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Preferences Ultimate Guide

A guide to adding the most common carriers is detailed below.

General Instructions

To create a new Preference click on the App Launcher and search for and click on Shipping Preferences.

Click on the New button:

Select the carrier that you want to add:

You will then see in the next section where you need to add your account number or credentials.

NOTE: From v1.114 you can set whether the preference is for a test account when entering the credentials using the "Use Test Account" toggle.

Carrier Counts

Zenkraft is licensed based on the number of users and carriers. The Zenkraft support team will update your carrier count based on the contract. Once this is done you will need to:

Go to the Preference tab (click the "All" list view):

Click "Update License" to update the latest number of carriers supported.


To setup a FedEx preference you need to know your account number and the shipping/billing addresses linked to that account. FedEx authenticate your account number against you shipping/billing address so make sure you enter these details correctly.

If your FedEx account is SmartPost enabled please select whether its enabled for outbound and/or return. You will also need to enter your SmartPost Hub ID. You FedEx account representative can help you determine what this is.


To setup a UPS preference you need to know your account number and the shipping/billing addresses linked to that account.
In case a US address is used as the billing address, please make sure to only include the first 5 digits of the ZIP code.

Unless its a brand new account you will need to also enter the details you can find on your latest invoice (ideally within the last 2 weeks). UPS sends you a new invoice every Saturday so please use that to make sure you don't hit any errors.

Your invoice should look similar to the below

You will need to enter the details into the preference section you see here:

USPS - Endicia

You need to set up an Endicia account to be able to create USPS labels, or if you already have an Endicia account through our app then all you need is your Username and Pass Phrase.

Add Existing Account

Make sure you switch the toggle as you see highlighted below, you can then add your existing account details.

Please be aware that this only works if you are already using Endicia or have already set up an account via the two below methods.

Create a new Endicia Account via link

Utilize this link to create a new account with Endicia. Please only use this link as it automatically ensures that the Endicia account that you set up will work via our app.

Once you have filled in all the details on the Endica website, you will be sent a username. Please contact Endicia support for them to activate this account.

Once you have followed these two above steps you can safely add your new account using the Existing Account toggle.

Create a new Endicia Account via the app

Set the toggle button to "New Account" then fill in the Endicia Account requirements as you can see here:

When filling in the Credit Card details make sure that your Billing Address matches what your bank has on file.

DHL Express

To setup a DHL Express preference you need to know your Account Number and Webservice Site ID and Webservice Password. If you do not have these details already please contact your DHL Express representative and they will be able to email you the details.
Alternatively, you can register with DHL XML Services, and DHL will provide you test/production credentials.

Email Label Defaults

It is possible to pre-set certain elements of the label email, such as the Display Name, Reply-To, Subject, or Text Body.

It is also possible to use a Salesforce email template by clicking on the Email Template Id Default dropdown and selecting a template:

Other Defaults

If you want to configure a default currency, label type, or dimension unit, you can do that under Other Defaults along with many other settings.

Currency Default

By default the preference currency is set to US Dollars (USD). You can change the default currency by clicking on the list and selecting the currency you need.

Label Image Type Default

The default label image type depends on the carrier selected for the preference, as each carrier offers a different set of labels available.

In case a carrier does not offer PDF labels an option to convert GIF to PDF will become available.

Dimension Units Default

Dimension units are defaulted to IN, but this can be changed to CM by clicking on the list. However, some carriers, such as USPS, only accept IN as dimension unit.

Weight Units Default

Weight units are defaulted to LB, but this can be changed to KB in the list for most carriers. Some carriers, such as USPS, only have LB and OZ to choose from.

Please note, that the dimension unit and weight unit need to correspond: IN-LBS or CM-KG.

Scales & Auto Weigh

If Scales are enabled then you can get the weight of your product in the Shipment Wizard with the click of a button. Additionally, by enabling Auto Weight Package, you can have the package weight automatically loaded in the Shipment Wizard.

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