Salesforce Order Management is Here!

Published on 18 February 2020 in ecommerce 

You're probably familiar with Salesforce Order Management (especially if you attended Dreamforce where it was billed as Lightning Order Management). But what you might not know is that Zenkraft is a Salesforce Order Management AppExchange Launch Partner. And we are already directly integrated with Salesforce Order Management. 

Why Us?

Zenkraft and our fellow launch partners were chosen due to the gap in Salesforce functionality we serve.

That's the gap between Salesforce's Commerce Cloud products and Order Fulfillment. A.K.A Order Management.

As a partner we were given early access to the Salesforce Order Management platform as it was developed. This allowed us to tailor our Multi-Carrier app to this newest offering from Salesforce. And make sure it was directly integrated with SOM at launch! 

What is Order Management?

As all ecommerce professionals know online shopping is so much more than what the consumer sees. There’s a lot of tech and people behind a seamless ecommerce experience. According to a study by Salesforce & Deloitte, there are around 40 seperate systems involved in order management. And all these systems must come together to go from place order to receive order.  

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And the company's at the forefront of the retail revolution have worked hard to make these systems work so seamlessly that consumers only have to think about clicking a button. Luckily for those who believe their order management needs work Salesforce Order Management makes it easy to take a huge leap without acquiring significant technical debt. 

Why should you be excited about Salesforce Order Management?

Ecommerce order management technology has lagged behind for years. Failing to keep up with the rapid pace of the retail evolution. Salman Malik, SVP & GM of Salesforce Order Management describes traditional OMS as "rigid, brittle and hard to use." Legacy OMS platforms simply haven’t kept up with rising consumer expectations. 

Until Salesforce Order Management that is! Salesforce’s new OMS (built entirely on the Salesforce platform) allows customers to abandon order management systems that have failed to innovate and are NOT Salesforce native. 

Additionally, SOM serves as an intersection between Salesforce’s Commerce Products (B2B & B2C Commerce) and all its other clouds. This was a natural evolution for Salesforce since Commerce Cloud doesn’t have an order engine and Service Cloud (even though it has the order object) has limited capability. Salesforce Order Management will add a lot of useful features to the platform such as Order Orchestration. 

SOM is the latest Salesforce innovation to bring companies even closer to completing Customer 360. It allows internal teams to view order management lifecycle data natively. And it extends the Commerce platform to help brands provide a buying experience that truly puts customers at the center of the commerce experience. 

Zenkraft + Salesforce Order Management 

Zenkraft fits perfectly into the SOM Commerce Experience in 3 main ways: tracking experience management (status updates for your team & for customers), shipment automation, and returns automation. 

Tracking Experience Management 

Multi-Carrier functionally downloads your shipping carrier's functionality into the Salesforce platform. This integration allows your team to see real-time tracking updates on our shipment object in Salesforce. Tracking updates can be triggered hourly or less frequently.

Additionally, Zenkraft users are able to set up branded tracking notifications. Our team has standardized the 5 critical stages of delivery (Picked up, In transit, Out for Delivery, Delayed, & Delivered) across our 60 supported carriers allowing you to automatically send status updates to your customers.

Shipping Automation

Using the Multi-Carrier app you can configure your business rules in process builder to route specific products to the appropriate shipping carrier automatically. There's no need to rely on your reps to remember which weights, destination, contents, & customer types belong to which shipping carrier. Simply configure your rules into our application and make changes when needed. 

Returns Automation 

Our Multi-Carrier app allows you to create workflow based on reverse logistics checkpoints. Now you can increase the speed with which you can issue a refund or exchange while reducing the risk of return fraud.

You can reduce this risk by ensuring product has been returned by setting up workflow based on reentering the shipping carriers network. Or you can even assign a technician to inspect the product and require their sign off before disbursement of a replacement/refund.

Visit our Salesforce Order Management integration page for more details. 

Final Thoughts

Salesforce's February 18th launch is more than just another Salesforce product. It's your brands opportunity to quickly implement a top of class order management process that will delight your staff and customers.