Manage your Shipping and Returns in Salesforce

100% native apps used by over 30,000 users for shipping booking, tracking, rating and much more on Salesforce™

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Shipping Labels

Generate shipping labels from any object using our Shipping Wizard, Process Builder or in Bulk. Generate PDF, PNG, GIF and Zebra Labels and print them directly to your printer.

Rating / Quoting

Calculate rates using triggers or process builder on any object. Automatically add shipping cost line items to your Orders, Quotes or our using our Salesforce CPQ shipping quote integration.

Automated Tracking

Shipping status is automatically updated every hour. Send branded tracking emails and expose shipment updates via Communities or Commerce Cloud.


Generate Return Labels from Cases (or any other object) and email to your customers. Track returns in real-time and create reports/dashboards of un-used return labels.

45+ Carriers Supported

Zenkraft support the global consolidators, local postal providors, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.


This app is excellent, easy to install, easy to use and easy to customize. We have a very specific and complex use case, and this app handles all of our needs. And, whenever we need help, Zenkraft's online chat is always available. The entire Zenkraft team is courtesy, professional, knowledgeable and eager to solve all problems as quickly as possible. They even added one of our requests to their development schedule and delivered it on time! Great product and great team!

Nina Gonzalez

Outstanding Addition

When an OPPORTUNITY closes, we now move thru fulfillment without keying an address, only the box size.

****** Zero shipping errors in the seven months we've been running ******

And with the Zenkraft team pulling shipping status from FedEx and UPS, our team has at a glance perspective of package status.

Mark Burke at Midmark

Easily Integrate FedEx with Salesforce

Fantastic app to merge your FedEx shipping needs with all of your data already in Salesforce. You can easily create shipping labels and link them to Opportunities and Accounts/ Contacts records. One stop shop to initiate and track shipments all the way to their destination points.

Steve Poon

Great added service to clients at a cost reduction.

We ship thousands of payroll documents to clients every week. With the Zenkraft App our clients receives the tracking number so when they get anxious for their payroll, they can go find it. They really like that feature. The one-off and bulk shipping has cut our labor cost by 25% over the FedEx online service and this has unlimited destination records so we don't have to create work arounds. Staff likes and my wallet loves it.

Malcolm Frost

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