5 Can't Miss Life Sciences Dreamforce Sessions

Published on 24 October 2019 in salesforce 

Working in the life sciences industry is a different ball game. That's why the Zenkraft team took the time to compile this list of the 5 Can't-Miss Life Sciences Dreamforce Sessions. 

Future of Life Sciences: Mobilize Intelligent Sales

What is it? - Representatives from Philips (Beth Gates, Peter Sutton, and Renee DiNardo) will detail how they are getting the most out of their sales team. 

Why is it a can't miss? - You will leave this session prepared to transform the way your sales team operates. Philips will walk attendees through the Salesforce features that are helping their teams thrive. 

Validating Einstein Vision for use in the Healthcare and Life Science Industry

What is it? - Rosalind Beasley, CEO of ROQMetrics, will give a Salesforce Einstein Vision tutorial. 

Why is it a can't miss? - Mrs. Beasley is an expert in digital transformation in highly regulated industries. Attending this session lead by an Einstein Vision expert, who is familiar with FDA principles of software validation, will set your organization up for success with this Salesforce solution. 

Innovating for Healthcare and Life Sciences: A Practitioner’s Perspective

What is it? - SomaVenkata GopiNathreddy (Director of Enterprise Architecture, Johnson & Johnson) and Jennifer Turcotte (Pharma/Med Device Industry - Go To Market, Salesforce) will speak about innovating for the future of healthcare. 

Why is it a can't miss? - Hear about designing "fail-safe" innovation experiments. As we all know, individuals are averse to change. So showing your organization that you can design innovative initiatives (that have a manageable downside) will help you push change in your organization. 

Bayer: Connecting Sales and Marketing with Veeva and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is it? - Gerhard Arnhofer, Ted Castellon, and Paul Shawah will detail how they have paired Veeva Commercial Cloud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to improve their sales processes. 

Why is it a can't miss? - This is a great opportunity to dive into Veeva's industry-specific solution.  In highly regulated industries like life sciences/healthcare, identifying industry-specific solutions can be a game-changer. 

How Avanos Medical Improved CX with Integrated Platform & Multi-Cloud Strategy

What is it? - Raj Basak and Steven Zalogoa from Avanos will speak about building an enterprise-wide integrated cloud platform with the help of PwC

Why is it a can't miss? - Transforming your global business operations is no small task. Transforming your business operations while maintaining a high level of customer experience is an even larger task. 


See you at Dreamforce!