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WISMO, Returns and Estimated Delivery Dates available for all Salesforce Clouds

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Where is My Order?

70-80% of customer services inquiries

Your service agents are inundated with "Where is my order?" enquiries. Zenkraft brings real-time shipping status directly from the 80 alongside your customer data.

Find order status 12x Faster

Our customers tell us that the time it takes to answer a "Where is my Order" question reduced from 5 minutes to under 10 seconds with our application.


Returns Processing

Generate and Email Return Labels from Cases

Book a return with one of our 80 supported carriers. Automatically email it your customer.

Native Commerce and Service Cloud support

View inbound visibility of returns to your website. The case ID or Order Number is added to the shipping label.


Drive Traffic back to your webiste

Get 4.5x the Open Rate

Shipping Notification emails get up to 4.5x the open rate of marketing emails. Why aren't you leveraging that to drive high quality traffic back to your store?

Your domain & branding

Our Shipment Tracking Commerce Cloud catridge supports SiteGenesis & SFRA and uses your existing styles & brand on your domain.

Retail & Commerce Salesforce Clouds Supported

Service Cloud

Top use cases include Returns Handling and answering WISMO enquiries. Learn more about Service Cloud Returns

Commerce Cloud

Order/shipment tracking pages with Einstein-powered upsell promotions, self-service returns and Estimated Delivery Dates.

B2B Commerce

Delivery costs and Estimated Delivery Dates in checkout, Self-Service Returns and Real-time Order Tracking for B2B Commerce.

Order Management

Fulfill Orders and automatically print them. Once in transit they can be tracked in real-time. Learn more about our Lightning Order Management Shipping Integration.

What is the Value of Zenkraft?

Automate Manual Tasks

Reduce time to ship, quote, return and track from minutes to seconds. Stop tabbing between applications and copying and pasting data!

Complete Customer 360

See when orders are being delivered and returned alongside your customer data. Updated in real-time directly from 80+ carriers.

Acquire Zero Technical Debt

Building integrations, maintaining them and then the person who managed that integration left. Sound familiar?

Quick to Implement

Zenkraft is 100% native, using the same technology as Salesforce. This means your Salesforce Admin will easily understand how Zenkraft works.

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