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Windows Printing

1. Download the Zenkraft Windows app

2. View or create a preference

  1. Open the Shipmate Preference and click "Manage Printers"
  2. These links will take you directly to the "Manage Printers" page in Salesforce:

If you are unable to see this button then click "Edit Layout" to drag the "Manage Printers" button onto the page layout.

You are also able to access the "Manage Printers" button from Shipments View.

If this button is not available then you need to add the button to the search layout, which you can get to by going into Setup > Create > Objects > FedEx/UPS/USPS Shipment and then edit the Search Layouts > Shipment List View.

You can then add the Manage Printers button to the layout.

These links will take you directly to the respective "Shipment" object page in Salesforce:

3. Manage printers

  1. On "Manage Printers" you will see the Zenkraft Shipmate client username and password has already been generated. These are the credentials that users who need to print should will need to input onto their desktop app. Note: "Manage Printers" can be accessed through the Shipments tab. To modify which buttons are shown on the Shipment object pages, we need to go into Setup > Create > Object > Fedex / UPS / USPS Shipment > Page Layouts > Edit
  2. Open Zenkraft Shipmate application and sign in using username and password found in the previous steps.

4. Set default printers

After you successfully sign in, all printers from your computer will be available for selection on the Manage Printers page. From here you will be able to set the default printer for Thermal Shipping Labels, Non Thermal Shipping Labels, Shipping Documents. You can do this on a global, preference or user level.

  1. Thermal Printing Tab: any shipping labels that are created in ZPL or EPL format will be printed using these defaults.
  2. Non Thermal Printing: any shipping labels that are in JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF (non thermal) will be printed using these defaults.
  3. Other Documents e.g. international documents, bills and anything else will be printed according to these defaults.

Each of these sections includes a Global, Preference and User level.

If you have a default it will override the Preference default. Selecting a preference default will override the global default.

Please let your network administrators know that the Zenkraft Print App needs to be able to connect out via port 6123.

5. Printing

Once this is all set up, you are now able to print directly from Salesforce by using the Print Labels and Documents button