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Carrier Guides

Below you will find some of the carrier specific services and how the work.


You are now able to create International Priority Distribution Shipments via the Multi Carrier app. FedEx IPD is included if you already have FedEx as a carrier.

Below you will find the steps needed to create a consolidation, add new shipments, and confirm the consolidation and print the labels.

Create FedEx IPD Preference

Go to Shipmate Preferences and click on New.

Select FedEx - IPD and fill in the details of your FedEx IPD Account.

Create a new Consolidation

Select the Consolidations object and click on the New button.

Make sure you enter the Importer of Record of Information and you set your Sender Tax ID and Tax ID Type.

We recommend adding a Pro Forma Invoice so that you can then get your Consolidated Commercial Invoice for printing.

Once the above fields have been filled in you can click on the Create Consolidation button.

You will then get a notification to say the consolidation has been created successfully.

Add Shipments to the consolidation

Next you need to start adding the shipments to this consolidation.

You can click on the Shipments [+] icon directly from the consolidation wizard here:

This opens a new wizard for you to add the shipment details.

Fill in the Packages section:

Choose any special services you need, and finally specify what is in each package that you are sending.

Click Ship Now to add this shipment to the consolidation.

You will then see that the shipment has been added to the Consolidation:

Keep adding more shipments this way until you have all your shipments ready.

You are able to add shipments via the normal wizard, and when choosing FedEx IPD as your carrier you can then choose the consolidation to add it to.

To automate this even more you can add shipments via the process builder create shipment method.

Confirm the Consolidation

Once all shipments have been added its time to Confirm the consolidation.

You will get a green bar to say consolidation confirmed and you can then click on the new button that has appeared to retrieve all the PDF files needed for this consolidated shipment.

Print the labels and Consolidation PDFs

Navigate back to your Consolidation object and you will see you have all the Consolidation documents, all the related shipments, and you have the ability to print all labels and documents.

Your shipments will track automatically if you have set up scheduled tracking.


Any questions please let us know.

FedEx SmartPost®

1. Setup

Your FedEx account must already be SmartPost® enabled before you can start creating SmartPost® labels. If its not already enabled, then please contact your FedEx account manager to get this set up.

To enable the SmartPost® options on the shipping wizard you will need to create your FedEx account preference, and be sure to set the checkboxes related to SmartPost® as you can see here:

Here is the list of SmartPost Hub IDs:

Location Code
HQ – Brookfield, WI 5531
Allentown, PA 5185
Atlanta, GA 5303
Avenel, NJ Peak Annex
Baltimore, MD 5213
Charlotte, NC 5281
Chino, CA 5929
Dallas, TX 5751
Denver, CO 5802
Detroit, MI 5481
Edison, NJ 5087
Grove City, OH 5431
Grove Port, OH 5436
Houston, TX 5771
Indianapolis, IN 5465
Kansas City, KS 5648
Los Angeles, CA 5902
Martinsburg, WV 5254
Memphis, TN 5379
Minneapolis, MN 5552
New Berlin, WI 5531
Northborough, MA 5015
Orlando, FL 5327
Phoenix, AZ 5854
Pittsburgh, PA 5150
Reno, NV 5893
Sacramento, CA 5958
Salt Lake City, UT 5843
Seattle, WA 5983
Scranton, PA 5186
South Brunswick, NJ 5097
St. Louis, MO 5631
Wheeling, IL 5602
Windsor, CT 5061

2. SmartPost Options

Once you are on the shipping Wizard page, in section 4 you can select the SmartPost Service type:

You are then able to select the SmartPost® indicia type which are detailed below:

  1. FedEx SmartPost® Parcel Select
  2. FedEx SmartPost® Parcel Select Lightweight
  3. FedEx SmartPost® Bound Printed Matter
  4. FedEx SmartPost® Media

Depending on the Indicia type you use, your next choice is related to the Ancillary Endorsement. Which lets FedEx know what to do for undelivered packages.

Here are the options, note that not all options are available for all Indicia types:

  1. Address Correction
  2. Carrier Leave If No Response
  3. Change Service
  4. Forwarding Service
  5. Return Service

3. Example Label

This is an example SmartPost® Label for reference

FedEx One Rate®

You can ship using FedEx One Rate® with the following Packaging Types for domestic US shipments.

  • FedEx Envelope
  • FedEx Extra Large Box
  • FedEx Large Box
  • FedEx Medium Box
  • FedEx Small Box
  • FedEx Pak
  • FedEx Tube

All you need to do is select the Special Service as you can see here:

UPS Mail Innovations

1. Enable Mail Innovations and/or SurePost on your Preference

When you first set up your preference you have the ability to "Include Mail Innovations Packaging Types" and "Include Sure Post Service Types"

If you didn't do this when you first set up your preference, you can still edit your preference to include this at a latest time.

2. Package and Service Matrix for Mail Innovations

UPS Shipping with Hazardous Materials

You can ship your Hazardous Materials (Haz Mat) with the Multi Carrier app by selecting your Haz Mat items via the Wizard screen. You have to make sure that your UPS account supports the Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials service otherwise you won't be able to create shipments. If you are unsure, please contact your UPS account manager.

Here is a guide for creating a Haz Mat shipment.

1. Create your Haz Mat item

Click on the + icon in your tabs and scroll down to where you see DG/Haz Mat icon is.

Click New

Fill out all the details as you would normally for your Hazardous Materials shipments.

Click Save.

Next you must create the HazMat Commodity

Fill in the required sections:

Once you have your Commodity and Detail, you need to go back into your Detail objet and link the Commodity to it:

You have now added the necessary hazmat details and these will be available on the Wizard screen which we show in the next step below.

2. Add the Haz Mat item to the Wizard

Next go to the Shipping Wizard, fill in the recipient and package details and you will then see a new Special Service appear where you will be able to choose Haz Mat.

Select this checkbox and you will see the below fields, you can have up to 3 Haz Mat items in each package:

Using the magnifying glass you can choose the Haz Mat item(s) you created in the first part of this guide.

For each package you need to also specify the Emergency ContactPhoneQ ValueTransportation Mode and whether the package is Over Packed or All Packaged in one.

If you are unsure of any details to put here, please contact your UPS Account manager so they can help you determine what you need to specify for your particular shipment.

Click Create Label, and you will have create a Haz Mat shipment.

You should see a shipping label that has dangerous goods terminology:

UPS Preferences

Note: You will need recent UPS Invoice in order to create a UPS Preference. 

Before you can ship a package through the Multi Carrier app, you must define a Preference, which will store your UPS account number. If you have more than one UPS account number, you must create a Preference for each. Also, if you have multiple shipping addresses tied to the same UPS account number, you must create a different Preference for each shipping address. You cannot create two Preferences with the exact same shipping address, instead you will need to alter the shipping address slightly in order to save both (i.e. 123 Main St vs. 123 Main Street).


Note: Any discounts associated with your UPS account number will be reflected in your shipping rates.

Follow these steps to create a Shipmate Preference:


1. Click on the Shipmate Preferences tab, then click New Shipmate Preference

2. Complete each section of the form:

Note: The Shipping Address and Billing Address are pre-loaded with the address defined in the Company Information (Setup | Company Profile | Company Information).

Account Information

UPS Account Number


Company Information

  1. Company Name
  2. Company URL
  3. Primary Contact Information
  4. Address Information

Default Sender Details

  1. Sender Name Default – the default sender name for all shipments created
  2. Sender Email Default – the default sender email for all shipments created
  3. Phone Default – the default sender phone for all shipments created


Email Label Defaults

  1. Email Label Sender Display Name Default – the default sender display name when sending shipping labels via email
  2. Email Label Reply-To Email Default – the default reply-to email address when sending shipping labels via email
  3. Email Label Subject Line Default – the default email subject line when sending shipping labels via email
  4. Email Label Text Body Default – the default email body when sending shipping labels via email

Other Defaults

  1. Label Image Type Default – the default image type for all shipping labels
  2. Email Message Default – the default message for UPS email notifications
  3. Send Email Notification to Shipper
  4. Send Email Notification to Recipient
  5. Send Email Notification on Exception – notifies when and why a shipment will not meet its original scheduled delivery date, and provides a rescheduled date of delivery
  6. Send Email Notification on Delivery – notifies you of the delivery of a shipment
  7. Detailed View – Shipmate Preference List
  8. Detailed View – Reuse Package List

SurePost and Mail Innovations

If you have SurePost and Mail Innovations enabled on your USP account, be sure to enable them on your preference:



Make sure you select "Auto Weigh Package" for scales to show up on the wizard.

3. Invoice Details for Negotiated Rates 

Note: If your UPS account has never been shipped on this step is optional. If you've shipped on your account this step is required. 

In order to enable your UPS® Account Based Rates (ABR) a further level of authentication is required. Please complete the information below from a UPS® Shipping Invoice that is less than 1 month old. ABR will be applied to your account within 24-48 hours of activation.



  1. These are the fields that need to be filled in:

4. Read and agree to the License Agreement, then click Save

Note: Preferences that you create will appear in Section 1 of the Wizard: Preference and Shipment Type.


5. Testing

Once you have set up your UPS preference, you can then turn on Demo Mode to make sure that you don't get charged for any shipments. 


Follow these 5 steps to turn on Demo mode.

1. Navigate to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings

2. Click Shipmate General Settings


3. Click Manage

4. Click New

5. Provide a Name and check Run Demo Mode

Hide Sender Address when creating USPS shipments

You can very easily remove/hide the sender address when you are creating a USPS shipment.

If you are on the wizard page, under the Sender section you can check the checkbox.

You can also automate this when by adding this as a Specific Carrier field in the Custom Address Source. 

If you have any questions please contact us via the live chat and we will be glad to assist.