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Australia Post Implementation Guide


Generate labels, electronic trade documents and special services as well as tracking and manifesting.


In order to create a Preference for Australia Post in the Multi-carrier application please obtain the credentials below directly from the carrier. Typically this information is obtainable from your carrier account manager or your internal logistics team.

How to Test

If you don't have your live credentials available during implementation phase, Zenkraft can provide test credentials. Click on the Use Test Account toggle and select the Test Account Country from the dropdown.

Service Types

Service Types Value Description
PARCEL POST + SIGNATURE parcel_post_w_signature - Copy
EXPRESS POST + SIGNATURE express_post_w_signature - Copy
EXPRESS EPARCEL POST RETURNS express_post_return - Copy
EPARCEL POST RETURNS post_return - Copy
INTL ECONOMY W SOD/ REGD POST international_economy_w_sod - Copy
INTL STANDARD/PACK & TRACK international_standard - Copy
INT'L STANDARD WITH SIGNATURE international_standard_w_signature - Copy
INTL EXPRESS MERCH/ECI MERCH international_express_merch - Copy
INTL EXPRESS DOCS/ECI DOCS international_express_docs - Copy
INTL ECONOMY/AIRMAIL PARCELS international_economy - Copy
INTL ECONOMY/AIRMAIL PARCELS international_economy - Copy
APGL NZ EXPRESS apgl_nz_expres - Copy
APGL NZ EXPRESS W/SIGNATURE apgl_nz_expres_w_signature - Copy
On Demand Now now - Copy
On Demand Now - ID Req nowid - Copy
On Demand Afternoon aft - Copy
On Demand Afternoon - ID Req aftid - Copy
On Demand Tonight ton - Copy
On Demand Tonight - ID Req tonid - Copy
On Demand Saturday sat - Copy
On Demand Saturday - ID Req satid - Copy
EPARCEL 1 eparcel_1 - Copy
EXPRESS POST EPARCEL express_post_eparcel - Copy
EXPRESS POST SATCHELS express_post_satchels - Copy
APGL WW apgl_ww - Copy
PARCEL POST XL 1 parcel_post_xl_1 - Copy
EPARCEL POST WINE + SIGNATURE eparcel_post_wine_signature - Copy

Packaging Types

Packaging Types Value
Your Packaging your_packaging Copy

Label Types

The available label formats can be usually grouped into two types: thermal and non-thermal labels.

Label Types Value


Australia Post requires you to manifest your shipments before you deliver them to your pickup driver or you drop them off for shipping. There are two methods to do this:

  1. One by one
  2. In Bulk

If you are a high volume shipper it is recommended you manifest in bulk.

One by one

When creating a Australia Post Shipment make sure that you do NOT select the special service called Manifest In Bulk, and just create the shipment normally. The shipment will be manifested instantly.

In Bulk

If you will be manifesting in bulk you first need to create a new custom field on the Zenkraft Shipment record. Please make it a checkbox field and name it Manifested.

When creating a Australia Post Shipment make sure that you DO select the special service called Manifest In Bulk. This means you will need to use the manifesting button on the preference to manifest these at the end of the day.

Once you are ready to manifest your shipments at the end of the day you need to go the the Australia Post Shipping Preference, and then click on the Manifest button.

The first time you get to this page, please set it up as you see in the screen below, and click on the save button.

Then you can click on the Get Manifest button to generate the manifest, and print it out.

If you have received an error such as "The manifest is taking a long time to generate please try again later.", if you wait for a few minutes and click on the "View Old Manifests" button at the bottom of the page you will then get the list of generated manifests that you are then able to manifest.

Error Messages

In this section you can find the most common error messages, what they mean and how to solve them.

Post code/address incorrect error

Australia Post uses a fix list of City-Postcode pairings, which you can find in this document.

Common Questions

In this section you can find our most commonly asked questions regarding this carrier. If you have a question not listed here please contact us.

How can the CN22/CN23 document be produced?

When creating an international shipment the CN22/CN23 document will automatically be added to the shipping label for you. An example is below:

Which countries can I ship to using the test/demo servers?

For testing please use NZ, GB, US, CN as the test environment was only set up with a few countries for testing purposes.

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