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Manage Samples & Shipments in Sales Cloud

Book samples for shipping with the carrier and track them in real-time. Assign tasks to reps to follow up to keep the sales cycle moving.

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Send & Track Samples or Collateral

Auto-book samples for shipping. Every hour the status of the shipment updates in real-time.

Zenkraft supports 80+ Carriers out of the box.


Shipping Quotes in Seconds

Close Deals Faster

Save back-and-forth with other teams; add shipping costs from 80+ carriers in under 5 seconds

Achieve higher Quote accuracy

Retrieve the very latest costs directly from carriers. Stop using outdated pricing or guesswork.

Minimal data required

Zenkraft's boxing algorithm can infer data that's required by the carrier but not in your Salesforce org - making setup easy.


Schedule Follow-up

Once a sample has been delivered you can schedule a follow-up or email setup instructions to the customer.

This ensures that your deals and leads keep moving further through the sales cycle.


Customer 360 Sample View Dashboards

Samples in Transit

Send beautiful tracking notifications when a sample is in transit. Use this opportunity to promote the value of your product.

Samples with Issues

If samples have been delayed or an address is wrong, schedule an email to ask for an updated address.

Samples Delivered today

View samples delivered today to create tasks for sales reps to automatically follow-up.

80+ Carriers Supported

Zenkraft supports the global consolidators, local postal providers, regional providers as well as some freight services. We are adding 1 new carrier per week.

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