 Main St vs. 123 Main Street).

Note: Any discounts associated with your FedEx account number will be reflected in your shipping rates.

Follow these steps to create a Shipmate Preference:

1. Shipmate Initialization

Click on the FedEx Shipmate Preference tab

Click New FedEx Shipmate Preference

Click Initialize

2. Complete each section of the form:

Note: The Shipping Address and Billing Address are pre-loaded with the address defined in the Company Information (Setup | Company Profile | Company Information).

  1. FedEx Account Number
  2. Company Name
  3. Shipping Address (Check Residential if the Shipping Address is a residence)
  4. Billing Address
  5. Default Sender Details
  6. Sender Name Default - the default sender name for all shipments created
  7. Sender Email Default - the default sender email for all shipments created
  8. Sender Phone Default – the default sender phone for all shipments created

Email Label Defaults

  1. Email Label Sender Display Name Default – the default sender display name when sending shipping labels via email
  2. Email Label Reply-To Email Default – the default reply-to email address when sending shipping labels via email
  3. Email Label Subject Line Default – the default email subject line when sending shipping labels via email
  4. Email Label Text Body Default – the default email body when sending shipping labels via email

Other Defaults

  1. Label Image Type Default – the default image type for all shipping labels
  2. Email Message Default – the default message for email notifications
  3. Send Email Notification to Shipper
  4. Send Email Notification to Recipient
  5. Send Email Notification on Exception – notifies when and why a shipment will not meet its original scheduled delivery date, and provides a rescheduled date of delivery
  6. Send Email Notification on Delivery – notifies you of the delivery of a shipment
  7. Detailed View – Shipmate Preference List
  8. Detailed View – Reuse Package List

Preferences that you create will appear in Section 1 of the Wizard: Preference and Shipment Type.

Next is setting up the licenses for your users if you haven't already done so.