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Multi-carrier Release Notes

Version 1.41

Released April 15th 2019
Branded Tracking Enhancement for Multiple Brands and UpSell Skyscapper
• Fix Custom Address Source UPS Return Type not populating correctly 

Version 1.40

Released April 10th 2019
FedEx IPD available to add as a carrier
Lightning button to get quotes from any object
Boxing Algorithm
• Fix Custom Address Source UPS reference 1 
• Fix FedEx Freight Special Services not displaying correctly
• Fix UI bug when changing between preferences
• Fix Reference Fields not being passed through correctly for Endicia

Version 1.37.5

Released March 15th 2019
• New Zenkraft Settings page to manage demo mode, branded tracking and permissions for users/profile to access preferences/services
• New Branded Tracking added to Zenkraft Settings (licence required)
• Pick and Pack - you can now edit the sender/recipient and billing fields
• Update Tracking architecture to handle multiple packages in the same shipment
• Enable UPS tracking by Pro/Reference Number via Process Builder
• Add Global Method for Cancel/Void a shipment
• Add Global Method for Synchronous Printing of a shipment
• Add DHL Paket/Germany to available carriers
• Add Colissimo to available carriers
• Add DPD France to available carriers
• Add FedEx Priority to the Custom Address Source
• Fix Hold For FedEx special service not showing available locations
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow FedEx Priority Alert
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
• Fix FedEx Lithium Batteries Checkbox now available in Wizard and Custom Address Source
• Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard
• Fix for USPS First Class UI from LB to OZ
• Fix UPS package profiles not appearing correctly
• Fix UPS Notification emails not sending correctly
• Fix for Custom Address Source - update Original Object
• Fix for GIF2PDF for UPS shipments via Wizard 
• Fix for NAFTA document populating sections 7,8,9
• Fix for FedEx and Smartpost Indicia
• Fix for EEI can be added to UPS international shipment
• Fix for Multiple Return FedEx Packages

Version 1.35.1

Released February 15th 2019
• Fix UI for FedEx Billing
• Fix Custom Address Source to allow SmartPost Ancilliary
• Fix InvoiceSignature and LetterHead to be defaulted correctly in the Wizard

Version 1.34.2

Released February 12th 2019

• Support extra Custom Address Source fields: UPS Override Paperless/UPS Export Date, FedEx Export Compliance Statement/FedEx B13a Filing Option/FedEx Permit Number

Version 1.34.0

Released February 11th 2019

Pick and Pack feature released
• Fix validation for Signature Confirmation and Certified Mail SS (Endicia)
• fix null-pointer error when trying to cancel Endicia shipment


Version 1.33.8

Released February 4th 2019

• Preference Description can now be edited
• Fix UPS Invocable Rate not working
• Fix UPS Reference Fields error in UI
• Fix UPS Emails not sending
• Fix UPS Package profiles not showing
• Fix FedEx Freight UI issue
• Fix USPS First class service type weight issue

Version 1.33.3

Released January 30th 2019

• Fix Custom Address Source missing item fields

Version 1.33.1

Released January 29th 2019

• Fix Custom Address Source not pulling in all package/customs items fields
• Fix Invocable Method for Tracking
• Fix issue with Scales not reading correctly
• Fix issue with state / postal code fields being required for countries that do not support them
• Fix issue with Service Type not working with Auto Create for some carriers

Version 1.30.4

Released January 21st 2019

• Fix BulkShipmentInterface.CalculateRates method

Version 1.30.3

Released January 17th 2019

• Fix for FedEx Smartpost Indicia
• Fix for Child Objects not working correctly.
• Fix for FedEx Cancel Shipment giving an error.

Version 1.30.2

Released January 16th 2019

• Fix for FedEx list rates

Version 1.30.1

Released January 15th 2019

• Lookup to related Child Objects via Custom Address Source
• New DHL API implementation
• Ship button added to wizard
• Add Custom Setting to define how far back scheduled tracking should work. 
• Enable UPS Ground with Freight Pricing
Pickups enabled
Address Validation Global Method Added

Version 1.27

Released December 17th 2018

• USPS - Endicia added as a carrier
• Pages enabled for community users
• FedEx Freight Improved API to include special services
• FedEx Freight allow third party billing
• FedEx Freight allow 
• DPD international commodity items being passed through correctly
• Updated DHL Express API
• Print History added
• FedEx - lithium battery shipments now available
• Australia Post - use new upgraded API
• Fix: Bulk Shipping Page  - can now select rows
• Fix: ProductRequest service cloud object now usable
• Fix: Removed limit of 9 FedEx packages that can be created at once
• Fix: Double label printing - resolved
• Fix: UPS tracking page showing duplicate information

Version 1.18.5

Released August 16th 2018

• Fix related to DPD Validation

• Fix related to null pointer on CAS assignment

• Add street2

• Add name field in create account

Version 1.18.4

Released August 10th 2018

• Fix related to API change

Version 1.18.3

Released August 9th 2018

• Fix related to Reference Fields entered don't print
• Fix related to error messages for auto-create a shipment
• Fix related to auto-print

Version 1.18.2

Released August 7th 2018

• Print Labels and Documents added to Bulk Shipment Page

• Custom Items can now be edited if custom setting checkbox is ticked

• Better error messages returned for carriers

• UPS bug for international fixed

• UPS bug for returns fixed

• Fix related to country/currency codes

• Fix related to auto-print creating an extra printout for items with more than 1 package

Version 1.17.9

Released August 1st 2018

• Fix related to DPD carrier null pointer exception

Version 1.17.8

Released July 30th 2018

• Fix related to package save for re-use

Version 1.17.7

Released July 26th 2018

• Amazon MWS added

• UPS LTL Freight added

• FedEx Freight Added

• Fixes related to custom address source

Version 1.13

Released July 2nd 2018

• Fix for Bulk Rating

• Fix for Bulk Shipping

• Fix for frozen page when in lightning

• Fix for Custom Address Source missing UPS carrier specific fields

Version 1.10.8

Released June 26th 2018

• Fix UPS Preference creation with Negotiated Rates

• Fix UPS unable to void shipment

Version 1.10.5

Released June 12th 2018

• Fix for Bulk Shipment Creation

• Fix for FedEx International Commercial Invoice

Version 1.10.3

Released June 6th 2018

• UPS added as a carrier

• Global Method for Printing Added

• Fix for FedEx scheduled tracking

• Fix for FedEx label not attaching correctly

• Removed required attribute for Package Fields of Length, Width, Height for FedEx

Version 1.8.1

Released April 5th 2018

• All pages updated to use lightning

• FedEx added as a carrier

• Invocable methods added for creating shipments, quotes and tracking shipments

Version 1.6.28

Released April 5th 2018

• This version must be installed first if you are looking to upgrade a version less than 1.8 to 1.8.1 and above.

Version 1.6.24

Released September 22nd 2017

• Allow edit of Weight and Dimension units on preference

• Added AUD to currency option for preference

Version 1.6.7

Released January 11th 2017

• New version of JQuery added

Version 1.6.5

Released January 10th 2017

• Official release