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Bulk Shipping From a List View in Salesforce

Published on 2016-12-13 by Adrian Miotto

Today we are going to create shipments in bulk from the Contacts list view. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to add a button to the contacts list view as you can see here: This will take you to the preview and bulk processing page here: Once the shipments have been […]

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How to Create a Shipment off a Trigger on Salesforce

Published on 2016-12-06 by Adrian Miotto

Here we will show you how you can create a shipment directly via a trigger on your Account object. For this example we will use our UPS app with our ShipAutomate product. First, set up a trigger on your account object. This trigger will run each time the account is updated. The trigger calls this […]

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Part 1 of 3: How we created a Pick and Pack station on Salesforce

Published on 2016-11-22 by 1

Recently, we built a Pick and Pack station inside Salesforce for one of our customers. We really believe in the potential value it can add to user interactions, which is why we’ve decided to share pieces of how this could work for your business. We’ve created two blog posts to explain how this works. It is also worth mentioning that this […]

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New UPS version 3.10 Released

Published on 2016-11-17 by 1

We’ve been working on our UPS app and added some new great features based on your feedback: Added ability to edit package profiles “Delivered to” and “Signed For By” Tracking Information added to shipment object 3 address lines now available for shipment destinations Phone number format maintained through One Click Shipping One Click Shipping to […]

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