Supercharge your Manufacturing Implementation

Automate Quoting, Shipping, Returns and Tracking for your manufacturing business.

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Pick and Pack from Salesforce

From any Salesforce Object

Zenkraft integrates with any standard or custom object. The most popular include Order, Case and Quote.

From one of our partners

Zenkraft has partnerships with over 50 other ISVs integrating our shipping capabilities into their apps.


Shipping Quotes in Seconds

Close Deals Faster

Save back-and-forth with other teams; add shipping costs from 80+ carriers in under 5 seconds. Read more about our Salesforce CPQ integration.

Achieve higher Quote accuracy

Retrieve the very latest costs directly from carriers. Stop using outdated pricing or guesswork.

Minimal data required

Zenkraft's boxing algorithm can infer data that's required by the carrier but not in your Salesforce org - making setup easy.


Complete Customer 360 with Shipment Tracking

Track Zenkraft Shipments

Zenkraft standardizes tracking checkpoints across carriers. Every time a carrier scans your shipment, a new checkpoint is created in Salesforce.

Track External Shipments

With just a carrier account number, Zenkraft can automatically import your shipments and associate them with your customer or order data in Salesforce.

80+ Carriers Supported

Zenkraft supports the global consolidators, local postal providers, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.

What is the Value of Zenkraft?

Automate Manual Tasks

Reduce time to ship, quote, return and track from minutes to seconds. Stop tabbing between applications and copying and pasting data!

Complete Customer 360

See when orders are being delivered and returned alongside your customer data. Updated in real-time directly from 80+ carriers.

Acquire Zero Technical Debt

Building integrations, maintaining them and then the person who managed that integration left. Sound familiar?

Quick to Implement

Zenkraft is 100% native, using the same technology as Salesforce. This means your Salesforce Admin will easily understand how Zenkraft works.

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