Litify & Zenkraft help Law Firm Increase Efficiency

Published on 24 September 2019 in multi-carrier 


Founded in late 2016, Litify’s mission is to transform how legal services are rendered through integrative, intuitive technology. The singular platform streamlines and automates task management, document generation, intake management, and client communications while providing data-driven insights that help law firms scale and increase their bottom line. Built on, Litify is a secure, extensible, and rapidly evolving platform.

Zenkraft has been building Shipping applications on the Salesforce platform since 2009.  With a focus on process automation and declarative configuration (no code!), Zenkraft brings the functionality of 60+ global shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS to the platform, natively.


The Problem

Traditionally connecting USPS and FedEx functionality for labeling and tracking would represent an IT integration project.  Because Litify and Zenkraft are built on the same platform, both solutions can empower business users to configure the application with clicks, no code access needed.


The Solution

Zenkraft brings mailroom functionality into ‘Matters’ in Litify, allowing the generation of mailers from workflow, and immediately associating the cost of mailers back to a ‘Matter’.  

Simply by sending a mailer to a Litify Contact, Zenkraft automatically creates a cost line item under the related ‘Matter’.  Zenkraft also provides status updates as the mailers are delivered; any user can see when a package was sent and delivered, or better yet, build powerful workflow actions to assist with faster client on-boarding.

Customer Story

We recently sat down with Marc Bloch, Practice Manager at Brooks Injury Law, to discuss the effect implemented Litify and Zenkraft had on the firm. 

Why did you choose to use Zenkraft and Litify?

We chose Litify because it is the most sophisticated, customizable, forward-thinking case management system out there.  We chose Zenkraft because we had a history of using e-postage software with other case management systems, and Litify’s implementation partner, Brio, highly recommended Zenkraft and said it was the best Salesforce-compatible solution out there for electronic postage integration.

Where did you see value in using them?

We are always looking for ways to do things faster and more efficiently.  Having a platform like Litify that can integrate with so many different solutions has proven invaluable in that regard.  With the Multi-Carrier tool from Zenkraft, we can quickly print the postage and recipient information for any carrier we need.  Employees have raved about how easy this makes their lives.

Were you able to onboard more clients in less time using these two platform solutions?

Yes.  Because they work seamlessly with one another, we can do everything we need to do for a new client without ever leaving our Litify screen.  We save time by not having to bounce between different software platforms. Platforms that do not integrate with one another always result in more manual labor (and hence, more cost) on our end.

How did you track each shipment before using Zenkraft?

Manually.  We would type in the tracking # into our old case management software and have to go to FedEx or the postal service online to manually enter tracking numbers.

Has the Zenkraft/Litify integration allowed you greater control over shipping costs? 

YES.  I would be afraid to know how much money was lost in shipping costs when employees would not enter their postage expenses.  Now, thanks to Litify and Zenkraft, we don’t have to enter them. The software does it for us automatically. This is saving us thousands of dollars annually.

Was there an efficiency gain in using Zenkraft?

Yes, I hate doing mailings but with Zenkraft, it takes such little effort that I don’t mind.  Fewer keystrokes = more employee productivity (and, just as importantly, more employee happiness).

If you were to send a document to the wrong address/person, what is the impact?  Did you see a reduction in error when you started using Zenkraft?

Depending on the document, there are potentially huge implications.  If we miss a deadline, it can have a significant adverse impact on a client’s case.  Because Zenkraft pulls addresses from Litify automatically and can also validate those addresses, we have not had any mail bounce back due to our error since we began using Zenkraft.