Post Purchase Cartridge for Commerce Cloud

Track Shipments, Integrate Returns and add Estimated Shipping dates for 80+ shipping carriers from Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Delivery Dates, Shipment Tracking & Returns

Drive traffic to your website. Not the carriers or a Post-Purchase vendor's sub-domain.
Your Domain + 80 Supported Carriers + Content Slots = Total Control

Real-time Tracking

Standardized Tracking for 80+ carriers. Send alerts from Commerce Cloud or your own email system. Fully customize the look-and-feel of the page using SFRA or Site-Genesis.

Your Domain

Hosted on your domain. With your SSL certificates, your existing menus and your CSS styles. No need to pay a third-party vendor for every change you make.


Content Slots

Add content slots anywhere on your tracking page. Use Einstein Recommendations for upsell based on the order's products. Display content based an unlimited number of factors.

Business Manager

Zenkraft is administered using Business Manager. It integrates with standard Commerce Cloud features such as Shipping methods. Your developers will already know how our product works.


Read how one Commerce Cloud Customer will save $330,000 in licensing fees and increase revenue by switching to a native Post-Purchase vendor

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Tracking Pages & Emails

Delivery status is automatically updated in real-time from the carriers. Shipping method, current status and tracking number will be displayed.

Status messages are standardized across every carrier. A full list of carrier checkpoints is also displayed.

Add Content Slots anywhere on the tracking page.

Shipping Notifications

Zenkraft supports shipping notifications at the 5 critical stages of delivery. Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Home and Alexa are all supported.


Self-Service Returns & Labels with Drop-off Locations

Users can self-generate return shipments for 80+ carriers from within the My Order section of Commerce Cloud. Users can either email the label to themselves (great for mobile) or print the label directly from their browser.

Zenkraft also support Carrier QR Codes so users don't have to print labels.

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Estimated Delivery Dates in Checkout

More delivery options provide more convenience for customers and increase conversion rates. Zenkraft supports:

Estimated Delivery Dates
Customers prefer "Delivered on Weds 24" to "3-5 business days".

Drop-off Locations
Supports 100,000's locations including UPS Access Point & Walgreens locations.

Named Delivery Dates
So the customer can select a convenient future date for delivery.


Mobile Responsive

Support cross-device browsers with a smart & intuitive interface supporting estimated delivery dates, self-service returns and post-purchase shipment tracking.

Apply your own CSS styles and customize the layout to make deployments fast with minimal development effort.

80+ Carriers Supported

Zenkraft support the global consolidators, local postal providors, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.


Works with every other Cloud

Zenkraft runs on every Salesforce Cloud including Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Order Management. You can run reports highlighting product issues or identify serial returners using Salesforce reports.

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