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Printing and Scales Guide

Print directly from Salesforce using Windows or Mac.

Download the Printing App

Install the Windows or Mac apps below:

Windows Download Mac Download
Please let your network administrators know that the Zenkraft Print App needs to be able to connect out via port 6123.

Install the Printing App

Follow the installations steps below for Windows and Mac.
NOTE: Chromebooks are currently not supported.

Install for Mac

Install the application like any other app. When the installation begins you may receive a popup saying "ZenkraftShipmate" would like to receive keystrokes from any application. If you are using scales click on Open System Preferences, otherwise you can click Deny.

NOTE: If you are using thermal printers please make sure to complete the steps listed in Adding your Thermal Printer to your Mac using CUPS.

Install for Windows

Start the installation like any other software for Windows.

Accept the licence agreement.

Select the Destination Location.

Select the Star Menu Folder and decide whether you need a start menu shortcut.

Select to create a desktop shortcut (if needed) or to install it as a Windows service.

Benefits of installing PrintNode as a Windows service:

  • It is always on. If someone restarts the computer the Windows service automatically turns on, unlike the desktop app, so you can print right away.
  • If multiple users are using the same station, or for people with multiple logins to the same computer, if two users are logged in, the label will only come out once. Using the desktop app might print duplicate labels.

Install the Application.

Log into the ZenkraftShipmate desktop app,

or the ZenkraftShipmate Web Interface.

Adding your Thermal Printer to your Mac using CUPS

Download the Zenkraft Mac app

To get your Zebra Printer installed please connect the printer to the Mac and make sure the printer is turned on. Download the desktop app.

Mac Terminal

1. Open your Mac "terminal" application – you can find this under Applications > Utilities > Terminal

2. Enter these commands (press Enter/Return) after each line. It will ask for your computer login username and password (not the salesforce printing password that we supply), that's normal. It's easiest to copy and paste so that no mistakes are made:

	sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
	sudo cupsctl --debug-logging
	sudo cupsctl --no-debug-logging

3. Open Safari or a browser of your choice, and navigate to http://localhost:631 or enter http://localhost:631 into the Address Bar (you might need your computer login username and password info again).

Add printers

1. Click the Printers tab

2. If an Eltron or Zebra thermal printer is installed, delete the driver, and continue with the next step.

3. Click the Administration tab and then click the Add Printer button

4. Select your thermal printer from the "Local Printers" section and click the Continue button

5. Remove pre-populated field content (if any), and complete the fields

6. Enter a printer "Name". For example: "ZebraPrinter" for a Zebra ZP-450 or S4M, "UPSPrinter" for a UPS Thermal LP2844, "EltronPrinter" for an Eltron Thermal 2844

7. Enter a "Description". For example: Zebra Thermal Printer, UPS Thermal Printer, Eltron Thermal Printer

8. Enter a "Location". For example: Office, Amy’s iMac

9. Document the location for future reference and select Continue

10. Click the Select Another Make/Manufacturer button

11. Allow the page to refresh and continue to the next step

12. Select Raw as the "Make" and click the Continue button

13. Click the Add Printer button

14. Select Set Default Options button

15. Click the Administration tab.


Go to the Printer Manager from Zenkraft Settings (v1.113 and below):

Or to the Printing tab under Zenkraft Settings (v1.114 and below) / Bringg Settings (v1.118 and above).

Alternatively, go to any Preference in Multi-Carrier and click to view it. Then click Manage Printers and Scales:

Or from the Shipments:

Use the credentials below in the desktop app login screen:

Copy the username and password and enter in the desktop app below:

Adding & Removing Printers

Once the desktop app is installed, all your printers will then be visible in Salesforce by default. We advise that you only choose the printers you will be using for printing. You can do this by going to the Printers tab in the desktop app and unselecting any printers that aren't going to be needed.

Setting Available Printers

After you successfully sign in, all printers from your computer will be available for selection on the Manage Printers page. From here you will be able to set the default printer for Thermal Shipping Labels, Non Thermal Shipping Labels, Shipping Documents. You can do this on a global, preference or user level.

  1. Thermal Printing Tab: any shipping labels that are created in ZPL or EPL format will be printed using these defaults.
  2. Non Thermal Printing: any shipping labels that are in JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF (non thermal) will be printed using these defaults.
  3. Other Documents e.g. international documents, bills and anything else will be printed according to these defaults.

Each of these sections includes a Global, Preference and User level.

If you have a default it will override the Preference default. Selecting a preference default will override the global default.

Removing unused computers

Go to Zenkraft Settings /Bringg Settings > Manage Printers then select the "Computers" tab.

In the dropdown below select the computer you do not need anymore and click "Remove".

Printing Single Labels

Go to any shipment you have created and click on the Print Labels button.

You will then be able to print the shipment labels, and if it's an international shipment, your commercial invoices.

Bulk Print from List View

To Bulk Print your labels, go to the Shipments List view, select the shipments you want to print and click on the Bulk Print button.

If you want to keep a record of when a label has been sent to be printed you can do this via a custom setting.

v1.113 and below: Go to Setup > Custom Settings > General Settings and edit the custom setting that you see. Make sure you set Print Histories to checked.

v.1.114 and above: Go to Zenkraft Settings / Bringg Settings > Other Settings and set Record Printing History to True.

Next go to the shipment record layout and make sure that the related list is showing for Print History

Compatible Printers

New thermal printers are being released all the time, so we aren't able to test all combinations, but these printers below have been tested to work correctly with our software. Many other thermal printers that print in a resolution of 203dpi should also work. Please note that we only support printing PDF/ZPL/EPL labels through our printing client software.

Zebra LP2443 (EPL2)
Zebra LP2844 (EPL2)
Zebra LP2348 Plus (EPL2)
Zebra Z4M Plus (ZPL or EPL)
Zebra ZP500 (ZPL or EPL)
Zebra ZP500 Plus (ZPL or EPL)
Eltron 2442
Eltron 2543
Eltron 2844
OKI Data LD620
Zebra S4M
Zebra ZP450
Zebra ZT230
UPS Thermal LP2844
Zebra GK420d Thermal Printer
Zebra GX420d Thermal Printer
ZT230 Zebra Printer
ZT410 Industrial Zebra Printer

We do not support Rollo printers.

Label Types

Different Carriers have different label types and sizes, but they generally fall into two categories; Thermal or Laser.

Laser are usually 8.5x11 or A4 full sized pages in PDF format. And these need to be printed to your laser printers.

Thermal labels usually end with .ZPL, .ZPLII, .ZPL2, .EPL, .EPLII and .EPL2. These types of labels always have to be printed to a compatible thermal printer. You also have to make sure you are using the correct printer paper size. The majority of carriers use 4x6 inch labels.

Please note that some carriers also provide .PNG, .GIF, .JPG or other image formats that can still be used, but are not compatible for printing via our desktop application.

Print Ports and IP Addresses

Some companies might require to whitelist our printing ports and IP addresses for security reasons.

The desktop application needs to be able to make outgoing TCP connections. It can use either port 443 or port 6123. You do not need both ports open for outbound TCP traffic - the Client will try both and use the first one that works.

IP Addresses:

  • ( -

You might also need to allow traffic to rdga3b.printnode.com which is a printnode server.


To set up your scales, make sure they are plugged in via USB and powered on.

You will be able to see the scale has been correctly recognised by opening the Zenkraft Shipmate Printer app, and clicking on the Scales tab as you can see here:

Your next step is to go to configure the scales within Multi-Carrier.

v1.113 and below: go to Zenkraft Settings and click on Manage Printer/Scales. Select the Scales tab as you can see here:

v.1.114 and above: go to Zenkraft Settings / Bringg Settings > Scales. Select a global scale:

Or add the user and select the scales they want to use.

They will now be able to utilize this in the wizard:

NOTE: If you are not able to see the scales button in the wizard please make sure to tick the "Enable Scales" checkbox on the Shipping Preference you are using.


In this section you will find the troubleshooting steps to the most common issues that may come up.

Certificate Error on Desktop Application

If you receive an error regarding a certificate like the below screenshot:

In the "Network settings" tab of Zenkraft Shipmate there is a setting called "Verify SSL/TLS peer". By default this is checked, please uncheck this box to resolve the issue.

"Python error in main script" error message while installing the printing application

If you receive an error like this during the installation process it means that you do not have the correct rights to install this application. Please contact your local IT support.

This could also be an issue with the McAfee anti-virus suite, which flags some files as malicious. This is a false positive and we are working with McAfee to whitelist the files in their database.
As a workaround, please do the following:

  1. Reinstall the client software but don't run it - i.e. uncheck the "Launch Zenkraft Printing and Scales" checkbox at the end of the installation process.
  2. Whitelist the following files in the anti-virus suite (see this guide for details on how to whitelist files).
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type18.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type19.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type20.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type21.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type26.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type31.pyd
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales\printnode\serialscales\readers\type4.pyd
  3. Start the client software.

Labels don't look correct

There are a number of reason your labels might not look correct, below are the most common causes and fixes:

Printing a PDF to a 4x6 thermal label appears too small

This is usually because you are printing an 8.5 x 11 or A4 page size label to the 4x6 paper. To resolve this change the label type on the Shipping Preference to be a thermal label type that is compatible with your printer for example a ZPL or EPL type format.

Labels print too small

If you are printing ZPL or EPL labels and the printout is too small this is probably because you are using a printer with a DPI of more than 203dpi, which is the standard for most carrier labels.
Solution: change your 300dpi or above printer for a printer that prints 203dpi.

Information missing when printing a thermal label

This is usually due to your printer needing to be re-calibrated please follow the steps below to recalibrate your printer on Windows.

  1. Go to Printer settings via your control panel
  2. Select your thermal printer and select Printer Properties
  3. Next Select Printer Preference
  4. Next go to the Tools tab, and select Action and Calibrate Media
  5. Click on the send button. Your printer will feed through a few pages. You are then ready to try a new print.

The Zebra printer does not auto line up the next label correctly

If this particular problem is happening for you, then it is recommended to try to install a different set of drivers.

Please install the drivers for your Zebra printer from this manufacturer: https://www.seagullscientific.com/support/downloads/drivers/

Zebra printer prints "Invalid-C" instead of barcode

This is an issue with a character. Please contact Zebra so they can run the update code to correct this.

Auto print PDF to Thermal printer not working

Please make sure that the default printer is set under Non-Thermal Shipping Labels and Shipping Documents.

Print login password not displaying

If the printing password is missing under Zenkraft Print Desktop Login then please click on the Change Password button and enter a new password.

Labels are printing twice at the same time

This usually happens when there are two users logged into the same computer. Please reboot and try again.

Labels only printing at specific times or for specific users

Please make sure that each person printing labels has the printing application installed and that the correct printer is assigned to them under Global/Preference/User Default Printers.

Can I change the DPI for FedEx labels?

FedEx returns a 200 DPI label via the API and this cannot be changed.

Labels are waiting to download but not printing

This issue might be related to parallel printing. Parallel printing was introduced to make printing faster and smoother. However, it might cause issues on some computers.
If you are seeing issues like labels are queuing to download but not printing try turning parallel printing off.

UNKNOWN_OP with code 16 error

During installation you receive the above error.

  1. Uninstall the software completely
  2. Make sure that the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenkraft Printing and Scales has been removed (remove it otherwise)
  3. Double-check that there is no "Zenkraft Printing and Scales" service in the Local Services OS pane (you can reach the "Local Services" OS pane through Control Panel)
  4. Run teh installer again

Can I print thermal labels with tabs?

We discourage thermal labels with tabs because it will not comply with the format sent from the carrier and lead to label format issues. The label should be one solid printing service.

No graphic image available

This error usually happens when the GIF is being printed on a thermal printer. Please select the appropriate label/printer type.