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Adding your Thermal Printer to your Mac using CUPS

1. Download the Zenkraft Mac app (also with MacOs Catalina)

To get your Zebra Printer installed please connect the printer to the Mac and make sure the printer is turned on.

Download the desktop app using this link

Then follow these steps below:

2. Mac terminal

1. Open your Mac "terminal" application – you can find this under Applications > Utilities > Terminal

2. Enter these commands (press Enter/Return) after each line. It will ask for your computer login username and password (not the salesforce printing password that we supply), that's normal. It's easiest to copy and paste so that no mistakes are made:


  1. sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  2. sudo cupsctl --debug-logging
  3. sudo cupsctl --no-debug-logging


3. Open Safari or a browser of your choice, and navigate to http://localhost:631 or enter http://localhost:631 into the Address Bar (you might need your computer login username and password info again).

3. Add printers

1. Click the Printers tab

2. If an Eltron or Zebra thermal printer is installed, delete the driver, and continue with the next step.

3. Click the Administration tab and then click the Add Printer button

4. Select your thermal printer from the "Local Printers" section and click the Continue button

5. Remove pre-populated field content (if any), and complete the fields

6. Enter a printer "Name". For example: "ZebraPrinter" for a Zebra ZP-450 or S4M, "UPSPrinter" for a UPS Thermal LP2844, "EltronPrinter" for an Eltron Thermal 2844

7. Enter a "Description". For example: Zebra Thermal Printer, UPS Thermal Printer, Eltron Thermal Printer

8. Enter a "Location". For example: Office, Amy’s iMac

9. Document the location for future reference and select Continue

10. Click the Select Another Make/Manufacturer button

11. Allow the page to refresh and continue to the next step

12. Select Raw as the "Make" and click the Continue button

13. Click the Add Printer button

14. Select Set Default Options button

15. Click the Administration tab. For most users this is all that's needed. If you are still having problems then you need to continue with these steps below.

4. Add class

1. Click the Add Class button and remove pre-populated content (if any), and complete the fields.


2. Enter a Class "Name" (Do not enter the Printer name used in a previous step. The Printer and Class name are case sensitive.) For example: "ZebraClass" for a Zebra ZP-450

3. Enter a Class "Description". For example: Zebra Thermal Printer

4. Enter a Class "Location". For example: Office, Amy’s iMac

5. Select the printer from the Member’s list

6. Click the Add Class button. A confirmation window will briefly appear, followed by the "Administration" window.


You have made it through. Well done! If you are still having problems then please message us via the live chat icon at the bottom right of this page or go to our contact us page to write us an email for more help.

5. View or create a preference

Open the Shipmate Preference and click "Manage Printers"

These links will take you directly to the "Manage Printers" page in Salesforce:

If you are unable to see this button then click "Edit Layout" to drag the "Manage Printers" button onto the page layout.

You are also able to access the "Manage Printers" button from Shipments View.

If this button is not available then you need to add the button to the search layout, which you can get to by going into Setup > Create > Objects > FedEx/UPS/USPS Shipment and then edit the Search Layouts > Shipment List View.