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PostNord Implementation Guide


Generate labels, electronic trade documents and special services as well as tracking and manifesting.


In order to create a Preference for PostNord in the Multi-carrier application please obtain the credentials below directly from the carrier. Typically this information is obtainable from your carrier account manager or your internal logistics team.

NOTE: The account number is the Production Customer Number. If you do not have this information please reach out to your PostNord representative.

PostNord does not have a concept of a test environment. Therefore you will need your production credentials to get started!

Service Types

Service Types Value Description
Tracked Letters dk_04 - Copy
Ändrat förfogande se_5 - Copy
Påminnelseavgift se_6 - Copy
DPD no_7 - Copy
Kopia på kvittens se_7 - Copy
Tilläggsförsäkring Pall.ETT se_8 - Copy
Tilläggsförsäkring DPD se_9 - Copy
Lastbärare se_10 - Copy
Posten Varubrev Ekonomi se_11 - Copy
Pickup Request dk_12 - Copy
PostNord Parcel se_15 - Copy
Mypack Home dk_17 - Copy
MyPack Home fi_17 - Copy
MyPack Home no_17 - Copy
PostNord MyPack Home se_17 - Copy
PostNord Parcel dk_18 - Copy
PostNord Parcel fi_18 - Copy
Parcel no_18 - Copy
PostNord Parcel se_18 - Copy
Mypack Collect dk_19 - Copy
MyPack Collect fi_19 - Copy
MyPack Collect no_19 - Copy
PostNord MyPack Collect se_19 - Copy
Return Pickup dk_20 - Copy
Return Pickup se_20 - Copy
Företagspaket Ekonomi Förbet. se_21 - Copy
PostNord Return Pickup se_22 - Copy
Return DropOff dk_24 - Copy
Return Drop Off fi_24 - Copy
Return Drop Off no_24 - Copy
PostNord Return Drop Off se_24 - Copy
Postpaket se_25 - Copy
Postpaket Kontant se_27 - Copy
SverigePaket se_28 - Copy
Mypack Home Small dk_30 - Copy
MyPack Home Small (Parcel Letter) no_30 - Copy
MyPack Home Small se_30 - Copy
MyPack Home no_32 - Copy
International Tracked Varubrev se_34 - Copy
Företagspaket 09.00, (Förbet.) se_35 - Copy
Tompallsdistribution se_37 - Copy
Kartong med porto se_38 - Copy
Express Next Day no_42 - Copy
Expresspaket se_42 - Copy
Express Global Plus se_43 - Copy
Tracked Letters dk_44 - Copy
Bud distributionslösningar se_44 - Copy
Brevpostförskott Inrikes se_45 - Copy
Kinarek se_46 - Copy
EMS International Express se_47 - Copy
InNight dk_48 - Copy
InNight fi_48 - Copy
InNight no_48 - Copy
InNight se_48 - Copy
InNight Reverse fi_49 - Copy
InNight Reverse se_49 - Copy
Företagspaket Comeback se_51 - Copy
Pallet Pickup dk_52 - Copy
PostNord Pallett fi_52 - Copy
Pallet no_52 - Copy
PostNord Pallet se_52 - Copy
PALL.ETT Special se_53 - Copy
PALL.ETT+ se_54 - Copy
Postnord Dagbud se_55 - Copy
InNight Forwarding se_58 - Copy
Retail Delivery fi_59 - Copy
Retail Delivery se_59 - Copy
Innight late arival, and destribution dk_69 - Copy
InNight Systemtransporter se_69 - Copy
Home small no_72 - Copy
Posten Varubrev 1:a klass se_75 - Copy
Extern produkt TNT se_76 - Copy
Extern produkt FedEx se_77 - Copy
Posten Varubrev Klimatek se_78 - Copy
Posten Varubrev Ekonomi se_79 - Copy
DPD MAX se_80 - Copy
Lokal Åkeritjänst - Pall se_81 - Copy
Lokal Åkeritjänst - Paket se_82 - Copy
Groupage dk_83 - Copy
PostNord Groupage fi_83 - Copy
Groupage no_83 - Copy
PostNord Groupage se_83 - Copy
Road Freight Europe se_84 - Copy
PostNord Part Loads fi_85 - Copy
Part- /Full Loads no_85 - Copy
PostNord Part Loads se_85 - Copy
Posten Varubrev 1:a klass se_86 - Copy
Posten Varubrev Retur se_87 - Copy
DPD se_88 - Copy
EMS dk_91 - Copy
International Parcel se_91 - Copy
Import-Ekonomipaket se_92 - Copy
eCIP Collect se_93 - Copy
eCIP Home se_94 - Copy
Parcel Post Home dk_95 - Copy
Postpaket Utrikes se_95 - Copy
eCIP Return se_96 - Copy
Parcel Post Collect dk_97 - Copy
Import-UPU se_97 - Copy
Import-EPG se_98 - Copy
Domestic Road fi_99 - Copy
Internpostservice se_99 - Copy
TestData se_123 - Copy
Brevpostförskott se_AF - Copy
Test se_AF - Copy
Skicka Lätt se_AP - Copy
EMS se_ED - Copy
EMS se_EE - Copy
EMS se_EM - Copy
Bulk se_IB - Copy
EMS Import se_IE - Copy
Importrek från Kina se_IK - Copy
REK Import se_IR - Copy
Värde Import se_IV - Copy
Expressbrev Import se_IX - Copy
Kundretur utrikes se_LU - Copy
Expressbrev se_LX - Copy
Spårbart brev se_LY - Copy
Hemleverans se_PA - Copy
Postkod Lotteriet se_PL - Copy
Frimärksleverans se_RF - Copy
RK se_RK - Copy
RL se_RL - Copy
Rek se_RP - Copy
Rek se_RR - Copy
Värde skjutvapen RPS se_VS - Copy
Värde se_VV - Copy
Skicka Hem se_AJ - Copy
Skicka Hem dk_AJ - Copy
Skicka Hem no_AJ - Copy
Skicka Hem fi_AJ - Copy

Packaging Types

Packaging Types Value
Box box Copy
Envelope envelope Copy
Parcel parcel Copy
Parcel Eur parcel_eur Copy
Pallet Half pallet_half Copy
Pallet Quarter pallet_quarter Copy
Pallet Special pallet_special Copy
Cage Roll cage_roll Copy

Label Types

The available label formats can be usually grouped into two types: thermal and non-thermal labels.

Label Types Value
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