Shipping Notifications on Commerce Cloud

Published on 03 September 2019 in salesforce commerce-cloud 

Inform customers in an instant

Say goodbye to email shipping notifications sitting unopened in customer inboxes. Zenkraft has added real-time shipping notification support to our Commerce Cloud cartridge. This enables the notifications to be sent directly from the carrier to your customer. Instead, customers who have agreed to receive WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS text messages will be able to immediately see the latest delivery status on the messaging app of their choice.



The process is simple: the customer just needs to enter their phone number into the shipping notifications section during the check-out process. Then, the customer will receive a message like "Order #034090 is out for delivery with FedEx today” that includes a link to your tracking page. This will allow for quicker and more efficient communication between your company and customers. This level of communication from your company can strengthen the relationship with your customer and may even be able to salvage it in the case of a delay. According to DigitalCommerce360, 98% of consumers said delivery is a key part of their brand loyalty. This shows that enhancing the level of communication during delivery could only put your brand's product delivery over the top.



Consumers đź’™ messaging

WhatsApp alone has 1.5 billion monthly active users who send 65 billion messages per day. That is approximately 20% of the Earth’s population!

You may think that these users don't want to communicate with your brand via SMS or messaging apps. After all, these apps are their escape from spam that comes through email. It's how they communicate with their friends, not a platform for engaging with a business, right? Wrong! According to a survey by Twilio, 9 out of 10 consumers want to communicate with businesses through a messaging system. When communicating with brands through a messaging system, 47% prefer native SMS, 21% prefer Facebook Messenger, 18% prefer WhatsApp, and the remaining 14% prefer another messaging app.

Unsurprisingly, the “iPhone generation” are huge fans of communicating with brands via messenger. So pay close attention to this trend if your brand caters to millennials. 


Alexa, where’s my stuff?

Did you know that approximately 53 million people in the US own smart speakers? The same survey (The Spring 2019 Smart Audio Report) reports that almost 70% of these smart speaker owners use this device daily! This is a large group of people, and that’s just in the United States! 

Zenkraft can help your brand engage with this audience! As part of the integration, Zenkraft will support shipping notifications via your smart speaker. Simply say, “ Alexa, Where is my XYZ company shipment?” and the device will update you on your package’s delivery status.



Build better relationships

According to a survey by Slice Intelligence, two of the biggest online shopping frustrations are packages being left on doorsteps and waiting for delivery.


We've all been there: we're waiting for that last-minute birthday or Christmas gift, and we end up stuck at home for hours when we'd rather be doing something else. Don’t leave your customers in the dark. Communication can go a long way during the delivery period. 

Zenkraft’s real-time shipping notifications are a great fit for a company that is looking to reduce the stress associated with package delivery and, in turn, build trust with customers.


Can you afford to outsource delivery communication?

Building strong customer relationships is extremely important, but the biggest advantage of our new addition to the Commerce Cloud cartridge is increased revenue. With an SMS open rate of 90%, compared to 20% for emails, the likelihood of consumers clicking through to your branded tracking page will increase dramatically. This means more clicks on your Einstein suggested advertisements. 

Retailers spend millions driving traffic to their website, but outsourcing delivery communications to their logistics providers could be costing your brand millions in lost revenue. Why spend money driving traffic to the logistic provider’s site instead of yours?

"To keep up with consumers, brands must adopt messaging as a channel and begin communicating with customers in the same way people communicate with each other," says Manav Khurana, vice president of product marketing at Twilio. Only 48% have systems in place to communicate with customers via messenger. We don't want your brand to be left behind.