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Permissions Guide

A guide to setting up object permissions and permission settings.

Multi-Carrier Object and Field Permissions

Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [Profile to Edit] if you need to make a change. Ensure all objects listed below, as well as any field on them, have Read, Create, Edit, Delete access.

  • Branded Tracking
  • Bulk Shipments
  • Bulk Shipment Status
  • Checkpoints
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Consolidations
  • Custom Address Source Fields
  • Custom Address Source Packages
  • Custom Address Sources
  • Customs Items
  • Dangerous Goods Details
  • DG/HazMat
  • EEI Forms
  • Export Details
  • HazMat Commodities
  • HazMat Containers
  • HazMat Details
  • Package Checkpoints
  • Packages
  • Pickup Custom Address Sources
  • Pickups
  • Print History
  • Pro Forma Invoices
  • Queued Packages
  • Queued Shipment Special Services
  • Requested Shipment Documents
  • Shipment Fields
  • Shipment Info
  • Shipments
  • Shipment Special Services
  • Shipment Status
  • Shipping Forms
  • Shipping Preference Info
  • Shipping Preferences
  • SmartPost Details
  • Zenkraft Settings

Minimum Permission Requirements

If you don't want to provide full access to all the above listed objects, here is the minimum requirement for all shipments:

  • Checkpoints - read/create/edit
  • Custom Address Source Fields - read
  • Custom Address Source Packages - read
  • Custom Address Sources - read
  • Package Checkpoints - read
  • Packages - read/create/edit
  • Shipping Preference Info - read
  • Shipping Preferences - read
  • Shipment Fields - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Info - read/create/edit
  • Shipments - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Special Services - read/create/edit
  • Shipment Status - read/create/edit

Additional requirements for international shipments:

  • Commercial Invoices - read/create/edit
  • Customs Items - read/create/edit
  • EEI Forms - read/create/edit
  • Export Details - read/create/edit
  • Requested Shipment Documents - read/create/edit

Ensure that Visualforce Page Access is enabled for all pages that start with zkmulti.

Permission Sets

There are two predefined permission sets included in the application: one for full access and one for read-only. You can find these under Setup > Permission Sets.
NOTE: v1.113 and above.

In addition to these you can create your own permission sets.

Permission Settings

It is possible to implement additional permissions controls under Zenkraft Settings (v1.114 and below) or Bringg Settings (v1.118 and above). Using there permission settings you can block certain shipping accounts or service types for different profiles, or the opposite, only allow them to use these accounts or services.

Add a permission setting:

Select the Carrier you want to block:

Select the user or the profile:

Decide if you want to allow or disable:

Select the permission object:

Enter the value. This should be either the Shipping preference name, or the API value of the package/service/shipment type. For the correct values please check our carrier specific guides.

In this example we will disable FedEx Ground for Purry Rogers. Once all fields are filled in, click save.

In this second example we will only allow the customer support team to create return shipments:

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