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1. Rootstock Introduction

Rootstock Software® is a proven provider of powerful Cloud ERP manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions that enable manufacturers and distributors to cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue with minimal IT infrastructure investment.

2. Choose an object to integrate shipping with

There are two objects that you could potentially integrate with:

• Sales Order

• Sales Order Line

In tutorial we will integrate with Rootstocks Sales Order object.

3. Use Formula fields to bring contact data onto the Rootstock Object

Follow the steps below to add Formula Fields to Rootstock's Sales Order record:

1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects

2. Click on the Rootstock Sales Order object

3. Scroll down to Custom Fields & Relationships and click New

4. Choose a Formula

5. Enter an easily identifiable name e.g. ‘RecipientFirstName’ and choose text, click Next

6. Change the formula type to an Advanced Formula

7. Click Insert Field and select the formula as follows:

8. Click Next

9. Click Next

   10. Uncheck all values because you do not want the formula field on the Sales Order page layout

11. Click Save & New

Now repeat the steps above for the following additional fields:

• Ship To Recipient Name

• Ship To Recipient Phone

• Ship To Recipient Street

• Ship To Recipient City

• Ship To Recipient State

• Ship To Recipient Postal Code

• Ship To Recipient Country

4. Create a Custom Address Source based on your Formula Fields

You can now use our Custom Address Source functionality to map your new formula fields to the fields in our shipping wizard.

Follow the Custom Address Source tutorials to finish the integration:

MultiCarrier Custom Address Source Integration