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Salesforce branded tracking and emails

Published on 18 March 2019 by in ecommerce tracking 

Send branded tracking emails to your customers. Powered by Process Builder and Email templates so there is no need to learn a new system.

Drive trusted traffic back to your website instead of the generic carrier tracking page. This could be up to 5 more visits to your site for every shipment. Once live, you can monitor the tracking page's performance with your own Analytics tools.

More information is available here:


Benefits include:


  • Drive traffic to your website instead of the carrier's site
  • Provide a consistent brand experience
  • 100% Native on Salesforce

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Generate return labels from web2lead

Published on 13 March 2019 by in multi-carrier returns 

A very easy, almost non-code way to offer self-service return label generate on your website is using Salesforce's popular web2lead capabilities. We've outlined the steps below to get this setup. 


1.Generate the web2lead code

Login to your Salesforce instance and go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-2-Leads. Click the Create Web-2-lead Form button. The following fields are required to create a shipping label:


We will hide the lead Source field. You should add a new lead source called something like Requested Shipping Label.


2. Embed form on your website

Next you should embed the web-2-lead form on your website. The only change we need to make is to apply style="display:none" to the Lead Source section and default it to Requested Shipping Label. This will enable us to run a process builder task of this lead source.


3. Install the Multi-carrier app 

Next you should install our Multi-carrier app. Follow the guide here to get setup:


You will need to create a custom address source that looks up to the Lead object. Here is the guide:


4. Setup a process builder on the lead to send a label

Once the Multi-carrier app is setup and you have added a Preference for your shipping carrier (a test FedEx account is available here) you can create a process builder task. You will need to set the Lead Status = Requested Shipping Label as below:



Next selected an Immediate Action. And choose Apex Class and Create Shipment. You should enter the Custom Address Source ID that you created in step 3 and set the recordId as a field Reference of Lead ID. 




5. Setup a second Process Builder to Send the label

Now that a shipping label will be generated when a web-2-lead form is submitted, we now need to email it to the customer. This can be done with a second process builder task based on the Shipment object:



That's it! Now it's time to try it out by completing your web-2-lead form. You should receive a shipping label in under 10 seconds via email. 


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Salesforce Pick and Pack Station

Published on 12 February 2019 by in ecommerce usps salesforce fedex lightning 


We've been asked for a long time - how do we associate products with packages? Today in version 1.34 of our Multi-Carrier app we've launched a packing UI. This integrates directly with ANY Order object structure in Salesforce. See the docs. The process is as follows:


  1. Integrate with your Order and Order Lines
  2. Pack products into containers using a barcode scanner
  3. Generate Shipping labels
  4. Track shipments at an order line level


Would you like to learn more? Schedule a demo.

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Shipping and Returns Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Published on 04 February 2019 by in ecommerce commerce-cloud 

After many months in beta, Zenkraft's Commerce Cloud Cartridge is available via the Link Marketplace. Listing available here:

The cartridge enables Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customers to:

Book Shipments 

Book shipments with 45 supported shipping carriers or any other carrier via carrier hub. This is an available, schedulable job that will create new Zenkraft Shipments for all orders. Also included is a Business Manager extension that allows you to see the status of orders as they await to have shipments created and to also print labels for shipments that have already been created.


Self-Service Returns

Users are given the option to print shipping labels for product returns or email them to themselves for later use. This includes a separate UI for users to select specific items and quantities from their order to return. This is accessed through the Track Order area or in Order History for logged-in users.



Show Order Status in Real-Time

Zenkraft provides real-time order status via the User Account. This is automatically updated every hour so your customer can see the current status of the order in real-time. 


Display Rates & Carrier Services in Checkout

Users are able to retrieve real-time shipping rates from Zenkraft for multiple carriers. The rates are based on the customer’s shipping address as well as items currently in their cart and still allows for all Commerce Cloud functionality such as real-time order total updates and shipping promotions. There is also the ability to add markup to the shipping rate as a flat amount or a percentage.




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