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Multi-Carrier Permissions

Shipmate object settings (For bare minimum permissions, skip to the bottom)

1.  Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [Profile to Edit] if you need to make a change.

2.  Ensure that these objects all have Read, Create, Edit, Delete access.


3. Ensure that Visualforce Page Access is enabled for all pages that start with zkmulti.


4. If you don't see the above screen then you might need to change the profile editing view. Which you can do by going to Setup > Customize > User Interface and unchecking the "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" box.

Minimum Permission Requirements

Will you create international labels? If so, make sure to have read/create/edit access for (in addition to the next list):


  • Commercial Invoices
  • Customs Items
  • EEI Forms
  • Export Details
  • NAFTA CO’s
  • Requested Shipment Documents

    Otherwise, here should be the minimum needed:

  • Checkpoints - read/create/edit
  • Custom Address Source Fields - read
  • Custom Address Source Packages - read
  • Custom Address Sources - read
  • Package Checkpoints - read
  • Packages - read/create/edit
  • Shipmate Preference Info - read
  • Shipmate Preferences - read
  • Shipment Fields - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Info - read/create/edit
  • Shipments - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Special Services - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Status - read/create/edit