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Multi-Carrier Release Notes

Below are the release notes for our Multi Carrier package.

Latest Package (Production install) Latest Package (Sandbox install)

Version 1.122.28

πŸ“… Released 7th August 2023
  • USPS Endicia - Add Ground Advantage as Service Type
  • Add support for secondary tracking numbers
  • Add support for Street Line 3 for DHL Express
  • Add support for Code128 barcode
  • Fix auto-print not working for consolidated shipments
  • Fix incorrect weight unit on UI for Mail Innovations/Surepost
  • Fix decimal rounding on pick and pack

Version 1.122.21

πŸ“… Released 14th July 2023
  • New Carrier: DHL Parcel UK
  • New Carrier: TNT France
  • New Carrier: OTL
  • New Carrier: BRT
  • New Carrier: Turners Logistics
  • New Carrier: Panther
  • New Carrier: Hunter Express
  • New Carrier: MNX
  • Added new feature: Rate Output on Custom Address Source can now use dynamic fields
  • Added new feature: Custom Carrier works with multiple packages
  • Fix issue with date field on Preference
  • Fix FedEx validation of ship date
  • Fix for References not populating from Custom Address Source
  • Fix order of printing labels if filterSetting used

Version 1.121.46

πŸ“… Released 28th April 2023
  • New Carrier: USPS
  • New Carrier: Lasership
  • New Carrier: ATS Healthcare
  • Add UPS Access Point for PR country
  • Add support for return labels in Packaging Slip
  • Add country 'Saint Maarten' to wizard
  • Enable saving of ETD upload error into Shipment object
  • Fix for barcode input field not clearing once product added successfully (Pick and Pack)
  • Fix for Hold at Location and Dropoff location requests for FedEx
  • Fix UI issue with navigation in console
  • Removed required sender email for USPS Endicia

Version 1.121.11

πŸ“… Released 10th January 2023
  • New Carrier: Asendia
  • New Carrier: Startrack
  • New Carrier: Transcorp
  • New Carrier: Banyan
  • Add support for Pick and Pack - Enable Barcode Partial Search
  • Add new service types for FedEx: FEDEX_INTERNATIONAL_CONNECT_PLUS
  • Fix manifesting for Startrack

Version 1.120.29

πŸ“… Released 22nd November 2022
  • Enable Ship button for Experience Builder
  • Added new feature: Allow QR code to be added to custom BOLs
  • New Carrier: CH Robinson (Tracking)
  • Add support for manifesting with Royal Mail and Global-E
  • Add new service types for Royal Mail

Version 1.120.3

πŸ“… Released 9th September 2022
  • Compatible with Salesforce Store App
  • Added new feature: Bringg Scheduled Delivery using Own Fleet
  • Added new feature: Improved error handling for Quote component
  • Added new feature: Support Limited Quantities Commodities for FedEx Express Services
  • New Carrier: Peter Baker
  • New Carrier: Valex
  • New Carrier: Budbee
  • New Carrier: DSV Express
  • New Carrier: USPS - Endicia (API)
  • New Carrier: XPO Connect
  • New Carrier: DPD Laser
  • New Carrier: Global-E
  • New Carrier: Leman - tracking only
  • New Carrier: Woodside Logistics - tracking only
  • Add support for Proof Of Delivery
  • Add support for Redirect To Original Record On Create Shipment
  • Add support for Full URL in QR code SS for Custom Carrier
  • Fix Branded tracking stages not showing consistently
  • Fix Print using Bulk Ship Interface
  • Fix issue with Pack and Ship and handling units
  • Fix issue with custom fields not being saved when using a draft shipment
  • Fix issue with UPS Saturday delivery checkbox not being set correctly

Version 1.116

πŸ“… Released 16th May 2022
  • Same Day Delivery integration with Bringg
  • Added new feature: Shipping Console
  • New Carrier: International Bridge
  • Add support for UPS Commercial Invoice Sold To field in Custom Address Source
  • Add support for reference fields 1 to 5 in Custom Address Source
  • Add support for myDHL Express pickups
  • Fix an issue with wizard not working as expected for outbound and return
  • Fix an issue FedEx Smartpost shipments not correctly identifying tracking stages
  • Fix an issue Royal Mail return shipments address being incorrectly switched

Version 1.114.39

πŸ“… Released 13th April 2022
  • Improved bulk shipping ui when using a scopeSize of 1
  • Add ability to rotate FedEx PNG Label from Shipping Preferences
  • Add Enhanced Feature in Custom Address Source - Disable CAS validation
  • Add UPS Carbon Neutral to CAS
  • Fix bug with FedEx Signature upload
  • Fix JS error with UPS Ground Freight, add country if payment type is Freight Collect
  • Fix WSDL Surcharge.NonStandardLengthDimension for USPS Endicia
  • Fix missed checkpoints for FedEx
  • Fix International Bridge
  • Fix load preference information for outbound and return

Version 1.114.26

πŸ“… Released 8th March 2022
  • New Carrier: MyDHL Express
  • New Carrier: DPD local UK
  • Fix label size issue with USPS Parcel
  • Fix label size issue with USPS and ZPL labels
  • Fix test preference creation
  • Enable debugging on ETD upload
  • Enable multi package rating via Endicia
  • Enable track by reference for supported carriers

Version 1.114.1

πŸ“… Released 20th December 2021
  • New Carrier: XPO Logistics (tracking)
  • New Carrier: Parcelforce (tracking)
  • New Settings Page
  • Printer manager tab
  • Added CAS options: Auto Calculate Total Customs Value, Total Customs Value
  • Extended Product description customs item field to 255 characters
  • Fix issue with FedEx parameter POST_SHIPMENT_UPLOAD_REQUESTED
  • Enable upload Doc error field for all carriers

Version 1.108.33

πŸ“… Released 9th September 2021
  • New Carrier: DSV
  • New Carrier: Pilot Freight
  • New Carrier: TNT Australia
  • New Carrier: Bring
  • Added Multiple Notification to Bulk, to CAS and Wizard
  • Added Get Manifest button for Royal Mail
  • UPS Preference creation no longer requires a state
  • Fix bug with Printer Type not being recognised correctly
  • Fix bug with Products (Pick&Pack)
  • Fixed bug with validation of UPS_YOUR_PACKAGING (Bulk only)
  • Fixed issue with 3 street lines for DHL
  • Fixed print order for FedEx labels
  • Fixed Days to Delivery of UPS not showing

Version 1.108.17

πŸ“… Released 20th August 2021
  • Added Adult Signature For International FedEx Shipment
  • Added logic to enable voiding more than 20 UPS packages from a multi package shipment
  • Added Negotiated Rate Field for UPS on the Custom Address Source
  • Added Other Setting for USE_BILADDR for use with UPS if you are using a 3rd Party account in a 3rd Country
  • Fixed an issue with OrderItem field name for OrderItemNumber
  • Fixed an issue with your_packaging not being recognised for all carriers

Version 1.108.3

πŸ“… Released 29th July 2021
  • New Carrier: DeutschePost
  • New Carrier: Roadie
  • New Carrier: PostNord
  • New Carrier: NinjaVan
  • New Carrier: Malca Amit
  • Added missing value to Custom Address Source for DHL Email Notification
  • Added missing value to Custom Address Source for UPS Schedule B
  • Added support for OrderSummary lookup and Field Service objects
  • Force duplex printers to print one 1 side via new Other Setting : FORCE_DUPLEX_TO_ONE_SIDED
  • Fixed issue with Bulk Shipping to Campaign Members where status would not be updated correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Endicia where the weight field was not rounding correctly resulting in an error creating a shipment.

Version 1.107.1

πŸ“… Released 7th June 2021

Version 1.105.2

πŸ“… Released 17th May 2021
  • Pilot 1 carrier added (tracking only)
  • South Eastern Fright carrier added
  • Ward carrier added (rating only)
  • Bulk Ship from Campaign updated to enable campaign level values to be used
  • Add transit days to Get Quote lightning component
  • Smart Service Types for quoting
  • Use preference name or preference salesforce id in Custom Address Source
  • Field Service Lightning compatible with CUstom Address Source
  • Save print history for global print method
  • PostHaste issues fixed due to API changes
  • fix issue with FedEx API not returning tracking format as expected
  • fix issue with Quote not saving service type
  • fix issue with Kosovo country code
  • fix service type on quote save draft

Version 1.102

πŸ“… Released 9th April 2021
  • Estes Freight Added
  • Shipping Wizard Page - error/info banner no longer covers the ship button
  • Improved Validation when deleting a Preference
  • Void Shipment Page titles updated
  • FedEx currency is now standardized with ISO currency values
  • Package Reference Fields added for UPS and DHL
  • Import/Export Custom Address Values
  • Bulk Ship UI - speed improvements
  • Removal of Amazon MWS
  • Fix delivered checkbox for UPS not setting correctly in some instances
  • Updated Royal Mai CN22 issue
  • Fix for Endicia WSDL change related to Scan Form
  • Saturday Delivery for Intra UK Shipments with FedEx
  • Fix issue with Bulk Shipping that created extra empty packages on shipment object
  • Fix issue with Estimated Delivery date not saving for UPS

Version 1.100.3

πŸ“… Released Feb 11th 2021
  • Averitt carrier added
  • ODFL carrier added
  • OSM Worldwide carrier added
  • Priority1 carrier added
  • Extend FedEx DG special service (new fields on UI, new fields on CAS)
  • add UPS Express 12 o'clock service type (Domestic in Germany)
  • add commodity_code to customs item field for DPD
  • add weight to customs item for DPD
  • added CAS fields for Royal_Mail
  • added CI fields to CAS for UPS international shipments
  • added Ship Date to Shipment Summary page, fix date format in Branding email component
  • added customs item fields for Australia Post
  • fix Andorra country not being recognised correctly
  • fix Averitt, ODFL
  • fix DPD preference creation"
  • fix ODFL ship
  • fix PackingSlipController virtual and edit qrcode for shipment name
  • fix SFCC invocable
  • fix SoQL error when bulk shipping from campaign
  • fix UPS HazMat qty type of fields
  • fix Upload Signature & LetterHead (FedEx IPD only)
  • fix bug with Shipment Delivery Confirmation checkbox
  • fix bug with duplicate checkpoints (ZK API only) (second fix - trim string)
  • fix carrier name on Bulk shipment page
  • fix duplicate child object on Shipment using Bulk Ship button
  • fix duplicate shipments after tracking (MPS, FedEx only)
  • fix error STRING_TOO_LONG using Error Message in CAS
  • fix for Branded Tracking Email dateformat
  • fix for incorrect validation for Declared Value for Royal Mail
  • fix get available services for Averitt
  • fix logic with 'Override Paperless Docs' for FedEx
  • fix nmfc_class for Priority One
  • fix number of copies (print)
  • fix saving PNG labels for Royal Mail
  • mark postal codes 967* and 969* as apoFpoDpo for Endicia
  • save only master package delivered / stage into shipment (UPS tracking) (UPS_TRACKING_SAVE_ONLY_MASTER_PACKAGE)
  • support '0 copies' in printer manager (Advanced Settings tab)
  • update logic of address validation by FedEx
  • use shipTo Tax Id as sold To Tax Id by default for UPS

Version 1.96.1

πŸ“… Released Jan 4th 2021
  • set hideNegotiatedRates as global GetQuoteContent lighting component
  • add billing and payment type to rate request FedEx freight
  • add generic_labels to auth
  • fix Croatia as being in EU
  • fix Bosnia and Herzegovina country
  • fix SOQL error on Wizard (if CI selected)
  • fill scheduledDeliveryTime if UPS uses Time In Transit Rate request
  • fix barcode scanner on pick&pack wizard
  • fix recipient/sender validation for Peak carrier
  • fix invocable tracking (FedEx only)
  • fix error with preupload ETD fields on wizard
  • fix Pickup CAS SoQL error
  • fix SFCC invocable to push tracking updates
  • fix barcode scanner on pick&pack wizard
  • fix show field name inside error message
  • fix bug with duplicate checkpoints
  • fix bug with empty checkpoint country

Version 1.95

πŸ“… Released December 10th 2020
  • Brexit changes will auto switch after (after 01/01/21)
  • fix for InvoiceLineTotal in Rate (TimeInTransit UPS only)
  • extend push return callout to SFCC
  • fix UPS rate with TimeInTransit (part 2)
  • fix UPS rate with TimeInTransit
  • fix SOQL (Upload Service)
  • fix non-descriptive error messages
  • fix India to India rate and ship (FedEx)

Version 1.94

πŸ“… Released November 30th 2020
  • fix label naming for packing slip
  • convert SoldTo country, add SoldTo (CI/USMCACO) fields to CAS (UPS only)
  • add description and nmfc_number for customs items for FLI carrier
  • use Bulkify tracking on track button (UPS only)
  • remove Declare value validation for FLI
  • new other settings - PRINT_API_CHUNK_SIZE, PRINT_API_DELAY_MS

Version 1.92

πŸ“… Released November 23rd 2020
  • save profile name to created package (pick and pack)
  • use error message if weight is incorrect (Endicia only)
  • remove validation: Recipient Name, Senders Name, Recipient Company and Senders Company for Peak carrier
  • use other setting PRINT_SHOW_DEFAULT_PRINTERS for print / mass print pages
  • add 966 postal code for Apo/Fpo/Dpo address
  • fix carrier name (pick and pack)

Version 1.90

πŸ“… Released November 12th 2020
  • Compatibility with Winter 21
  • fix Endicia wsdl schema
  • fix parameters in BulkShipmentList
  • extend return invocable
  • fix for truncated query in schedulers

Version 1.87.2

πŸ“… Released October 22nd 2020
  • Pick and Pack include Empty_Box_Weight__c if feature 'Auto Calculate Weight Total' is active
  • add CAS currency field (all carriers)
  • use package delivery confirmation from 1st package
  • fix bulkify tracking ZK API (if batch size > 1)
  • fix BT location field
  • fix null pointer (UPS ship)
  • use reverted exchange rate (if FedEx rate response have empty excepted rate)
  • fix UPS gate rate
  • add Chronopost
  • fix Branded Tracking page
  • fix service name for UPS Ground (Freight Pricing) in Get Quote"
  • change DMLUtils and CarrierUtils to inherited sharing
  • fix NullPointer after saving shipment (FedEx only)
  • add weight unit OZ (Endicia), auto calculate Weight/Value in pick and pack (Enhanced feature in CAS)
  • remove convert to local timezone
  • new filter for bulk campaign (filter_checkbox parameter)
  • read TimeInTrasit information in UPS Rate response (DayOfWeek added to Output Rate, DayOfWeek and SaturdayDelivery parameters added to global method)
  • new checkbox auto calculate total weight in intl section (Endicia only)
  • convert FedEx rates (new Enhanced feature in CAS - FedEx: Convert Rates using Requested Currency)
  • fix Attempt to de-reference a null object - UPSShippingCore
  • fix render package section on change dynamic fields
  • fix boxing for dimensions with packaged_already
  • fix issue with Number of Copies (Print button)

Version 1.85

πŸ“… Released September 23rd 2020
  • fix Allowed By Dependency dynamic fields
  • add Canary Islands to country lookup
  • fix generating custom documents after creating a shipment
  • fix CI for non International UPS shipment
  • show weight for products on containers section (pick&pack wizard), apply qty to Declared Value
  • fix Crossflight International and add dynamic dependency to package section
  • fix clearing SS for Endicia
  • change MeterNumber for FedEx Test Preference
  • fix update SignedForBy on tracking UPS
  • fix Saint Barthelemy country
  • remove HS Code validation (UPS only)

Version 1.82

πŸ“… Released September 18th 2020
  • fix EC shipment for UPS carrier
  • fix CAS 'Broker Tax Id Type'
  • remove custom Zip validation from pickup
  • add estimated_date parameter into global rate method
  • remove ShipperNumber in tracking request for UPS
  • fix Description of goods for UPS (EU countries)
  • remove state validation for Peak carrier
  • fix FedEx ListRates in GetQuote component
  • fix pick and pack selected rate
  • fix TechnicalName for UPSHazMatPDFTemplate
  • fix USPS wsdl

Version 1.80

πŸ“… Released August 11th 2020
  • Added ability to ManifestShippingDocuments for Canada Post
  • fix Source field on checkpoint, add CustomContext to UPS tracking request
  • fix Source field on checkpoint, change logic with Delivered status
  • added NMFC Number for carriers
  • remove state validation for Peak carrier and set Branding Tracking class as without sharing
  • fix InvocableSendLabel (if parameter toAddresses is not empty - use addresses from parameter (ignore emails from shipment))
  • fix clone for consolidation, fix duplicate messages on shipment modal
  • remove Intl section if shipment within EU
  • fix boxing algorithm
  • fix Mexico state
  • fix UPSHazMatPDFTemplate tracking number for multi package

Version 1.78.6

πŸ“… Released July 22nd 2020
  • UPS International HazMat doc
  • add international to UPS HazMat doc
  • parse rates (global method) for small carriers
  • add UPS Freight Charges (Commercial Invoice) to CAS
  • add email attachment from email template (Invocable only)
  • add NMFC_Number for UPS Freight and FedEx Freight
  • add UPS Freight pickup
  • fix estimated_delivery on track for certain carriers carriers
  • fix CAS package for dynamic package special services
  • fix file extension - completed fix
  • fix file extension (copy files)
  • fix nullPointer if response has empty recipient address (if FedEx shipment was cancelled)
  • fix receiving SPOD using FedEx tracking scheduler
  • fix CAS loading
  • fix freight_number validation for yamato
  • fix ListRates for GetQuote in FedEx
  • fix package location in pickup UPS Freight
  • fix Macao country, add default SF countries
  • fix shipment loading (pickup invocable)
  • fix USPS cancel message

Version 1.75.6

πŸ“… Released June 25th 2020
  • extended UPS ShipmentDescription from 30 to 50 length
  • add FedEx Freight to Pickup
  • support multi ETD upload (if file count > 5)
  • Telephone number is not required for UPS returns
  • add NMFC_Number to UPS Freight
  • add BOL as Document
  • Populate Ship Date after tracking (UPS)
  • extend event handling in CAS (Upload ETD Invocable events added)
  • add CI.DeclarationStatement__c to UPS ship request
  • add new element to CAS - Upload ETD Invocable - Parent Id
  • add UPS Shipment Notes to CAS
  • added CurrencyExchangeRate information to ShipmentRate global class (FedEx only)
  • fix dynamic package ss
  • fix bug with saving already package (pick and pack)
  • ignore already package products (Pick All button)
  • fix package type in pick and pack for package level
  • fix render pick and pack billing fields"
  • fix look up for package for FedEx Freight (package section)
  • bulkify tracking (Star Track Australia Post) (10 shipments per request)
  • fix FedEx currency (UKL)
  • fix selecting package in pick and pack for package type package level"
  • fix error null if reqShipDocs not provided
  • fix creating CI/Nafta CO via wizard
  • fix references for UPS in Wizard
  • fix read CAS in getLocation for Self Return
  • support default SF country names for Korea
  • fix country code (Afghanistan)

Version 1.73.7

πŸ“… Released May 15th 2020
  • Bulk Pickup
  • Added ability to upload multiple ETD documents for FedEx after shipment creation
  • Fix FedEx invocable tracking when there are numerous results and use shipdate if provided
  • Fix UPS reference not showing on Wizard
  • Fix Afghanistan not being recognised correctly via bulk/invocable
  • Fix Sunday Ship date validation for FedEx
  • Fix for Royal Mail authentication values
  • Fix CAS service type not being recognised correctly
  • Fix de-reference null object error for UPS

Version 1.72.1

πŸ“… Released May 1st 2020
  • Barcode Reference 1 available for UPS
  • Added Custom Setting to allow the Boxing Algorithm results to show on the standard wizard
  • Fix setting the default signature and letter head for FedEx International Shipments
  • Fix FedEx invocable tracking when there are numerous results and use shipdate if provided
  • Fix POD not downloading for FedEx
  • Fix PR state as a US Country for Sendle
  • Fix Certified Mail image size for USPS
  • Fix 35 character limit for company name with TNT Express
  • Fix scheduled tracking sending unnecessary calls (no tracking number)
  • Fix dry ice issue appearing with FedEx shipment

Version 1.71

πŸ“… Released April 27th 2020
  • Packing Slips can now be generated when using Pick and Pack
  • Boxing Algorithm Updated to take into account Package Weight and Max Package Weight
  • Boxing Algorithm Updated Efficiency to decrease CPU usage
  • Fix an error related to shipments creating double for Outbound and Return mode when using Bulk Shipping UI.
  • Fix an error related to FedEx pickups and checking availability.
  • Fix an error related to UPSP Return shipments and the error "Shippers ShipperNumber".

Version 1.70

πŸ“… Released April 8th 2020
  • Branded Tracking Widget
  • Scheduled Tracking Improvements
  • Added ability to Split Street Line 1 into multiple lines as a custom setting
  • Added Envelope 10 as a Label Type for Custom Carrier
  • Added USPS Address Validation
  • Added custom setting to allow negotiated rates to not show for UPS
  • Removed requirement for street validation on FedEx rate
  • Fix an error related to shipment not saving correctly when using Outbound and Return mode.
  • Fix an error with auto print not working in certain cases
  • Fix error with different currencies for FedEx IPD
  • Fix for Multiple High Value Report Pages not saving correctly
  • Fix for SPOD not being downloaded correctly for FedEx
  • Fix for the bulk shipment page
  • Fix for UI issue whereby Invoice Line Item not showing for UPS
  • Fix to add Duties fields to CAS
  • Fix to add Inside Pickup and Inside Delivery to CAS
  • Fix to add UPS Ground Freight checkbox onto Preference related to DBR Contracted Service
  • Fix to FedEx track by reference
  • Fix to fill the ship date from tracking number/reference request
  • Fix to have ZIP4 Information returned with UPS/FedEx Address Validation
  • Fix to International Mail Innovations fields added to CAS

Version 1.69.16

πŸ“… Released March 20th 2019
  • Fix for Track by Reference for FedEx

Version 1.69.12

πŸ“… Released March 11th 2019
  • Updated app to handle Endicia API change. Related to LabelCategory error

Version 1.69.2

πŸ“… Released January 18th 2019
  • To upgrade to this version from anything below 1.66.15 please first install version 1.66.15 (sandbox / production).
  • Sendle Added as new Carrier
  • Added Queueable Invocable Method for Creating Shipments via Process Builder
  • Added Custom Address Source lookup to Parent Object for Packages and Products
  • Added FedEx Alcohol Shipments to the Carrier Specific fields for Custom Address Source
  • Added Service Type and Package Type fields to Zenkraft Settings Permissions tab
  • Added UPS Pickup Status Page
  • Added Quick Add UPS HazMat Quantity field to UI
  • Added USPS Scan Form generation from Preference page.
  • Added Improved Tracking information such as Estimated Date for USPS.
  • Fix for USPS 4x6 labels not being converted to PDF correctly when using Bulk Ship UI
  • Fix tracking bug for FedEx Multi Package Shipment
  • Fix tracking bug with DHL
  • Fix for USPS and Flat Weight no longer being required
  • Fix CDL and delivered page UI
  • Fix Importer Account Validation error for FedEx shipments
  • Fix for email branded tracking header mis-alignment
  • Fix for SF v48 to allow integration with Salesforce Order Management

Version 1.66

πŸ“… Released January 6th 2019
  • USPS - Tracking carrier added, for tracking via USPS WebTools
  • Add Timezone setting for FedEx Ground/Express tag pickup
  • Add Ship Alert Notifications via Custom Address Source
  • Added all FedEx COD options
  • Get Rates CPQ Button improvement to show Home Delivery for FedEx
  • Fix for CDL tracking and timezone
  • Fix for tracking page showing as blank
  • Fix FedEx Freight Account UI redraw issue
  • Fix AutoSave of IPD on consolidation confirm
  • Fix currency ISO
  • Optimise SoQL callouts for B2B Extension

Version 1.65.4

πŸ“… Released December 4th 2019
  • Printing Tray added to the print page
  • Add Timezone setting for FedEx Ground/Express tag pickup
  • Fix tracking for multi package return
  • Fix for CPQ Quote auto checking residential and showing Home Delivery (FedEx)
  • Fix for CPQ Quote button error if no response received from carrier
  • Fix Custom Items model not showing correctly in certain instances
  • Fix for Tracking Stage not populating correctly
  • Fix for new Endicia node in account status check call
  • Fix checkpoint Exception Status not saving for FedEx
  • Fix for Scheduled tracking
  • Fixed scheduling for SpeedDee FTP upload

Version 1.63

πŸ“… Released November 8th 2019
  • TNT Express updated
  • Singapore Post added
  • CDL carrier added
  • Enable Custom Address Source to set static values
  • Fix never ending spinner on shipment creation
  • Fix convert USPS label in bulk
  • Fix invocable Track DHL: Actual Delivery Date Not Returning (Case: 00005306)
  • Fix Pick Pack Declared Value Issue
  • Fix billing section not rendering correctly on change of preference
  • Fix UI issues on Pickup Page
  • Fix transit days not being returned for invocable rate result and FedEx
  • Fix loading Files for Signature and LetterHead on UI
  • Fix Variable does not exist: CampaignMember.Status
  • Fix Slovenia as a country for sender with FedEx
  • Fix outbound and return wizard for EndiciaPayOnUse type

Version 1.58.1

πŸ“… Released October 4th 2019
  • Fixed invocable tracking by reference for DHL Express (tracking)
  • Fixed Rate delivery date incorrect for FedEx
  • Fixed package reference 2 for Unity Carrier
  • Fixed Booking confirmation number in Custom Address Source
  • Improved Boxing Algorithm efficiency

Version 1.57.2

πŸ“… Released September 24th 2019
  • Fixed Deliver-It ZPL label error
  • Fixed error in UI for rate modal and estimated delivery date for FedEx

Version 1.55

πŸ“… Released September 19th 2019
  • Deliver-It carrier added
  • Pick and Pack edit screen enhanced to choose label type
  • Allow CC, BCC for invocable email send
  • Fix for USPS Actual Delivered Date now populates correctly
  • Fix for number of commercial invoices to print

Version 1.54.5

πŸ“… Released September 18th 2019
  • Fix USPS shipping address editing on Preference
  • Fix console issue and new tabs not opening
  • Fix for Speedee carrier, company and name not required

Version 1.54.1

πŸ“… Released September 6th 2019
  • Fix pickup ready date and timezones
  • Fix FedEx freight voided getting updated from track event
  • Fix UI for customs items min-width
  • Fix checkpoints added to branded tracking emails
  • Fix for removal of UPS selection of shipment for pickups

Version 1.53.1

πŸ“… Released August 30th 2019
  • Fix for Wizard to display countries for Unity / Speedee carriers

Version 1.53

πŸ“… Released August 29th 2019
  • Speedee Carrier Added
  • Unity Carrier Added
  • Custom Carriers can be editing inline via Lightning, Classic and Salesforce Mobile App
  • Fix for signature delivery notification emails with PDF to be removed
  • Fix for USPS Shipments not being able to send to Armed Forces addresses
  • Fix for Invocable parameter forceCreation not working
  • Fix for bulk apex code not accepting lower case values

Version 1.52.6

πŸ“… Released August 16th 2019
  • Ontrac ZPL Label Rotation

Version 1.52.6

πŸ“… Released August 14th 2019
  • forceShipmentCreation parameter available for Invocable Tracking.
  • Hide Sender Address for USPS enabled
  • Ontrac API Remote Site Setting added
  • Fix for Bulk Printing and ordering
  • Fix for Endicia Preference creation error
  • Fix for FedEx Freight Booking ID field
  • Fix missing Dimension Unit and Description fields on Package Profile page

Version 1.51

πŸ“… Released August 2nd 2019
  • Ontrac API Fixed
  • New fields for FedEx IPD added (contact sales for FedEx IPD setup)
  • Pickups can now be automated
  • Bulk Shipping from Campaign Object
  • Checkbox added to remove Order details from Branded Tracking
  • Invocable Tracking allows shipment to be force created
  • Pick and Pack Special Services enabled

Version 1.50.5

πŸ“… Released July 23th 2019
  • UPS API change - required upgrade

Version 1.50.3

πŸ“… Released July 18th 2019
  • Update CPQ button to allow service name to be saved
  • Enable related Contact lookup when utilising Account/Opportunity custom lookups and Custom Address Source
  • Enable HazMat lookup for FedEx and UPS via Custom Address Source
  • Update due to Endicia API changes
  • Update Wizard and Bulk UI to work correctly in Communities
  • Enable FedEx Hold At Location via Custom Address Source
  • Enable FedEx Freight values via Custom Address Source
  • Enable FedEx Dry Ice via Custom Address Source
  • Enable Zenkraft Settings to be set for all users
  • Fix Printing order issue
  • Fix Wizard UI issue when switching between preferences
  • Fix issue with FedEx Home Delivery not available

Version 1.49.4

πŸ“… Released July 5th 2019
  • Fix problem with incorrect CAS id being run when using invocable if 2 CAS have same lookup

Version 1.49

πŸ“… Released July 3rd 2019
  • New release to fix issue with installing into Professional Edition orgs

Version 1.48

πŸ“… Released June 28th 2019
  • New release to fix issues with Printing caused by platform bug

Version 1.45.6

πŸ“… Released June 24th 2019
  • Fix issue with Dim Weights error message from USPS API change

Version 1.45.4

πŸ“… Released June 17th 2019
  • Fix issue with invocable method not auto converting UPS GIF labels to PDF
  • Fix issue with auto-create shipment not working
  • Fix issue with UPS tracking by reference

Version 1.45.1

πŸ“… Released June 10th 2019
  • Fix issue with Custom Carriers PDF label format not working
  • Fix issue with Custom Carriers PDF label missing the contact name

Version 1.44.1

πŸ“… Released June 6th 2019
  • Fix for CPQ and UPS Ground Freight
  • Fix for UPS Mail Innovations references
  • Fix for email label not setting correct recipient email
  • Fix for estimated date and time on rates
  • Fix for pick and pack edit screen not showing special services
  • Fix for bulk shipments via all carriers
  • Fix for third party billing issue

Version 1.43.1

πŸ“… Released May 31st 2019
  • Fix for created the test FedEx Preference via Zenkraft Settings

Version 1.43

πŸ“… Released May 27th 2019
  • Custom Carriers - FTP upload
  • USPS WebTools added for Improved USPS tracking
  • Fix with Bill To on UI when switching preferences
  • Fix for Branded Tracking and Exceptions
  • Fix on wizard UI and EEI /Nafta modals

Version 1.42.10

πŸ“… Released May 20th 2019
  • Fix for tracking exception UI ordering incorrect
  • Fix for UI not updating correctly when switching preferences
  • Fix for Auto-print toggle on wizard not setting correctly

Version 1.42.7

πŸ“… Released May 16th 2019
  • Fix for general UI issues
  • Fix for Pick and Pack UI issues
  • Fix for UPS Incorrect sender name.
  • Fix for DHL Germany Reference fields not passing through correctly.

Version 1.42.1

πŸ“… Released May 3rd 2019
  • Custom Carrier now available
  • Outbound and Return possible with all carriers
  • Email Templates for Labels
  • Added Custom Setting to allow debugging
  • Added Default setting for multiple branded pages
  • Add Email Template to Preference and Custom Address Source
  • Fix Delivery Instructions not showing on MC FedEx for Home Delivery
  • Fix FedEx - IPD wizard error
  • Fix for invocable autoprint not working

Version 1.41

πŸ“… Released April 15th 2019
  • Branded Tracking Enhancement for Multiple Brands and UpSell Skyscapper
  • Fix Custom Address Source UPS Return Type not populating correctly

Version 1.40

πŸ“… Released April 10th 2019
  • FedEx IPD available to add as a carrier
  • Lightning button to get quotes from any object
  • Boxing Algorithm
  • Fix Custom Address Source UPS reference 1
  • Fix FedEx Freight Special Services not displaying correctly
  • Fix UI bug when changing between preferences
  • Fix Reference Fields not being passed through correctly for Endicia

Version 1.37.5

πŸ“… Released March 15th 2019
  • New Zenkraft Settings page to manage demo mode, branded tracking and permissions for users/profile to access preferences/services
  • New Branded Tracking added to Zenkraft Settings (licence required)
  • Pick and Pack - you can now edit the sender/recipient and billing fields
  • Update Tracking architecture to handle multiple packages in the same shipment
  • Enable UPS tracking by Pro/Reference Number via Process Builder
  • Add Global Method for Cancel/Void a shipment
  • Add Global Method for Synchronous Printing of a shipment
  • Add DHL Paket/Germany to available carriers
  • Add Colissimo to available carriers
  • Add DPD France to available carriers
  • Add FedEx Priority to the Custom Address Source
  • Fix Hold For FedEx special service not showing available locations
  • Fix Custom Address Source to allow FedEx Priority Alert
  • Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
  • Fix FedEx Lithium Batteries Checkbox now available in Wizard and Custom Address Source
  • Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard
  • Fix for USPS First Class UI from LB to OZ
  • Fix UPS package profiles not appearing correctly
  • Fix UPS Notification emails not sending correctly
  • Fix for Custom Address Source - update Original Object
  • Fix for GIF2PDF for UPS shipments via Wizard
  • Fix for NAFTA document populating sections 7,8,9
  • Fix for FedEx and Smartpost Indicia
  • Fix for EEI can be added to UPS international shipment
  • Fix for Multiple Return FedEx Packages

Version 1.35.1

πŸ“… Released February 15th 2019
  • Fix UI for FedEx Billing
  • Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
  • Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard

Version 1.34.2

πŸ“… Released February 12th 2019
  • Support extra Custom Address Source fields: UPS Override Paperless/UPS Export Date, FedEx Export Compliance Statement/FedEx B13a Filing Option/FedEx Permit Number

Version 1.34.0

πŸ“… Released February 11th 2019
  • Pick and Pack feature released
  • Fix validation for Signature Confirmation and Certified Mail SS (Endicia)
  • fix null-pointer error when trying to cancel Endicia shipment

Version 1.33.8

πŸ“… Released February 4th 2019
  • Preference Description can now be edited
  • Fix UPS Invocable Rate not working
  • Fix UPS Reference Fields error in UI
  • Fix UPS Emails not sending
  • Fix UPS Package profiles not showing
  • Fix FedEx Freight UI issue
  • Fix USPS First class service type weight issue

Version 1.33.3

πŸ“… Released January 30th 2019
  • Fix Custom Address Source missing item fields

Version 1.33.1

πŸ“… Released January 29th 2019
  • Fix Custom Address Source not pulling in all package/customs items fields
  • Fix Invocable Method for Tracking
  • Fix issue with Scales not reading correctly
  • Fix issue with state / postal code fields being required for countries that do not support them
  • Fix issue with Service Type not working with Auto Create for some carriers

Version 1.30.4

πŸ“… Released January 21st 2019
  • Fix BulkShipmentInterface.CalculateRates method

Version 1.30.3

πŸ“… Released January 17th 2019
  • Fix for FedEx Smartpost Indicia
  • Fix for Child Objects not working correctly.
  • Fix for FedEx Cancel Shipment giving an error.

Version 1.30.2

πŸ“… Released January 16th 2019
  • Fix for FedEx list rates

Version 1.30.1

πŸ“… Released January 15th 2019
  • Lookup to related Child Objects via Custom Address Source
  • New DHL API implementation
  • Ship button added to wizard
  • Add Custom Setting to define how far back scheduled tracking should work.
  • Enable UPS Ground with Freight Pricing
  • Pickups enabled
  • Address Validation Global Method Added

Version 1.27

πŸ“… Released December 17th 2018
  • USPS - Endicia added as a carrier
  • Pages enabled for community users
  • FedEx Freight Improved API to include special services
  • FedEx Freight allow third party billing
  • FedEx Freight allow
  • DPD international commodity items being passed through correctly
  • Updated DHL Express API
  • Print History added
  • FedEx - lithium battery shipments now available
  • Australia Post - use new upgraded API
  • Fix: Bulk Shipping Page - can now select rows
  • Fix: ProductRequest service cloud object now usable
  • Fix: Removed limit of 9 FedEx packages that can be created at once
  • Fix: Double label printing - resolved
  • Fix: UPS tracking page showing duplicate information

Version 1.18.5

πŸ“… Released August 16th 2018
  • Fix related to DPD Validation
  • Fix related to null pointer on CAS assignment
  • Add street2
  • Add name field in create account

Version 1.18.4

πŸ“… Released August 10th 2018
  • Fix related to API change

Version 1.18.3

πŸ“… Released August 9th 2018
  • Fix related to Reference Fields entered don't print
  • Fix related to error messages for auto-create a shipment
  • Fix related to auto-print

Version 1.18.2

πŸ“… Released August 7th 2018
  • Print Labels and Documents added to Bulk Shipment Page
  • Custom Items can now be edited if custom setting checkbox is ticked
  • Better error messages returned for carriers
  • UPS bug for international fixed
  • UPS bug for returns fixed
  • Fix related to country/currency codes
  • Fix related to auto-print creating an extra printout for items with more than 1 package

Version 1.17.9

πŸ“… Released August 1st 2018
  • Fix related to DPD carrier null pointer exception

Version 1.17.8

πŸ“… Released July 30th 2018
  • Fix related to package save for re-use

Version 1.17.7

πŸ“… Released July 26th 2018
  • Amazon MWS added
  • UPS LTL Freight added
  • FedEx Freight Added
  • Fixes related to custom address source

Version 1.13

πŸ“… Released July 2nd 2018
  • Fix for Bulk Rating
  • Fix for Bulk Shipping
  • Fix for frozen page when in lightning
  • Fix for Custom Address Source missing UPS carrier specific fields

Version 1.10.8

πŸ“… Released June 26th 2018
  • Fix UPS Preference creation with Negotiated Rates
  • Fix UPS unable to void shipment

Version 1.10.5

πŸ“… Released June 12th 2018
  • Fix for Bulk Shipment Creation
  • Fix for FedEx International Commercial Invoice

Version 1.10.3

πŸ“… Released June 6th 2018
  • UPS added as a carrier
  • Global Method for Printing Added
  • Fix for FedEx scheduled tracking
  • Fix for FedEx label not attaching correctly
  • Removed required attribute for Package Fields of Length, Width, Height for FedEx

Version 1.8.1

πŸ“… Released April 5th 2018
  • All pages updated to use lightning
  • FedEx added as a carrier
  • Invocable methods added for creating shipments, quotes and tracking shipments

Version 1.6.28

πŸ“… Released April 5th 2018
  • This version must be installed first if you are looking to upgrade a version less than 1.8

Version 1.6.24

πŸ“… Released September 22nd 2017
  • Allow edit of Weight and Dimension units on preference
  • Added AUD to currency option for preference

Version 1.6.7

πŸ“… Released January 11th 2017
  • New version of JQuery added

Version 1.6.5

πŸ“… Released January 10th 2017
  • Official release