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AvSight Implementation Guide

Integrate Zenkraft and AvSight seamlessly on the Salesforce platform.

Install the Zenkraft package

You can install the Zenkraft Multi-carrier package directly from the AppExchange. If you have a few minutes before, it would also be worth checking out our 4 minute introduction video to familiarize yourself with how the Zenkraft solution works.

Create Shipping Preferences

A preference is where you store your carrier account credentials. Zenkraft support over 80 carriers. A full guide and the necessary steps for each carrier is available here. For the most popular carriers, you can see the information required to setup each carrier for UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS.

Look-up to the Release object

Once you have both the Zenkraft Multi-Carrier app and the AvSight Zenkraft app installed the lookup relationship will be available in your org. It is crucial for AvSight functionalities to use the avszen__Release__c lookup relationship.

Create Shipping Fields

You will need to create the three fields on the Ship Method object. These are outlined below:

Field name API Label Description
ZK Preference ZK_Preference__c This field should contain the Shipping Preference name of the related carrier account.
ZK Service Type ZK_Service_Type__c This field should contain the service type API values for the carriers. Please find the right value in our Carrier Guides.
ZK Packaging Type ZK_Packaging_Type This field should contain the package type API value for the carriers. Please find the right value in our Carrier Guides.

Please see an example of a fully set Ship Method:

Import the Custom Address Source template

The custom address source is used to map fields from AvSight into Zenkraft. We have created a template that you can use. Please Log a case to request this. Custom Address Source templates here.

Hazardous Materials Setup

Many of our joint customers use HazMat shipping services provided by the carriers. Zenkraft support FedEx HazMat, UPS HazMat and DHL HazMat Shipping.

International Setup

Zenkraft supports international document generation such as Commercial Invoices. Full documentation is available here.

Start Shipping

Please check with AvSight if everything is configured within the AvSight app to be able to ship with the Multi-Carrier app.

Once confirmed, make sure you have the printers set up to be able to start shipping and printing labels.

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