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Ascent Shipping Integration

Zenkraft integrate with Ascent ERP, 100% native Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution on the Salesforce platform. Ascent specialize in Inventory Management, Order Management, Warehouse Mobility, and Reverse Logistics (Return Management).


The Ascent team have embedded Zenkraft's core shipping functionality within Ascent. This means that you'll get a seamless shipping experience, connecting to 70+ carriers from the Shipper Header in Ascent.

The Ascent Team will help you set up the integration with Zenkraft's Multi Carrier app, and we will show the standard flow of how to create a shipment and print it below.

Shipping Integration

  1. Create a Shipping Preference. You can follow this guide on how to do that.
  2. Go to Setup > Custom Settings Ascent Integration setting and check the box to Use Shipment Tracker
  3. You will also have a Custom Address Source object setup, this allows you to enhance the mapping if you so need to. Here is a guide on the Custom Address Source
  4. To validate that it's working, click New Shipment on the related list under a Sales Order. The recipient info should be filled out. Select a packaging type and service type, enter 1 lb and 1 usd, click calculate rates, then click create label.
  5. The shipment record will then be created and the freight costs will be populated back onto the Sales Order.

Ascent Order Management

Ascent Order Management is critical for an organization to achieve a 360 degree view of its operations. Ascent OM simplifies the complexity of an omni-channel organization’s order lifecycle from inception to delivery. It efficiently tracks the cycle of people, internal fulfillment processes and connected apps to create a better end-to-end customer experience.

Ascent Order Management extends the value of Salesforce for customer service, sales, field service, and warehouse teams. Ascent OM extends the Salesforce standard order entry interface and price books to add new fields and functionality to assist in managing orders and costing.

The Ascent team will set this up for you, below we will show you the steps to create a shipment.

  • Once you are on your Order, please select the Related tab, and then find the Shipments related list. Click on the New button.
  • This will load the Shipping Wizard that allows you to make any final changes to the shipment before getting rates:
  • And booking it with the carrier:
  • If you need to make any changes to the mapping of information from teh Sales Order to the shipping wizard then you need to edit your Custom Address Source object. Here is a guide on the Custom Address Source. We recommend speaking to your Ascent representative just to make sure that any changes you make will no be breaking changes.
  • The shipment record will be created and will link back to your Order.
  • You will also now see the shipment under your Shipments related list on your Order.

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If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.