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Setup and Configure

A guide to installing the application and assigning licenses

Install the Application

You can install our application into your sandbox or production directly from our AppExchange listing.

1. Get the App

Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination. The Bringg [Formerly Zenkraft]: Multi Carrier can be installed in both Sandbox and Production instantly. Click Continue.

Unless you are already logged in, you will be asked to enter your Salesforce username and password. In order to install any AppExchange package, you must either be a Salesforce Administrator or have the Download AppExchange Packages permission on your user profile. If neither is applicable, please contact your Salesforce Administrator to install this app.

2. Choose Production or Sandbox

3. Confirm Installation Details

4. Install for All Users

5. Approve Third-Party Access

6. Install the App

As usually the installation can take some time, you might receive a message about it. Just click done and wait for the email notification of the successful installation.

To upgrade your current version, please follow these steps.

Assigning Licenses to users

Each user that wants to use our app to create shipments, track or view tracking updates needs to have a licence.

To assign a license to a user go to Setup > Installed Packages and click on the Manage Licenses link for the Zenkraft / Bringg Package.

You can the add the users who need to have access.

If you need to increase the amount of user licenses please contact sales@zenkraft.com

Upgrade the Application

We are continuously work on the improvement of the Multi-Carrier app by adding new features and fixing bugs. Often issues within the application are caused by an outdated version so in case of issues we recommend upgrading to the latest available version.

Please note that when upgrading to a newer version you might see changes in page layouts or naming conventions, but your current data will not be affected.

1. Install the upgrade

You can find the latest available packages for production and sandbox following the links below.

2. Approve third-party access if required

When upgrading from a version significantly older than the recent version you might be required to grant access to third-party sites that were not included in previous versions.

As usually the installation can take some time, you might receive a message about it. Just click done and wait for the email notification of the successful installation.

Migration Checklist

In case you need to migrate your existing setup between sandboxes or from a sandbox org to production, this is a handy migration checklist to follow.

  1. Install the app in the new environment
  2. Create the preference(s) in the new environment
  3. Migrate any custom fields used in the Custom Address Source(s)
  4. Migrate the Custom Address Source(s)
  5. Migrate the automation processes
  6. Note down which IDs in the formulas and/or automated processes belong to which records (ex. Preference IDs or CAS IDs)
  7. Replace these IDs in the new environment with the new IDs
  8. Assign the licenses and/or permissions to the right users/profiles
  9. If you are migrating to production and are currently using a trial license please notify our support so we can adjust your license


In this section you can find the troubleshooting steps for issues that may arise during or after the installation.

Enabling Endpoints after install

Occasionally the API endpoints will not be enabled after an installation. This document will guide you through the necessary steps.

  1. Go to Setup and search "Remote Site Settings"
  2. Activate all remote sites related to the Zenkraft application you have installed
  3. For the Multi Carrier app, these will have "zkmulti" namespace prefix

Most important remote sites to enable:

  • Zenkraft - https://zenkraft.secure.force.com - Required for licencing
  • PrintNode - https://api.printnode.com - Printing Via Desktop App

Next Step: Set up your Preferences