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Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise; automate your shipping, returns and tracking natively on the Salesforce platform.

Jump Straight In

đź“ş Watch 4-min technical intro!
Introduces Zenkraft concepts & Steps to implement. A must watch for admins and consultants!
Install from AppExchange
Install into sandbox or production directly from our listing
Installation Guide
Follow the installation guide and assign user licenses.

Implementation Guides

Salesforce Core

Includes Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, CPQ, OMS & B2B Commerce.
Create shipping labels
On any object in Salesforce. Most popular include Case & Order.
Pack & Ship
Ship outbound orders using pick and pack & auto-print.
Track Shipments
Track externally created shipments to answer WISMO enquiries.
Lightning B2B
Estimated Costs, Tracking and Returns (supports classic B2B Commerce too).
Outbound & Return Shipping
Create outbound & Return shipping labels at the same time.
Shipment Quoting
Generate Parcel & Freight quotes on any Salesforce object.
Bulk Shipping
Create or void up to 200 shipments at a time from a list view.
International and Additional Documents
Generate Commercial Invoices, Packing Slips and more.

B2C Commerce Cloud

Supports SFRA, SiteGenesis & Headless Commerce.
B2C Cartridge Installation
Install and configure B2C module
Estimated Delivery Dates
Calculate estimated delivery dates, shipping costs & 200k pick-up locations in checkout
Shipment Tracking Page
Reduce "Where is my order?" enquiries & increase up sells with Einstein
Self-Service Returns
Self-generate return labels, show drop-off locations & Sync with Service Cloud.

Administrator Guides

Add your own carrier account to use your negotiated rates
Custom Address Source
Connect to any object in Salesforce to map fields
Printing & Scales
Automatically print directly to your thermal printer & Scales
Update shipment tracking hourly and trigger business events
Create shipments, automate labels & more
Schedule a pickup with or without an already booked shipment
Advanced Settings
Custom settings and advanced functionality
Permissions Guide
Object permissions and permission settings

User Guides

Single Shipments & Voiding
Book domestic and int'l shipments with labels & forms
Bulk Shipments & Voiding
Book domestic and int'l shipments with labels & forms
Understand shipment tracking and the different stages

Support & Release Notes

Our support team is available Monday-Friday 4am-5pm Eastern Timezone. Steps on how to grant us login access available here. Product Release Notes available here.

Carrier Details

Includes all FedEx origins and destinations, supporting all special services and electronic trade documents.
Supports 200+ origin countries, paperless commercial invoice, parcel, freight and virtually every special service.
Supports all Endicia services including First Class, Priority, Express and Media Mail.
Globally certified DHL solution supporting all regions including Europe, US and Asia.
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For other carriers please contact us.