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Create a FedEx shipment from a trigger on the Account object

Published on 2017-03-08 by Adrian Miotto

Today’s blog post explains how to create a FedEx shipment directly from a trigger on a standard Salesforce Account object. You will need our FedEx app and our Bulk Shipping package. Contact us if you need any further information. Firstly, create a checkbox on your account object. Let’s call it Create_Fedex__c. We will run the […]

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Multiple Package Returns for UPS and Auto Printing

Published on 2017-02-28 by Adrian Miotto

This weeks post will detail how to achieve the following using our package, and some apex code. Multiple Package Returns for UPS Auto Printing Multiple Package Returns for UPS Currently the UPS api only allows the creation of 1 return label at a time. So if you want to create 20 return labels at once […]

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Convert a GIF shipping label image to PDF

Published on 2017-01-31 by Adrian Miotto

In today’s blog post we’re going to show you the codes needed to convert a GIF shipping label into a PDF document. We’re going to use pages, classes, and controllers. APEX Class The first method we need to look at is regenerateGifToPdfLabel (line 2). The steps are as follows: Select all the attachments that have […]

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Part 3 of 3: Pick and Pack Station with ERP Integration

Published on 2017-01-23 by 1 in Customer Stories

A few weeks ago we wrote about our Pick and Pack implementation, detailing how we’ve created the system, the custom labels and automated custom printing. Today we will expand on this to show you how we can integrate with one of the ERP solutions that are available on salesforce. We will use Rootstock as an […]

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The new Multi-Carrier Shipping App for Salesforce is now Live on AppExchange!

Published on 2017-01-10 by 1

  Shipping inside Salesforce just got better, with the introduction of the new Multi-Carrier Shipping app to the AppExchange. Users can now choose between 30+ carriers to manage their logistics within the CRM platform (Multi-Carrier supports all Salesforce Editions: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance). Today, Salesforce users can create shipments, schedule pickups, track, and set up […]

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