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Lightning B2B Commerce

Provide flexibile and customizable shipping costs in Lightning B2B Commerce checkout process. You can mark up, mark down and apply rate cards to specific accounts.

Still using classic B2B Commerce? The guide for this is available here.

Install the packages

You will need to install both the Multi Carrier Package and the Lightning B2B Package by following the highlighted links.

Configuration for Lightning B2B

1. SF setup-> Feature Settings -> Commerce -> Stores

2. Open Store Setting

3. Go to Experience Builder:

4. Go to Checkpoint page:

5. Choose flow 'MC Checkpoint Flow':

6. Click Publish Button

7. Go to Store Setting, Choose 'Search':

8. Rebuild Index

Configuration for Sharing Settings

  1. SF Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings
  2. Click 'Edit' on Organization-Wide Defaults
  3. Select 'Read-only' for MC B2B Configuration / Custom Address Source / Shipmate Preference / Shipmate Preference Info objects
  4. Select 'Public Read/Write' for MC B2B Log object
  5. Wait for the re-calc process to finish

Create the Custom Address Source for Rating

Next you need to create the Custom Address Sources to reference the information on the Web Cart object (for shipping rates).

Go to Custom Address Sources and click on the New button, give it a name "B2B Cart"

As per the screenshot above, make sure to select "All Objects", and then find the Web Cart (Cart) object.

Scroll down and fill in the packages section as you see here if you want each items selected to be in its own box:

The Child object collects all the items that are in the cart.

Next you can set the standard fields for getting the service types as you can see here:

To set these values as you see them above (without the [ or ] ) make sure when you select the field you click on the Static Value button:

Your rating custom address source set up is now done. Click on Save.

Configuration for Zenkraft B2B Settings

  1. Go to 'Zenkraft B2B Settings' tab
  2. Register Shipping Class

Configure B2B rate setting

Go to Zenkraft B2B Settings Tab and set the Custom Address Source you added in the previous step.

The next tab we will look at is the Rate Cards.

You will always have a Default Rate Card which you can set up with the Carriers and Service Types as you see fit.

You can add or edit the Rate options as per your needs. In this screenshot you can see that we are setting FedEx Ground as being Free from Shipping costs. If you need to add new options or edit them use the buttons highlighted below:

Once you create/edit a Rate option you can specify the Carrier, the Service Types to include (or exclude) and whether these items should be Free, Fixed or Percentage.

Free means the shipping charge is set to 0.

Fixed means that you can add a margin to the shipping cost by adding the amount. In the screenshot below you can see that we have set the price to be an extra $15. If you don't want to add any margin just set it to 0.

Percentage works along the same lines as Fixed, but instead of a fixed increase, you can add a percentage ontop of the shipping cost. So if shipping was $10 and you put a Percentage = 20 then the user would see $12 as the shipping cost.

If you have a requirement to have different rate cards per Account, for example Account ABC gets free Ground Shipping, but if they want to use Overnight, then they will need to pay for the shipping, then the Rate card system allows that functionality; you will need a field on your Account object that specifies the Name of the Rate Card to use, and you set that field on this section:

Finally we have the Service Type Options tab where you can disable or change the display name of each service type.

Click on Save and this part is now done.

Configuration Guest Profile

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Add possibility to Delete Cart object

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