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Multi-carrier Release Notes

Version 1.73.7

Released May 15th 2020
• Bulk Pickup
• Added ability to upload multiple ETD documents for FedEx after shipment creation
• Fix FedEx invocable tracking when there are numerous results and use shipdate if provided
• Fix UPS reference not showing on Wizard
• Fix Afghanistan not being recognised correctly via bulk/invocable
• Fix Sunday Ship date validation for FedEx
• Fix for Royal Mail authentication values
• Fix CAS service type not being recognised correctly
• Fix de-reference null object error for UPS

Version 1.72.1

Released May 1st 2020
• Barcode Reference 1 available for UPS
• Added Custom Setting to allow the Boxing Algorithm results to show on the standard wizard
• Fix setting the default signature and letter head for FedEx International Shipments
• Fix FedEx invocable tracking when there are numerous results and use shipdate if provided
• Fix POD not downloading for FedEx
• Fix PR state as a US Country for Sendle
• Fix Certified Mail image size for USPS
• Fix 35 character limit for company name with TNT Express
• Fix scheduled tracking sending unnecessary calls (no tracking number)
• Fix dry ice issue appearing with FedEx shipment

Version 1.71

Released April 27th 2020
• Packing Slips can now be generated when using Pick and Pack
• Boxing Algorithm Updated to take into account Package Weight and Max Package Weight
• Boxing Algorithm Updated Efficiency to decrease CPU usage
• Fix an error related to shipments creating double for Outbound and Return mode when using Bulk Shipping UI.
• Fix an error related to FedEx pickups and checking availability.
• Fix an error related to UPSP Return shipments and the error "Shippers ShipperNumber".

Version 1.70

Released April 8th 2020

Branded Tracking Widget
• Scheduled Tracking Improvements
• Added ability to Split Street Line 1 into multiple lines as a custom setting
• Added Envelope 10 as a Label Type for Custom Carrier
• Added USPS Address Validation
• Added custom setting to allow negotiated rates to not show for UPS 
• Removed requirement for street validation on FedEx rate
• Fix an error related to shipment not saving correctly when using Outbound and Return mode.
• Fix an error with auto print not working in certain cases
• Fix error with different currencies for FedEx IPD
• Fix for Multiple High Value Report Pages not saving correctly
• Fix for SPOD not being downloaded correctly for FedEx
• Fix for the bulk shipment page
• Fix for UI issue whereby Invoice Line Item not showing for UPS
• Fix to add Duties fields to CAS 
• Fix to add Inside Pickup and Inside Delivery to CAS
• Fix to add UPS Ground Freight checkbox onto Preference related to DBR Contracted Service
• Fix to FedEx track by reference
• Fix to fill the ship date from tracking number/reference request
• Fix to have ZIP4 Information returned with UPS/FedEx Address Validation
• Fix to International Mail Innovations fields added to CAS

Version 1.69.16

Released March 20th 2019

• Fix for Track by Reference for FedEx

Version 1.69.12

Released March 11th 2019

• Updated app to handle Endicia API change. Related to LabelCategory error

Version 1.69.2

To upgrade to this version from anything below 1.66.15 please first install version 1.66.15 (sandbox / production).

Released January 18th 2019
• Sendle Added as new Carrier
• Added Queueable Invocable Method for Creating Shipments via Process Builder
• Added Custom Address Source lookup to Parent Object for Packages and Products
• Added FedEx Alcohol Shipments to the Carrier Specific fields for Custom Address Source
• Added Service Type and Package Type fields to Zenkraft Settings Permissions tab
• Added UPS Pickup Status Page
• Added Quick Add UPS HazMat Quantity field to UI
• Added USPS Scan Form generation from Preference page.
• Added Improved Tracking information such as Estimated Date for USPS.
• Fix for USPS 4x6 labels not being converted to PDF correctly when using Bulk Ship UI
• Fix tracking bug for FedEx Multi Package Shipment 
• Fix tracking bug with DHL
• Fix for USPS and Flat Weight no longer being required
• Fix CDL and delivered page UI
• Fix Importer Account Validation error for FedEx shipments
• Fix for email branded tracking header mis-alignment
• Fix for SF v48 to allow integration with Salesforce Order Management

Version 1.66

Released January 6th 2019
• USPS - Tracking carrier added, for tracking via USPS WebTools 
• Add Timezone setting for FedEx Ground/Express tag pickup
• Add Ship Alert Notifications via Custom Address Source
• Added all FedEx COD options
• Get Rates CPQ Button improvement to show Home Delivery for FedEx
• Fix for CDL tracking and timezone
• Fix for tracking page showing as blank
• Fix FedEx Freight Account UI redraw issue
• Fix AutoSave of IPD on consolidation confirm
• Fix currency ISO 
• Optimise SoQL callouts for B2B Extension 

Version 1.65.4

Released December 4th 2019
• Printing Tray added to the print page
• Add Timezone setting for FedEx Ground/Express tag pickup
• Fix tracking for multi package return
• Fix for CPQ Quote auto checking residential and showing Home Delivery (FedEx)
• Fix for CPQ Quote button error if no response received from carrier
• Fix Custom Items model not showing correctly in certain instances
• Fix for Tracking Stage not populating correctly
• Fix for new Endicia node in account status check call
• Fix checkpoint Exception Status not saving for FedEx
• Fix for Scheduled tracking
• Fixed scheduling for SpeedDee FTP upload 

Version 1.63

Released November 8th 2019
• TNT Express updated 
• Singapore Post  added 
• CDL carrier added 
• Enable Custom Address Source to set static values
• Fix never ending spinner on shipment creation
• Fix convert USPS label in bulk
• Fix invocable Track DHL: Actual Delivery Date Not Returning (Case: 00005306)
• Fix Pick Pack Declared Value Issue
• Fix billing section not rendering correctly on change of preference 
• Fix UI issues on Pickup Page 
• Fix transit days not being returned for invocable rate result and FedEx
• Fix loading Files for Signature and LetterHead on UI
• Fix Variable does not exist: CampaignMember.Status
• Fix Slovenia as a country for sender with FedEx 
• Fix outbound and return wizard for EndiciaPayOnUse type 

Version 1.58.1

Released October 4th 2019
• Fixed invocable tracking by reference for DHL Express (tracking)
• Fixed Rate delivery date incorrect for FedEx
• Fixed package reference 2 for Unity Carrier 
• Fixed Booking confirmation number in Custom Address Source 
• Improved Boxing Algorithm efficiency 

Version 1.57.2

Released September 24th 2019
• Fixed Deliver-It ZPL label error
• Fixed error in UI for rate modal and estimated delivery date for FedEx 

Version 1.55

Released September 19th 2019
• Deliver-It carrier added
• Pick and Pack edit screen enhanced to choose label type
• Allow CC, BCC for invocable email send
• Fix for USPS Actual Delivered Date now populates correctly 
• Fix for number of commercial invoices to print 

Version 1.54.5

Released September 18th 2019
• Fix USPS shipping address editing on Preference
• Fix console issue and new tabs not opening
• Fix for Speedee carrier, company and name not required

Version 1.54.1

Released September 6th 2019
• Fix pickup ready date and timezones
• Fix FedEx freight voided getting updated from track event
• Fix UI for customs items min-width
• Fix checkpoints added to branded tracking emails
• Fix for removal of UPS selection of shipment for pickups

Version 1.53.1

Released August 30th 2019
• Fix for Wizard to display countries for Unity / Speedee carriers

Version 1.53

Released August 29th 2019
• Speedee Carrier Added
• Unity Carrier Added
• Custom Carriers can be editing inline via Lightning, Classic and Salesforce Mobile App
• Fix for signature delivery notification emails with PDF to be removed
• Fix for USPS Shipments not being able to send to Armed Forces addresses
• Fix for Invocable parameter forceCreation not working
• Fix for bulk apex code not accepting lower case values

Version 1.52.6

Released August 16th 2019
• Ontrac ZPL Label Rotation

Version 1.52.6

Released August 14th 2019
• forceShipmentCreation parameter available for Invocable Tracking.
Hide Sender Address for USPS enabled
• Ontrac API Remote Site Setting added
• Fix for Bulk Printing and ordering
• Fix for Endicia Preference creation error
• Fix for FedEx Freight Booking ID field
• Fix missing Dimension Unit and Description fields on Package Profile page

Version 1.51

Released August 2nd 2019
• Ontrac API Fixed
• New fields for FedEx IPD added (contact sales for FedEx IPD setup)
• Pickups can now be automated
Bulk Shipping from Campaign Object
• Checkbox added to remove Order details from Branded Tracking
• Invocable Tracking allows shipment to be force created 
• Pick and Pack Special Services enabled

Version 1.50.5

Released July 23th 2019
• UPS API change - required upgrade

Version 1.50.3

Released July 18th 2019
• Update CPQ button to allow service name to be saved
• Enable related Contact lookup when utilising Account/Opportunity custom lookups and Custom Address Source
• Enable HazMat lookup for FedEx and UPS via Custom Address Source
• Update due to Endicia API changes
• Update Wizard and Bulk UI to work correctly in Communities
• Enable FedEx Hold At Location via Custom Address Source
• Enable FedEx Freight values via Custom Address Source
• Enable FedEx Dry Ice via Custom Address Source
• Enable Zenkraft Settings to be set for all users 
• Fix Printing order issue
• Fix Wizard UI issue when switching between preferences
• Fix issue with FedEx Home Delivery not available

Version 1.49.4

Released July 5th 2019
• Fix problem with incorrect CAS id being run when using invocable if 2 CAS have same lookup

Version 1.49

Released July 3rd 2019
• New release to fix issue with installing into Professional Edition orgs

Version 1.48

Released June 28th 2019
• New release to fix issues with Printing caused by platform bug

Version 1.45.6

Released June 24th 2019
• Fix issue with Dim Weights error message from USPS API change

Version 1.45.4

Released June 17th 2019
• Fix issue with invocable method not auto converting UPS GIF labels to PDF
• Fix issue with auto-create shipment not working
• Fix issue with UPS tracking by reference

Version 1.45.1

Released June 10th 2019
• Fix issue with Custom Carriers PDF label format not working
• Fix issue with Custom Carriers PDF label missing the contact name

Version 1.44.1

Released June 6th 2019
• Fix for CPQ and UPS Ground Freight
• Fix for UPS Mail Innovations references
• Fix for email label not setting correct recipient email
• Fix for estimated date and time on rates
• Fix for pick and pack edit screen not showing special services
• Fix for bulk shipments via all carriers
• Fix for third party billing issue

Version 1.43.1

Released May 31st 2019
• Fix for created the test FedEx Preference via Zenkraft Settings

Version 1.43

Released May 27th 2019
Custom Carriers - FTP upload
• USPS WebTools added for Improved USPS tracking 
• Fix with Bill To on UI when switching preferences 
• Fix for Branded Tracking and Exceptions
• Fix on wizard UI and EEI /Nafta modals

Version 1.42.10

Released May 20th 2019
• Fix for tracking exception UI ordering incorrect 
• Fix for UI not updating correctly when switching preferences
• Fix for Auto-print toggle on wizard not setting correctly

Version 1.42.7

Released May 16th 2019
• Fix for general UI issues 
• Fix for Pick and Pack UI issues
• Fix for UPS Incorrect sender name.
• Fix for DHL Germany Reference fields not passing through correctly.

Version 1.42.1

Released May 3rd 2019
Custom Carrier now available
Outbound and Return possible with all carriers
Email Templates for Labels
• Added Custom Setting to allow debugging
• Added Default setting for multiple branded pages
• Add Email Template to Preference and Custom Address Source
• Fix Delivery Instructions not showing on MC FedEx for Home Delivery 
• Fix FedEx - IPD wizard error
• Fix for invocable autoprint not working

Version 1.41

Released April 15th 2019
Branded Tracking Enhancement for Multiple Brands and UpSell Skyscapper
• Fix Custom Address Source UPS Return Type not populating correctly 

Version 1.40

Released April 10th 2019
FedEx IPD available to add as a carrier
Lightning button to get quotes from any object
Boxing Algorithm
• Fix Custom Address Source UPS reference 1 
• Fix FedEx Freight Special Services not displaying correctly
• Fix UI bug when changing between preferences
• Fix Reference Fields not being passed through correctly for Endicia

Version 1.37.5

Released March 15th 2019
• New Zenkraft Settings page to manage demo mode, branded tracking and permissions for users/profile to access preferences/services
• New Branded Tracking added to Zenkraft Settings (licence required)
• Pick and Pack - you can now edit the sender/recipient and billing fields
• Update Tracking architecture to handle multiple packages in the same shipment
• Enable UPS tracking by Pro/Reference Number via Process Builder
• Add Global Method for Cancel/Void a shipment
• Add Global Method for Synchronous Printing of a shipment
• Add DHL Paket/Germany to available carriers
• Add Colissimo to available carriers
• Add DPD France to available carriers
• Add FedEx Priority to the Custom Address Source
• Fix Hold For FedEx special service not showing available locations
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow FedEx Priority Alert
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
• Fix FedEx Lithium Batteries Checkbox now available in Wizard and Custom Address Source
• Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard
• Fix for USPS First Class UI from LB to OZ
• Fix UPS package profiles not appearing correctly
• Fix UPS Notification emails not sending correctly
• Fix for Custom Address Source - update Original Object
• Fix for GIF2PDF for UPS shipments via Wizard 
• Fix for NAFTA document populating sections 7,8,9
• Fix for FedEx and Smartpost Indicia
• Fix for EEI can be added to UPS international shipment
• Fix for Multiple Return FedEx Packages

Version 1.35.1

Released February 15th 2019
• Fix UI for FedEx Billing
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
• Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard

Version 1.34.2

Released February 12th 2019

• Support extra Custom Address Source fields: UPS Override Paperless/UPS Export Date, FedEx Export Compliance Statement/FedEx B13a Filing Option/FedEx Permit Number

Version 1.34.0

Released February 11th 2019

Pick and Pack feature released
• Fix validation for Signature Confirmation and Certified Mail SS (Endicia)
• fix null-pointer error when trying to cancel Endicia shipment


Version 1.33.8

Released February 4th 2019

• Preference Description can now be edited
• Fix UPS Invocable Rate not working
• Fix UPS Reference Fields error in UI
• Fix UPS Emails not sending
• Fix UPS Package profiles not showing
• Fix FedEx Freight UI issue
• Fix USPS First class service type weight issue

Version 1.33.3

Released January 30th 2019

• Fix Custom Address Source missing item fields

Version 1.33.1

Released January 29th 2019

• Fix Custom Address Source not pulling in all package/customs items fields
• Fix Invocable Method for Tracking
• Fix issue with Scales not reading correctly
• Fix issue with state / postal code fields being required for countries that do not support them
• Fix issue with Service Type not working with Auto Create for some carriers

Version 1.30.4

Released January 21st 2019

• Fix BulkShipmentInterface.CalculateRates method

Version 1.30.3

Released January 17th 2019

• Fix for FedEx Smartpost Indicia
• Fix for Child Objects not working correctly.
• Fix for FedEx Cancel Shipment giving an error.

Version 1.30.2

Released January 16th 2019

• Fix for FedEx list rates

Version 1.30.1

Released January 15th 2019

• Lookup to related Child Objects via Custom Address Source
• New DHL API implementation
• Ship button added to wizard
• Add Custom Setting to define how far back scheduled tracking should work. 
• Enable UPS Ground with Freight Pricing
Pickups enabled
Address Validation Global Method Added

Version 1.27

Released December 17th 2018

• USPS - Endicia added as a carrier
• Pages enabled for community users
• FedEx Freight Improved API to include special services
• FedEx Freight allow third party billing
• FedEx Freight allow 
• DPD international commodity items being passed through correctly
• Updated DHL Express API
• Print History added
• FedEx - lithium battery shipments now available
• Australia Post - use new upgraded API
• Fix: Bulk Shipping Page  - can now select rows
• Fix: ProductRequest service cloud object now usable
• Fix: Removed limit of 9 FedEx packages that can be created at once
• Fix: Double label printing - resolved
• Fix: UPS tracking page showing duplicate information

Version 1.18.5

Released August 16th 2018

• Fix related to DPD Validation

• Fix related to null pointer on CAS assignment

• Add street2

• Add name field in create account

Version 1.18.4

Released August 10th 2018

• Fix related to API change

Version 1.18.3

Released August 9th 2018

• Fix related to Reference Fields entered don't print
• Fix related to error messages for auto-create a shipment
• Fix related to auto-print

Version 1.18.2

Released August 7th 2018

• Print Labels and Documents added to Bulk Shipment Page

• Custom Items can now be edited if custom setting checkbox is ticked

• Better error messages returned for carriers

• UPS bug for international fixed

• UPS bug for returns fixed

• Fix related to country/currency codes

• Fix related to auto-print creating an extra printout for items with more than 1 package

Version 1.17.9

Released August 1st 2018

• Fix related to DPD carrier null pointer exception

Version 1.17.8

Released July 30th 2018

• Fix related to package save for re-use

Version 1.17.7

Released July 26th 2018

• Amazon MWS added

• UPS LTL Freight added

• FedEx Freight Added

• Fixes related to custom address source

Version 1.13

Released July 2nd 2018

• Fix for Bulk Rating

• Fix for Bulk Shipping

• Fix for frozen page when in lightning

• Fix for Custom Address Source missing UPS carrier specific fields

Version 1.10.8

Released June 26th 2018

• Fix UPS Preference creation with Negotiated Rates

• Fix UPS unable to void shipment

Version 1.10.5

Released June 12th 2018

• Fix for Bulk Shipment Creation

• Fix for FedEx International Commercial Invoice

Version 1.10.3

Released June 6th 2018

• UPS added as a carrier

• Global Method for Printing Added

• Fix for FedEx scheduled tracking

• Fix for FedEx label not attaching correctly

• Removed required attribute for Package Fields of Length, Width, Height for FedEx

Version 1.8.1

Released April 5th 2018

• All pages updated to use lightning

• FedEx added as a carrier

• Invocable methods added for creating shipments, quotes and tracking shipments

Version 1.6.28

Released April 5th 2018

• This version must be installed first if you are looking to upgrade a version less than 1.8 to 1.8.1 and above.

Version 1.6.24

Released September 22nd 2017

• Allow edit of Weight and Dimension units on preference

• Added AUD to currency option for preference

Version 1.6.7

Released January 11th 2017

• New version of JQuery added

Version 1.6.5

Released January 10th 2017

• Official release