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Dreamforce Commerce Demo Jam

Published on 30 October 2019 by in salesforce ecommerce 

Mark your calendars! You don't want to miss watching five of the best Salesforce Commerce apps compete for a prize!

What's Demo Jam?

A game show style event, hosted by Salesforce MVPs Rebe De La Paz and Roy Gilad, where five Salesforce partners will each do a 3 minute "no fluff" live demo of their product. 

No slides, power point, or video allowed! 

The winner will be decided by a live vote from those in the audience. 

When and Where?

Thursday 11/21 at 1:00 PM PT in the App Exchange Theater. 


The 5 participants are:

- Zenkraft - Shipping, Tracking and Returns in Salesforce

Justin Chacko, Customer Success Manager

- Adyen-  All-in-one payments platform that grows your business from day one.

Joe Caraballo, Strategic Partnerships

- Bloomreach - Headless experience cloud to build unique digital experiences and grow faster.

Tom Washek, Solutions Consultant

- CloudSense - Helping customer-centric companies across the globe reinvent the way they sell and deliver for their customers.

Mustafa Oyumi, VP Industry Solutions

- SessionM - Turns everyday customer data into exceptional customer experiences to increase incremental behavior


We hope you will join us for what will surely be a great event! 

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5 Can't Miss Dreamforce Sessions for Manufacturers

Published on 29 October 2019 by in salesforce 

Dreamforce will have 80+ sessions that focus on the manufacturing industry. Here are the 5 manufacturing sessions the Zenkraft team is most excited about! 

5 Hacks for Optimizing the Sales Process

What is it? - Daniel Incandela, CMO of Conga, details how his team creates strong relationships during the sales process. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This is a great opportunity for sales professionals to sharpen their skills. Walk away with 5 tips for developing a relationship with prospects that is more than a transactional one. 

5 Steps B2B Marketers Should Take to Implement Successful Customer Journeys

What is it? - Cori Landwehr, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience at Watkins Wellness, will speak about how her company partners with dealers to grow their business. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session allows B2B marketers to compare their current marketing efforts with Watkins Wellness'. Leave this session knowing what areas of the customer journey your brand could improve. 

Improve Sales & Operations Planning w/ Rootstock Cloud ERP + Manufacturing Cloud

What is it? - David Stephans, CRO of Rootstock Software, details how pairing Manufacturing Cloud and Rootstock Cloud ERP can improve your company's manufacturing processes. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - The recent launch of Manufacturing Cloud is an exciting leap into a new vertical for Salesforce. Take this opportunity to learn how this pair of solutions can drive better business outcomes by integrating ERP and CRM.


Michelin Uses Data To Revolutionize Customer Engagement

What is it? - Candace Cluck, VP Consumer Experience & Engagement at Michelin, will speak about how Michelin has used lessons from the B2C space to sell to B2B customers!

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session is a can't-miss opportunity to learn from a brand that has been in business for over a century. You will walk away from this session with an in-depth look at how Michelin approaches the customer lifecycle. 


Maximize Case Deflection with Flows and Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

What is it? - So a comedian and a magician walk into a Dreamforce Session (who are also Community Cloud experts). Eric, the comedian, and Laurent, the magician of the dynamic duo, will speak about building an incredible digital experience for your customers using Community Cloud.

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session is a great way to avoid stumbling blocks and mistakes other companies went through. Learn lessons about implementing Community Cloud without having to learn them the hard way. 

BONUS for Manufacturers- Unwind at Dreamforce

What is it? - A networking event with your manufacturing peers taking place on November 21st from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Why is it a can't-miss? - This is going to be a great event where you can exchange ideas with colleagues while enjoying a beer at this beautiful venue in San Fransisco's vibrant Union Square!

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5 Can't Miss Life Sciences Dreamforce Sessions

Published on 24 October 2019 by in salesforce 

Working in the life sciences industry is a different ball game. That's why the Zenkraft team took the time to compile this list of the 5 Can't-Miss Life Sciences Dreamforce Sessions. 

Future of Life Sciences: Mobilize Intelligent Sales

What is it? - Representatives from Philips (Beth Gates, Peter Sutton, and Renee DiNardo) will detail how they are getting the most out of their sales team. 

Why is it a can't miss? - You will leave this session prepared to transform the way your sales team operates. Philips will walk attendees through the Salesforce features that are helping their teams thrive. 

Validating Einstein Vision for use in the Healthcare and Life Science Industry

What is it? - Rosalind Beasley, CEO of ROQMetrics, will give a Salesforce Einstein Vision tutorial. 

Why is it a can't miss? - Mrs. Beasley is an expert in digital transformation in highly regulated industries. Attending this session lead by an Einstein Vision expert, who is familiar with FDA principles of software validation, will set your organization up for success with this Salesforce solution. 

Innovating for Healthcare and Life Sciences: A Practitioner’s Perspective

What is it? - SomaVenkata GopiNathreddy (Director of Enterprise Architecture, Johnson & Johnson) and Jennifer Turcotte (Pharma/Med Device Industry - Go To Market, Salesforce) will speak about innovating for the future of healthcare. 

Why is it a can't miss? - Hear about designing "fail-safe" innovation experiments. As we all know, individuals are averse to change. So showing your organization that you can design innovative initiatives (that have a manageable downside) will help you push change in your organization. 

Bayer: Connecting Sales and Marketing with Veeva and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is it? - Gerhard Arnhofer, Ted Castellon, and Paul Shawah will detail how they have paired Veeva Commercial Cloud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to improve their sales processes. 

Why is it a can't miss? - This is a great opportunity to dive into Veeva's industry-specific solution.  In highly regulated industries like life sciences/healthcare, identifying industry-specific solutions can be a game-changer. 

How Avanos Medical Improved CX with Integrated Platform & Multi-Cloud Strategy

What is it? - Raj Basak and Steven Zalogoa from Avanos will speak about building an enterprise-wide integrated cloud platform with the help of PwC

Why is it a can't miss? - Transforming your global business operations is no small task. Transforming your business operations while maintaining a high level of customer experience is an even larger task. 


See you at Dreamforce! 

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5 Can't Miss Dreamforce Sessions for Retailers

Published on 22 October 2019 by in salesforce 

With nearly 100 retail sessions at Dreamforce deciding which sessions to attend can be daunting. To help retailers make these tough decisions we created a list of  5 Can't-Miss Dreamforce Retail Sessions!

How Adidas is Ultraboosting the B2B Experience with a Digital-First Approach

What is it? Parag Parekh, VP of Global Digital Sales of Adidas, details how Adidas uses Salesforce to launch sites with a localized customer experience in 31 countries.

Why is it a can't-miss? There aren't many companies with more global commerce experience in the sportswear vertical than Adidas. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from an executive of the 2nd largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Forrester Revealing the Costs, Benefits, and ROI of B2B Commerce

What is it? Joe Cicman, Sr. Analyst at Forrester, will talk about the ROI 4 current Salesforce B2B Commerce customers have seen and how your company can see similar results.

Why is it a can't-miss? A great opportunity for B2B brands to learn how to provide a customer experience more like that of a B2C brand using Salesforce B2B Commerce. 

How Luxury Reseller, The RealReal is Innovating B2C and B2B Experiences

What is it? Sara Brooks (Sr. Director of Lifecycle Marketing at The RealReal), Maria Hoyt (Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce),and JR Linne (Director - Retail Industry Solutions at Salesforce) will detail how the RealReal has succeeded in creating personalized shopping journeys for B2B and B2C customers.

Why is it a can't-miss? The RealReal is an innovator in both the B2B and B2C customer experience space. Walk away with the latest insights into growing your business with Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Sales Cloud.

Design a Better Customer Experience: Learn the 5 Steps You Need to Take

What is it? - Marlene Garcia (Director of Sales Systems  at United Airlines) , Greg Moore (Sr. Mgr of Sales Systems at United Airlines) , and Regan Roby (Director, Product Marketing Salesforce) will speak about redesigning your customer experience to meet evolving customer expectations. 

Why is it a can't-miss? - This session will outline a 5 step process to redesign your digital experience to constantly stay ahead of evolving customer expectations. 

Shopping at the Edge: Exploring the Behaviors and Expectations of 10,000 Global Consumers 

What is it? Ann Marie Aviles (Sr. Marketing Associate, Industry Strategy & Insights at Salesforce) and Kelly Borter (Sr. Corporate Marketing Manager at Salesforce) will speak about insights gleaned from 10,000 consumers about the marketing methods they find the least intrusive. 

Why is it a can't-miss? Make sure you are interacting to your customers where they want to interact with you.  This carefully compiled research will leave you prepared to do just that!

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Zenkraft at Dreamforce 2019

Published on 21 October 2019 by in salesforce 

Guess who's back?

Zenkraft is sponsoring our 8th straight Dreamforce! Our team is excited to land in San Francisco. James Lumb (CEO of Zenkraft and Mike Getchis (US General Manager) will both be among the 170,000+ in attendance for the premier event in tech. 

Customer Success Expo

During the expo, our team will be stationed at booth #1915 conveniently located near the Commerce Theatre in the Dreamforce Campground. We hope you will come by to see us.

Drop by booth #1915 to:

- See our products in action - No matter which Salesforce Cloud you're using, we can help you ship from Salesforce.
- Hear about product updates - We are constantly refining and improving our products. This year we added branded tracking, self-service returns, and 20 carriers.
- Grab some awesome giveaways - Take home some Zenkraft gear.
- Meet with us - Swing by our booth or contact us to set up a meeting.

The Dreamforce Campground will be open:

- 9:00 am–7:00 pm on Tuesday

- 9:00 am–5:00 pm  on Wednesday 

- 10:00 am–5:00 pm on Thursday 

- 10:00 am- 2:00 pm on Friday 

Ain't No Party Like a Dreamforce Party

You aren't getting the full Dreamforce experience if you don't attend a party or two!

Members of the Dreamforce team will be attending Roostock's Unwind at Dreamforce event on November 21.

We hope to see you there, drinking a beer and bonding with your peers in the manufacturing industry!


Demo Jam

In addition to participating in the Customer Success Expo, Zenkraft will also compete in the Commerce App Demo Jam on Thursday! The Commerce App Demo Jam will be hosted by Salesforce MVPs Rebe De La Paz and Roy Gilad and will take place in the App Exchange Theater at 1:00 PM PT. The competition will pit five Salesforce partners against each other to see who has the best 3 minute "no fluff" demo. 

The 5 participants are:

- Zenkraft - Shipping, Tracking and Returns in Salesforce

- Adyen- All-in-one payments platform that grows your business from day one.

- Bloomreach - Headless experience cloud to build unique digital experiences and grow faster.

- CloudSense - Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Product Catalog, Order Management, Pricing Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and eCommerce.

- SessionM - Turns everyday customer data into exceptional customer experiences to increase incremental behavior

The winner will be decided by those in the audience. We hope you will be in attendance and help Zenkraft walk away with a prize!  

If you'd like to schedule a private meeting to discuss how our native solution can benefit your company , please contact Mike ( to reserve a meeting room. 

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