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Colissimo Implementation Guide


Generate labels, electronic trade documents and special services as well as tracking and manifesting.


In order to create a Preference for Colissimo in the Multi-carrier application please obtain the credentials below directly from the carrier. Typically this information is obtainable from your carrier account manager or your internal logistics team.

Colissimo does not have a concept of a test environment. Therefore you will need your production credentials to get started!

Service Types

Service Types Value Description
France - Home - without signature fr_home_without_signature - Copy
France - Home - with signature fr_home_with_signature - Copy
France - Out Of Home – at Post Office fr_out_of_home_at_post_office - Copy
France - Out Of Home –at Pickup points or Pickup Station lockers fr_out_of_home_at_pickup_points_or_pickup_station_lockers - Copy
France - Return France fr_return_france - Copy
France - Flash – without signature fr_flash_without_signature - Copy
France - Flash – with signature fr_flash_with_signature - Copy
International Expert i_expert - Copy
International - Home - without signature i_home_without_signature - Copy
International - Home - with signature i_home_with_signature - Copy
International - Out Of Home – at Post Office i_out_of_home_at_post_office - Copy
International - Return i_return - Copy
Overseas - Home - without signature o_home_without_signature - Copy
Overseas - Home - with signature o_home_with_signature - Copy
Eco OM eco_om - Copy
Retour/Return OM retour_return_om - Copy
Economical Big Export offer economical_big_export_offer - Copy
Out Of Home – at pickup point out_of_home_at_pickup_point - Copy
Out Of Home – at Pickup Station lockers - Except France and Belgium out_of_home_at_pickup_station_lockers_except_france_and_belgium - Copy

Packaging Types

Packaging Types Value
Your Packaging your_packaging Copy

Label Types

The available label formats can be usually grouped into two types: thermal and non-thermal labels.

Label Types Value
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