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Managing Returns during a global lockdown (label expiry, pickups & more)

Published on 08 April 2020 by in ecommerce returns 


We’ve been asked frequently by our customers, how do we manage returns and pickups during the global lockdown? With consumers increasingly not being able to leave their homes due to government policy, scheduling pickups has become increasingly popular.

Some retailers have chosen to extend their return periods and have asked us to extend the validity of return labels. Here is a guide to some of the popular carrier’s expiration policy:


  • FedEx - return labels expire after 2 years
  • UPS - return labels do not have a specified expiry date
  • USPS - return labels expire after 1 year
  • DHL - return labels last a minimum of 3 months
  • Royal Mail - there is no expiry on return labels from Royal Mail
  • Australia Post - return labels expire after 60 days
  • Singapore Post - return labels expire after 180 days


We thought it would be useful to write a step-by-step guide showing how to set up auto-scheduling of pickups for FedEx and UPS. If you have requests for other carriers please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

There are two options when it comes to pickups:

1. Bundled service offering

Such as UPS Return Service 1-Attempt and UPS Return Service 3-Attempts. These allow you to generate labels and schedule the pickup in a single transaction. You can enable these via the wizard:




..but also using our process builder method to set the CAS values such as below:

Service DescriptionCAS Value
Return Service 1 Attempt3
Return Service 3 Attempts5


2. Schedule pickups from residential addresses

You might have a different flow that requires you to book shipments separately from the shipment booking. We’ve had several requests from consignment retailers that like to trigger the schedule of a pickup when a case updates. 

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an automated pickup of an existing shipment related to a case:

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Latest Coronavirus Carrier Service Disruptions - in one place

Published on 23 March 2020 by in multi-carrier ecommerce 


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for retailers, shipping carriers and consumers across the globe. Shipping carriers being labeled as essential services have been called into action to help citizens adhere to shelter-in-place/quarantine restrictions. 

Most shipping carriers are adding additional safety measures to help slow the spread of the virus and prioritizing shipments by importance.  Additionally, air capacity has been dramatically reduced making it impossible for carriers to guarantee delivery in the time tables possible before this crisis. 

For information from health experts visit:

You can view European truck border crossing times here.

We have compiled this list of the latest shipping carrier service changes to help companies who depend on ecommerce survive this crisis. Our team will continue to update this page as the situation continues to evolve. 

Shipping Carrier Service Changes

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Service suspension effect Mongolia, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, and Europe. Also expect delays when shipping to many other international destinations.   For more information click here

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. For more information click here.

Temporary suspension of Priority Mail Express International time table guarantees on shipments destined for China and Hong Kong due to widespread airline cancellations and restrictions into this area. Anticipate delays in mail and packages destined to China as well as from China and from European countries subject to restricted passenger airline travel. For more information click here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are accesible for delivery. Currently not possible to send parcels to DHL points in France and Spain. If you are shipping to Spain or Austria specific postal codes have been affected, you can view them here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Royal Mail’s International services are operational and continue to accept traffic. Delays are expected due to special orders related to the coronavirus. For country specific information click here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Canada Post has suspended normal delivery guarantees. Post offices will remain open. Some locations may have to temporarily adjust hours or briefly close due to local circumstances. For additional information click here.

Significant delays/suspensions to service areas around the globe. View a full list here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during parcel delivery. Expect delays when shipping to China, Japan and Korea due to limited air capacity. For the latest international mail updates click here.

Currently no impact on service levels at national or local level.

Significant service suspensions for Express & Freight shipment. Greatest impact on air freight due to limited air capacity. For country specific information click here

For country specific information click here

Flight disruptions and cancellations impacting all inbound and outbound shipments. For country specific information click here

Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via

Minimal service interruption. Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during parcel delivery. For more information click here


Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via


No longer able to support packages for all destinations. Delivery of packages to the following destinations is suspended:

Tunisia, French Polynesia, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, The Philippines andThe American continent except USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. There are also many additional closers. For more information click here

Loading restrictions in Europe and flight cancellations are causing delays. For more information click here


Operations have been effected by passenger flight cancellations. DB Schenker is chartering flights to cater to demand that was previously handled by passenger flights. For country specific information click here

Deliv continues to operate and offer local delivery services.

Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via

Suspensions and delays for the following countries: France, Finland, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Cape Verde, Congo, Djibouti, Ireland, Mauritius, Norway, Venezuela, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mongolia, UAE, Italy, USA, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania. For additional information click here.

Expect delays due to shop closings & containment measures in some countries like France, Italy & Spain. For additional information click here.

Expect delays  around the world due to limited staff and health concerns at all ports, airports, and customs operations. For additional information click here

Fully operational, servicing all modes of transportation while abiding by government and health regulations. For updates click here.

Additional safety precautions in processing facility  and during delivery. Operating with minimal effects. For more information click here


Additional safety precautions in processing facility and during delivery. Operating with minimal effects.

Working with its partners to provide the highest level of service at this time. For more information click here


Awaiting additional information. 


Additional safety precautions. Limiting package pick up services at our local facilities. For more information click here


Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via


Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via


Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via

Discontinuing same-day on-call pickup requests on Sunday, March 29 to optimize routes and deliver the highest number of packages possible during this time of national emergency.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Suspended UK and International service guarantees. For information click here

Isn't shipping to the following countries: Cayman Islands, Djibouti, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Kuwait, Libya, Moldova, Mongolia, Peru, Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen. Expect delays when shipping to these countries: Algeria, Armenia, Argentina, Austalia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Brazil, Belize, Canada, Chile, China, Chad Estonia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guinea Bissau, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Latvia, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Suriname, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States, Kosovo. For more information click here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. For information click here


Closing individual parcel lockers and service points due to the coronavirus. For more information click here.

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. Disrupted service to South Korea and Spain. Still processing shipments to China and Italy with delays. For more information click here


Expecting significant delays for international shipments. For more information click here


Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during domestic delivery. Shipments to and from international destinations may result in longer than usual deliveries. Suggests using Speedpost Priority and Speedpost Express services during this period for priority uplift. For more details click here

Additional safety precautions to minimize contact during delivery. For information click here

See Australia Post.

No planned shutdown periods or office closures. Working with government authorities to minimize the spread of the virus while continuing operations. For more information click here

Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via

Awaiting information, in the meantime please contact them via

Additional safety procedures to minimize contact during delivery. Operating as normal across our entire UK network with no service center closures. Expect delays when shipping internationally. For more details click here

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Salesforce Order Management is Here!

Published on 18 February 2020 by in ecommerce 

You're probably familiar with Salesforce Order Management (especially if you attended Dreamforce where it was billed as Lightning Order Management). But what you might not know is that Zenkraft is a Salesforce Order Management AppExchange Launch Partner. And we are already directly integrated with Salesforce Order Management. 

Why Us?

Zenkraft and our fellow launch partners were chosen due to the gap in Salesforce functionality we serve.

That's the gap between Salesforce's Commerce Cloud products and Order Fulfillment. A.K.A Order Management.

As a partner we were given early access to the Salesforce Order Management platform as it was developed. This allowed us to tailor our Multi-Carrier app to this newest offering from Salesforce. And make sure it was directly integrated with SOM at launch! 

What is Order Management?

As all ecommerce professionals know online shopping is so much more than what the consumer sees. There’s a lot of tech and people behind a seamless ecommerce experience. According to a study by Salesforce & Deloitte, there are around 40 seperate systems involved in order management. And all these systems must come together to go from place order to receive order.  

Image from 

And the company's at the forefront of the retail revolution have worked hard to make these systems work so seamlessly that consumers only have to think about clicking a button. Luckily for those who believe their order management needs work Salesforce Order Management makes it easy to take a huge leap without acquiring significant technical debt. 

Why should you be excited about Salesforce Order Management?

Ecommerce order management technology has lagged behind for years. Failing to keep up with the rapid pace of the retail evolution. Salman Malik, SVP & GM of Salesforce Order Management describes traditional OMS as "rigid, brittle and hard to use." Legacy OMS platforms simply haven’t kept up with rising consumer expectations. 

Until Salesforce Order Management that is! Salesforce’s new OMS (built entirely on the Salesforce platform) allows customers to abandon order management systems that have failed to innovate and are NOT Salesforce native. 

Additionally, SOM serves as an intersection between Salesforce’s Commerce Products (B2B & B2C Commerce) and all its other clouds. This was a natural evolution for Salesforce since Commerce Cloud doesn’t have an order engine and Service Cloud (even though it has the order object) has limited capability. Salesforce Order Management will add a lot of useful features to the platform such as Order Orchestration. 

SOM is the latest Salesforce innovation to bring companies even closer to completing Customer 360. It allows internal teams to view order management lifecycle data natively. And it extends the Commerce platform to help brands provide a buying experience that truly puts customers at the center of the commerce experience. 

Zenkraft + Salesforce Order Management 

Zenkraft fits perfectly into the SOM Commerce Experience in 3 main ways: tracking experience management (status updates for your team & for customers), shipment automation, and returns automation. 

Tracking Experience Management 

Multi-Carrier functionally downloads your shipping carrier's functionality into the Salesforce platform. This integration allows your team to see real-time tracking updates on our shipment object in Salesforce. Tracking updates can be triggered hourly or less frequently.

Additionally, Zenkraft users are able to set up branded tracking notifications. Our team has standardized the 5 critical stages of delivery (Picked up, In transit, Out for Delivery, Delayed, & Delivered) across our 60 supported carriers allowing you to automatically send status updates to your customers.

Shipping Automation

Using the Multi-Carrier app you can configure your business rules in process builder to route specific products to the appropriate shipping carrier automatically. There's no need to rely on your reps to remember which weights, destination, contents, & customer types belong to which shipping carrier. Simply configure your rules into our application and make changes when needed. 

Returns Automation 

Our Multi-Carrier app allows you to create workflow based on reverse logistics checkpoints. Now you can increase the speed with which you can issue a refund or exchange while reducing the risk of return fraud.

You can reduce this risk by ensuring product has been returned by setting up workflow based on reentering the shipping carriers network. Or you can even assign a technician to inspect the product and require their sign off before disbursement of a replacement/refund.

Visit our Salesforce Order Management integration page for more details. 

Final Thoughts

Salesforce's February 18th launch is more than just another Salesforce product. It's your brands opportunity to quickly implement a top of class order management process that will delight your staff and customers. 

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Managing Ecommerce Returns in Salesforce

Published on 21 January 2020 by in salesforce ecommerce returns 

Ecommerce Returns are on the Rise 📈

UPS estimated that almost 2 million packages entered its network on January 2nd, the day it has coined “National Returns Day”.

That’s one shipping carrier, in one market, in one day...

Is your technology stack equipped to provide a top-notch customer experience in the age of excessive ecommerce returns?

In most companies, there’s a disconnect between the return request (Case) and the physical location of the item. Zenkraft helps eliminate this disconnect by connecting 60+ shipping carriers to Cases in Salesforce, enabling CSRs to create return shipping labels directly from return requests (cases). 

4 ways Zenkraft can help your team process ecommerce returns:

Create Labels with a Single-Click 🦸‍♀️

Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Your CSRs can create ecommerce return labels in a single click with the Multi-Carrier app! 

Once the Multi-Carrier app is installed Service Cloud users can click a button and generate the return label, email it and follow up when/if the item is not returned. 

This allows your customer service reps to avoid hours of monotonous copy and pasting. Giving them more time and energy to roll out the red carpet for customers, training to handle more complex customer service situations, relaying important customer feedback to your product team, and building a loyal community around your products. 

Trigger Workflow 🔫

The physical location and movement of an ecommerce return is an integral part of managing inventory and staying in contact with shipping carriers and customers. 

With Zenkraft, companies can leverage status updates to improve customer experience and protect themselves from returns fraud. 

If return requests aren’t connected to Cases in your organization, how are you processing ecommerce returns? Are you waiting for a return to travel all the way back upstream? Are you taking chances on packages that may not have been returned or checked for damages?

There’s a better way!

Configure the automatic dispatch of refunds and exchanges based on your own business rules. With the shipment location connected to the Case you can trigger refunds/exchanges when a return reaches a particular checkpoint. 

RPA & Returns 🤖

Configuring a "Return My Order" dialogue in Salesforce helps take simple return situations off the plate of customer service reps. The Salesforce platform allows you to easily plug in Zenkraft Actions to existing Bot implementations and craft your chatbot’s conversation.

You can begin the conversation with a dynamic “Return My Order” button. The chatbot can then be configured to ask “ What’s your order number or email address?”. After the customer responds, the bot will retrieve their information and send a return label in the chat window. Your message will look something like this "Here is your return shipping label {!ReturnLabelURL}.

Hands-Off Approach to Returns 🚫🤲

Would you like to remove all but the most complex returns/exchanges from your customer service reps queue?

Our application allows customers to login to their account, quickly explain why they'd like to return the package, generate a label, and mail the package all without having to talk to a customer service rep. 

Final Word

Knowing the physical location of a return is crucial to elevating your ecommerce returns experience and getting valuable inventory restocked. Having access to this information in real-time allows you to dispatch refunds or exchanges quicker.

But what’s better for you and your customer is the customer having real-time access to this information.

So connect Cases to shipment location and keep your customers happy (And out of your hair).

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3 Ways To Manage Where's My Order Inquiries in Salesforce

Published on 06 January 2020 by in salesforce ecommerce tracking 

Where is my order? When’s it going to get here? Is my package going to arrive in time for my daughter's birthday?

Does this sound like your customer service center? Chances are this sounds all too familiar! Where is my order (WISMO) calls/chats account for up to 80% of customer service inquiries.

Our Multi-Carrier app standardizes the shipment tracking function for 60+ carrier APIs, allowing your team to answer Where is My Order inquiries without leaving the Salesforce platform! 

Zenkraft can help you track shipments in 2 ways: Customer service reps can simply open any shipment record and click the track Shipment button OR your Salesforce Admin can configure Schedule Tracking for automatic updates. 

We suggest setting up automatic tracking updates so every Service Cloud user has instant access to tracking information.  For more details on how to configure Scheduled Tracking, click here. Once your Salesforce Admin has set up this feature you will need to make an important decision on the future of your customer service strategy. 

Here are 3 Ways to more efficiently answer Where is My Order inquiries:

Increase Call Center Efficiency ☎️

Scenario: Let’s say your organization has invested heavily in a call center, has adequate staffing, little to no concern about request volume, and believes CSRs are consistently providing a satisfactory customer experience. But you would like to further improve customer experience and make your CSRs jobs easier!

Solution: You decide WISMO calls/chats should continue to be handled by your call center. But you want to give your CSRs the tools they need to handle the same volume in less time. Our solution shaves minutes off each Where is My Order inquiry by bringing customer data into a single system.

Managing multiple tabs might not seem like a big deal but in the hectic world of a customer service rep every second counts. CSRs are often managing multiple requests from a customer at once. While bouncing back and forth between the chat, the customer’s account, and possibly an internal knowledge base. Plus they need to resolve each request as quickly as possible. 

Results: In a time-sensitive setting like this, seemingly small changes like eliminating a tab/system for CSRs will help reps become more efficient. In turn, increasing the quality and speed of customer service for your customers. 

Let Chatbots Handle WISMO 🤖

Scenario: Let’s say your organization wants to reduce the budget spent on call centers without sacrificing customer experience. CSRs were swamped with requests last year, now there are less staff, and customer experience begins to suffer. 

Solution: Handoff “Where is my Order” requests to chatbots by configuring an Order Status dialogue in Salesforce. The Salesforce platform allows you to easily plug in Zenkraft Actions to existing Bot implementations and craft your chatbot’s conversation.

You can begin the conversation with a dynamic “Order Status” button. The chatbot can then be configured to ask “ What’s your order number or email address?”. After the customer responds, the bot will retrieve and relay the tracking status of their shipment. This response is configured by pulling pre-defined fields into the text (similar to an email automation tool). Your message will look similar to this “For Order Number {!Order_Number} Your shipment status is {!Shipping_Status}.

Result: WISMO inquiries are redirected to Salesforce’s Einstein chatbots, reducing the burden on human customer service reps.  

Keep Customers in the Logistics Loop 🚚

Scenario: Let’s say your organization has a high volume of non-WISMO calls (troubleshooting, warranty, etc.). CSRs are also fielding WISMO requests, taking time away from more complex issues, and reps are struggling to deliver a high-level experience. 

Solution: Don’t wait for requests to come into your call center. Send tracking updates at important checkpoints during your product’s journey! Our application automatically updates shipment status every hour, allowing you to know your customer's order status at all times. 

But that’s only half the benefit of our solution. It’s not enough for you to know where your customer’s package is, they want access to this information as well. 

So give it to them! 

With our Commerce Cloud cartridge, you can send notifications (email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) when orders are: in transit, out for delivery, delayed, and delivered.

Result: Customer Where is my Order requests are preempted by sending branded tracking notifications. Where is my Order inquiry volume is decreased because customers no longer need to ask. They already know! This frees up your CSRs to focus on issues that require human attention.  

Final Word

We don’t need to tell you the power of the Salesforce platform. You’re already a part of the ecosystem and Salesforce clouds are embedded into your business processes. 
But if your brand is engaged in e-commerce you have noticed a feature gap. Salesforce can’t communicate directly with shipping carriers and has no shipment tracking capabilities. 

No big deal, you can’t expect one tool to do everything. 

You’re right...and wrong. 

Service Cloud/Commerce Cloud doesn’t have these features built-in out of the box. But you can upgrade them once they are out of the box. Download our solution from the AppExchange to see what Salesforce can really do! 

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