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3 Can't Miss Lightning Order Management Sessions

Published on 18 November 2019 by in salesforce 

The Zenkraft team is excited about Lightning order management, and you should be too!


Attend these sessions to understand why!

Delivering Operational Excellence with Salesforce Order Management (1)

What is it? -  The first in a two part session focused on order management. See a LOM demo that will help you envision how the product can be applied to your business. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - If you are interested in implementing LOM in your company, this is the best way to start! 

Shipping Salesforce Order Management: Product Strategy and Roadmap

What is it? - Discover how you can deliver excellent "after-the-buy" experiences with Lightning Order Management.

Why is it a can't-miss? - Consumer expectations continue to increase. They expect an excellent experience from product discovery to product delivery. Improving your "after-the-buy" experiences can help set your brand apart from those who aren't putting enough emphasis on post-purchase. 

Saleforce Order Management: Integrated Order Management Now Here!

What is it? - This session will also include a demo of the product, but Luke will talk in detail about aligning your order management system with Salesforce. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - You will leave this tour of LOM having learned how to aligned your current order management process with Salesforce's new solution.


We hope you will attend as many of these LOM sessions as possible . See you at Dreamforce!

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5 Can't Miss B2C E-commerce Sessions

Published on 15 November 2019 by in salesforce ecommerce commerce-cloud 

There's less than a week until Dreamforce. Are you still unsure of what sessions to attend? If you are a B2C pro, we have you covered! 


Architecting B2C Commerce for Scale: 679 Million Shoppers & Beyond!

What is it? - Get technical with Gaurav, Shanmugam, and Neeraj. These architecture efforts will detail how to build a scalable B2C Commerce site.

Why is it a can't-miss? - Make sure your site is built to withstand the barrage of holiday shoppers your marketing team is sending your way this holiday season. 

Salesforce B2C Commerce Roadmap & What's Coming In 2020

What is it? -  Amy and Chris will share the features that Salesforce is adding to B2C Commerce Cloud in 2020!

Why is it a can't-miss? - Your business is built around Commerce Cloud. Knowing what's next for Commerce Cloud will help you prepare for the great things you are going to accomplish in the new year! 

How Lululemon Localized Checkout Internationally

What is it? - Justin Juschka, Director of Product Management & Global Commerce Platforms at Lululemon, will speak about making purchases as pain-free as possible for customers. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - Learn how to stop losing shoppers because of sub-par purchase experiences. You've built a great product and built a better brand around it. Now focus on simplifying your payment process. This will help you get off on the right foot with new customers and keep repeat customers coming back for more

Fireside Chat with Gayitri Budhraja, VP of Brand from e.l.f. Cosmetics

What is it? - Gayitri Budhraja will walk through her philosophy on branding and differentiation. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - If you are interested in improving your B2C marketing skillset, listening to leaders in the cosmetics industry is a great place to start! 

How Fresh Creates Connected Commerce Experiences with Page Designer & Content

What is it? - Charlotte and Katie from Fresh will teach you how they are using Page Designer to create customized customer shopping journeys. 

Why is it a can't-miss? Marketers realize that each shopping journey varies from the next. This session will detail how to create killer content that will enhance user experience. 


If you enjoyed this article drop by Booth 1915 and say Hi! 

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5 Can't Miss B2B E-commerce Sessions

Published on 15 November 2019 by in b2bcommerce salesforce 

Knowing what you want to accomplish before you touch down in San Fransisco is key to having a productive Dreamforce. That's why we took the time to put together this list of must attend events for B2B e-commerce pros. 

Customer Love: Create B2C Experiences for Your B2B

What is it? - Katie and Mike from Slalom speak about providing "B2C-like" experiences for your B2B buyers.

Why is it a can't-miss? - Your B2B buyers have seen what great buying experiences look like in the B2C space. Learning how to provide "B2C-like" experiences for B2B buyers will be critical to your brand's success as the expectation of B2B buyers rise.   

How to Scale your B2B Implementation Across the Globe

What is it? - Deepak and Doug detail how your brand can go global with your B2B Commerce implementation. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This interactive session will allow you to learn from the speakers as well as your peers who are also implementing B2B Commerce. 

Reinventing B2B Commerce and Field Service with Frito-Lay

What is it? - Kevin, Wayne, and Cortney detail how Frito Lay has transformed their "buy and deliver" model.

Why is it a can't-miss? - Managing field-service agents can be difficult. Focusing on improving the experience (and happiness) of your agents can have an incredible impact on customer experience. 

The Consumer Goods How-To Series: 5 Best Practices from a B2B Commerce Expert

What is it? - Eric will detail 5 best practices for transforming your retail channel partners' experience when buying from your brand. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - Transforming your retail channel partners' experience isn't just a trend in this blog post. It's a trend in the real world. Don't be left behind. 

Fireside Chat: Global Perspectives on Digital Transformation with B2B Commerce

What is it? - Gain perspective on expanding your B2B business in EMEA, LATAM, and APAC from Emmanuelle, Johnannes, Nils, Andy, and Taro. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - No one thinks expanding into different markets is easy. The barriers to your business's success seem endless Language, currency, shipping carriers, are all different. So let these Salesforce experts from around the globe help you get off on the right foot in your new region. 


We hope you will attend as many of these sessions as possible and return to your office ready to take your B2B business to the next level. See you at Dreamforce!

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Dreamforce Commerce Demo Jam

Published on 30 October 2019 by in salesforce ecommerce 

Mark your calendars! You don't want to miss watching five of the best Salesforce Commerce apps compete for a prize!

What's Demo Jam?

A game show style event, hosted by Salesforce MVPs Rebe De La Paz and Roy Gilad, where five Salesforce partners will each do a 3 minute "no fluff" live demo of their product. 

No slides, power point, or video allowed! 

The winner will be decided by a live vote from those in the audience. 

When and Where?

Thursday 11/21 at 1:00 PM PT in the App Exchange Theater. 


The 5 participants are:

- Zenkraft - Shipping, Tracking and Returns in Salesforce

Justin Chacko, Customer Success Manager

- Adyen-  All-in-one payments platform that grows your business from day one.

Joe Caraballo, Strategic Partnerships

- Bloomreach - Headless experience cloud to build unique digital experiences and grow faster.

Tom Washek, Solutions Consultant

- CloudSense - Helping customer-centric companies across the globe reinvent the way they sell and deliver for their customers.

Mustafa Oyumi, VP Industry Solutions

- SessionM - Turns everyday customer data into exceptional customer experiences to increase incremental behavior


We hope you will join us for what will surely be a great event! 

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5 Can't Miss Dreamforce Sessions for Manufacturers

Published on 29 October 2019 by in salesforce 

Dreamforce will have 80+ sessions that focus on the manufacturing industry. Here are the 5 manufacturing sessions the Zenkraft team is most excited about! 

5 Hacks for Optimizing the Sales Process

What is it? - Daniel Incandela, CMO of Conga, details how his team creates strong relationships during the sales process. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This is a great opportunity for sales professionals to sharpen their skills. Walk away with 5 tips for developing a relationship with prospects that is more than a transactional one. 

5 Steps B2B Marketers Should Take to Implement Successful Customer Journeys

What is it? - Cori Landwehr, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience at Watkins Wellness, will speak about how her company partners with dealers to grow their business. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session allows B2B marketers to compare their current marketing efforts with Watkins Wellness'. Leave this session knowing what areas of the customer journey your brand could improve. 

Improve Sales & Operations Planning w/ Rootstock Cloud ERP + Manufacturing Cloud

What is it? - David Stephans, CRO of Rootstock Software, details how pairing Manufacturing Cloud and Rootstock Cloud ERP can improve your company's manufacturing processes. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - The recent launch of Manufacturing Cloud is an exciting leap into a new vertical for Salesforce. Take this opportunity to learn how this pair of solutions can drive better business outcomes by integrating ERP and CRM.


Michelin Uses Data To Revolutionize Customer Engagement

What is it? - Candace Cluck, VP Consumer Experience & Engagement at Michelin, will speak about how Michelin has used lessons from the B2C space to sell to B2B customers!

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session is a can't-miss opportunity to learn from a brand that has been in business for over a century. You will walk away from this session with an in-depth look at how Michelin approaches the customer lifecycle. 


Maximize Case Deflection with Flows and Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

What is it? - So a comedian and a magician walk into a Dreamforce Session (who are also Community Cloud experts). Eric, the comedian, and Laurent, the magician of the dynamic duo, will speak about building an incredible digital experience for your customers using Community Cloud.

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session is a great way to avoid stumbling blocks and mistakes other companies went through. Learn lessons about implementing Community Cloud without having to learn them the hard way. 

BONUS for Manufacturers- Unwind at Dreamforce

What is it? - A networking event with your manufacturing peers taking place on November 21st from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Why is it a can't-miss? - This is going to be a great event where you can exchange ideas with colleagues while enjoying a beer at this beautiful venue in San Fransisco's vibrant Union Square!

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