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Split Shipments in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Published on 20 August 2020 by in salesforce commerce-cloud 

Split shipments often create headaches for retailers. They're a big cause of "Where is my order?" enquiries - one of our customers had 50% of their "WISMO" enquiries coming from 7% of their split orders. Unless the retailer clearly communicates their order has been split into multiple shipments (and the consumer reads that communicate) your customer will most likely think that as a retailer you've forgotten to send their stuff. They'll be on the phone within minutes!

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Managing Returns during a global lockdown (label expiry, pickups & more)

Published on 08 April 2020 by in ecommerce returns 


We’ve been asked frequently by our customers, how do we manage returns and pickups during the global lockdown? With consumers increasingly not being able to leave their homes due to government policy, scheduling pickups has become increasingly popular.

Some retailers have chosen to extend their return periods and have asked us to extend the validity of return labels. Here is a guide to some of the popular carrier’s expiration policy: