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Managing Users

Add users to Manage Licenses

Sandbox Users: This step does not apply. Salesforce does not allow 'Manage Users' in Sandbox

Any Salesforce user within your organization can be assigned a license to access Shipmate FedEx to create, track and manage shipments. To assign licenses, you must be a Salesforce Administrator or have the permission Manage Package Licenses.

  1. Navigate to Setup | Installed Packages
  2. Click Manage Licenses
  3. Click Add Users
  4. Select the desired users by checking their name
  5. Click Add

Shipmate for FedEx will be accessible in the Force.com Apps dropdown menu for each user with an assigned license.

Register Users with FedEx

After the user has been allocated a license, they will need to Register their Salesforce profile with the FedEx account, and Subscribe. Note: your administrator may need to add the Register and Subscribe FedEx Account buttons to the page layout.

  1. Navigate to FedEx Shipmate Preferences tab
  2. Open the FedEx Shipmate Preference the user needs to use
  3. Near the top of the page, click the Register button
  4. On the next page, click the Register button
  5. You should see a message from FedEx "Success"
  6. Click Back to Previous Page
  7. Click Subscribe FedEx Account
  8. On the next page click Subscribe
  9. You should see a message "Success: Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed your FedEx account number."

This user will now be able to create shipments on this FedEx Shipmate Preference, if this hasn't been done then you might receive an error like this one "All your Shipmate Preferences are incorrect".

Next step is to set up automatic tracking for all of your shipments.