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Bulk Cancel UPS shipments

Published on 2017-07-18 by Adrian Miotto

A quick code snippet for you today, if you want to cancel all UPS shipments that have not been picked up. Here is the code to run in Developer Console: Line 4 determines the shipments we want to set as cancelled. For this snippet we have decided to cancel all shipments older than UPS-Shipment-0000001000. Line 7 […]

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UPS Address validation on an Account

Published on 2017-05-23 by Adrian Miotto

Todays blog post will show the code you need to validate an Account address via the UPS Address Validation call you can find in the UPS Shipmate app.   Firstly we will look at the Controller code, and we will explain how it works below:     Lines 7-12: This is where you specify the […]

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