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UPS REST Implementation Guide


Globally certified UPS Ready and UPS Digital Connections provider. Supports 200+ origin countries, paperless commercial invoice, parcel, freight and virtually every special service. Further integrations include UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Access Point and Hazardous Materials.


From 3 June 2024 UPS decommissioned their XML API and customers are required to migrate to the new REST API. For common questions and issues please see our UPS Migration FAQ page.


In order to create a Preference for UPS REST in the Multi-carrier application please obtain the credentials below directly from the carrier. Typically this information is obtainable from your carrier account manager or your internal logistics team.

IMPORTANT: One ups.com profile can only be used once. So if you have multiple environments, ie sandbox and production, it is recommended to use separate ups.com credentials. Otherwise once you go live in production with the same credentials used in a sandbox that sandbox will break.

How to Test

If you don't have your live credentials available during implementation phase, Zenkraft can provide test credentials. Click on the Use Test Account toggle and select the Test Account Country from the dropdown.

How to reauthenticate the account

If you start receiving authorization errors or just want to reauthenticate the account you can do that by going to the shipping preference, edit, and reauthenticate the account by clicking on the "Login to ups.com" button.

Service Types

Service Types Value Description
Next Day Air ups_next_day_air - Copy
Second Day Air ups_second_day_air - Copy
Ground ups_ground - Copy
Express ups_express - Copy
Expedited ups_expedited - Copy
UPS Standard ups_standard - Copy
Three-Day Select ups_three_day_select - Copy
Next Day Air Saver ups_next_day_air_saver - Copy
UPS Next Day Air Early ups_next_day_air_early - Copy
UPS Worldwide Economy DDU ups_worldwide_economy_ddu - Copy
Express Plus ups_express_plus - Copy
Second Day Air AM ups_second_day_air_am - Copy
UPS Saver ups_saver - Copy
First Class Mail ups_first_class_mail - Copy
Priority Mail ups_priority_mail - Copy
Expedited MaiI Innovations ups_expedited_mail_innovations - Copy
Priority Mail Innovations ups_priority_mail_innovations - Copy
Economy Mail Innovations ups_economy_mail_innovations - Copy
MaiI Innovations (MI) Returns ups_mail_innovations_returns - Copy
UPS Access Point Economy ups_access_point_economy - Copy
UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday ups_worldwide_express_freight_midday - Copy
UPS Worldwide Economy DDP ups_worldwide_economy_ddp - Copy
UPS Express 12:00 ups_express_12_00 - Copy
UPS Heavy Goods ups_heavy_goods - Copy
UPS Today Standard ups_today_standard - Copy
UPS Today Dedicated Courier ups_today_dedicated_courier - Copy
UPS Today Intercity ups_today_intercity - Copy
UPS Today Express ups_today_express - Copy
UPS Today Express Saver ups_today_express_saver - Copy
UPS Worldwide Express Freight ups_worldwide_express_freight - Copy
UPS Worldwide Express Freight ups_worldwide_express_freight - Copy
UPS SurePost Less than 1LB ups_surepost_lt_1lb - Copy
UPS SurePost ups_surepost - Copy
UPS Print and Mail (PNM) ups_print_and_mail_pnm - Copy
Standard Flats standard_flats - Copy
Parcel Select Lightweight Irreg parcel_select_lightweight_irreg - Copy
Worldwide Express Plus ups_worldwide_express_plus - Copy
Worldwide Express ups_worldwide_express - Copy
UPS Worldwide Saver ups_worldwide_saver - Copy
Economy Mail Innovations ups_economic_mail_innovations - Copy
UPS Economy ups_economy - Copy
UPS Basic ups_basic - Copy
UPS Express NA1 ups_express_na1 - Copy
UPS Next Day Air Early ups_next_day_air_early_am - Copy
UPS Worldwide Expedited ups_worldwide_expedited - Copy

Packaging Types

Packaging Types Value
Your Packaging your_packaging Copy
UPS Letter letter Copy
Tube tube Copy
PAK pak Copy
UPS Express Box express_box Copy
UPS 25KG Box 25kg_box Copy
UPS 10KG Box 10kg_box Copy
Pallet pallet Copy
Small Express Box small_express_box Copy
Medium Express Box medium_express_box Copy
Large Express Box large_express_box Copy
Flats flats Copy
Parcels parcels Copy
BPM bpm Copy
First Class first_class Copy
Priority priority Copy
Machinables machinables Copy
Irregulars irregulars Copy
Parcel Post parcel_post Copy
BPM Parcel bpm_parcel Copy
Media Mail media_mail Copy
BPM Flat bpm_flat Copy
Standard Flat standard_flat Copy

Reference Types

It is possible to add up to two references to your shipping label. These can be either shipment level or package level references.

Reference Types Value
Reference 1 reference_1 Copy
Accounts Receivable Customer Account accounts_receivable_customer_account Copy
Appropriation Number appropriation_number Copy
Bill of Lading Number bill_of_lading_number Copy
Collect on Delivery (COD) Number collect_on_delivery_cod_number Copy
Dealer Order Number dealer_order_number Copy
Department Number department_number Copy
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Product Code food_and_drug_administration_fda_product_code Copy
Invoice Number invoice_number Copy
Manifest Key Number manifest_key_number Copy
Model Number model_number Copy
Part Number part_number Copy
Production Code production_code Copy
Purchase Order Number purchase_order_number Copy
Purchase Request Number purchase_request_number Copy
Return Authorization Number return_authorization_number Copy
Salesperson Number salesperson_number Copy
Serial Number serial_number Copy
Store Number store_number Copy
Transaction Reference Number transaction_reference_number Copy
Return Label barcode Copy

Special Services

These are special services offered by the carrier which can be selected either during the Shipment creation, or can be defaulted in the Custom Address Source. In this section you can find the most commonly used services.

International Shipping

In this section you'll find the required or recommended fields and settings for international shipments.

Mandatory fields for Customs items

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Commodity Code
  • Manufacture Country Code
  • Weight

Duty Payment

Duty payment can be set to the following options:

  • Sender - shipper
  • Recipient - recipient
  • Third-party - third_party

If recipient or third_party is selected then the below fields can be or need to be filled in:

Paperless invoice

By default, if paperless invoicing is supported, the invoice will be electronically transmitted to UPS.
UPS accounts need to be enabled to use paperless invoice. Please discuss this with your UPS account manager before implementing the solution. Returns: paperless is not available for international returns. Exception to this if you have a special (paid) agreement with UPS to set up paperless upload document service. This usually takes 3-4 weeks.


It is possible to create a Custom Address Source specifically for returns. (If you need help setting up a Custom Address Source please use this guide.) In the Custom Address Source the Shipment Type should be set to Return.

Under Specific Carrier Fields you can set the UPS REST: Return Service Code. If you plan to automatically email the return labels then use the Print Return Label return type.

Return Type Value
Electronic Return Label electronic_return_label
Print Return Label print_return_label
Print and Mail Return Label print_and_mail
Return Service Attempt return_service_attempt

Email Notifications

UPS provides notification emails for every tracking step. In the Shipping Preference you can decide when you want your customers or yourself to receive these notification, if at all.

UPS Mail Innovations

UPS Mail Innovations works with the U.S. Postal Service, providing the pick-up, processing and interim transportation of mail.

Hazardous Materials

Label Formats

The available label formats can be usually grouped into two types: thermal and non-thermal labels.

Label Types Value

Label Acronyms

There are many acronyms that might appear on a UPS label depending on the services selected for a shipment.

  • EDI - Paperless shipment where no paper invoice is required
  • EDI-CC - Paperless International (World Ease) Global Consolidated Clearance
  • EDI-DOC - Document shipment, paperless or non-paperless
  • EDI-IDIDS - Paperless or Non-Paperless customer uploaded invoice and/or additional documents for shipment
  • EDI-PULL - Paperless shipment where no paper invoice is required and the shipper intends UPS to pull other clearance related documents from the pouch and process at the origin
  • INV - Non-document shipment where paper invoice is required and all information, including invoice line detail, is keyed. Pull the customs copy of the Commercial Invoice.
  • INV-CC - Non-document GCC (World Ease) shipment that contains invoice line detail from the shipping system
  • KEY - Non-document shipment where the paper invoice is required and the shipper did not capture invoice line detail or critical information is missing

Error Messages

In this section you can find the most common error messages, what they mean and how to solve them.

Common Questions

In this section you can find our most commonly asked questions regarding this carrier. If you have a question not listed here please contact us.

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