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SF Express Implementation Guide


Generate labels, use special services and track shipments.


To setup a SF Express preference you need to know your Username (required) and Password (required) and Account Number (required) and Tax Account Number (optional, for shipping from HK to Mainland China) and Order Certification Type (optional, for shipping from HK to China-Taiwan) and Order Certification Number. If you do not have these details already please contact your SF Express representative and they will be able to help you set this up.

SF Express does not have a concept of a test environment. Therefore you will need your production credentials to get started!

Service Types

Service Types Value Description
Standard express standard_express - Copy
S.F. economy s_f_economy - Copy
E-commerce economy e_commerce_economy - Copy
4-day delivery (cancelled) 4_day_delivery_cancelled - Copy
S.F. next-morning delivery s_f_next_morning_delivery - Copy
S.F. same-day delivery s_f_same_day_delivery - Copy
E-commerce express e_commerce_express - Copy
SF Russia Small Package (Ordinary Mail) sf_russia_small_package_ordinary_mail - Copy
SF Russia Small Package (Registered) sf_russia_small_package_registered - Copy
Normal Temperature Delivery of Pharmaceuticals normal_temperature_delivery_of_pharmaceuticals - Copy
Temperature-controlled Delivery of Pharmaceuticals temperature_controlled_delivery_of_pharmaceuticals - Copy
Logistics Cargo Service logistics_cargo_service - Copy
Cold Chain Transportation and Home Delivery cold_chain_transportation_and_home_delivery - Copy
Fresh Product Delivery Service fresh_product_delivery_service - Copy
Express Delivery Service for Crabs express_delivery_service_for_crabs - Copy
Auto Main Line auto_main_line - Copy
Auto Transportation auto_transportation - Copy
SF Global sf_global - Copy
Special express train special_express_train - Copy
Pharmaceutical Package (normal temperature) pharmaceutical_package_normal_temperature - Copy
Pharmaceutical Package (temperature-control) pharmaceutical_package_temperature_control - Copy
International Economy Express – Doc international_economy_express_doc - Copy
International Economy Express – Parcel B international_economy_express_parcel_b - Copy
International Economy Express – Parcel D international_economy_express_parcel_d - Copy
SF Global Bonded sf_global_bonded - Copy
SF Global Business Agent sf_global_business_agent - Copy
E-commerce Special Delivery e_commerce_special_delivery - Copy
Russia E-commerce Special Delivery russia_e_commerce_special_delivery - Copy
Convenient Box/ Bag No. 3 convenient_box_bag_no_3 - Copy
Convenient Box/ Bag convenient_box_bag - Copy
Convenient Box/ Bag No. 2 convenient_box_bag_no_2 - Copy
In-island Express in_island_express - Copy
SF Same-Day Delivery 2200 sf_same_day_delivery_2200 - Copy
Supplies Delivery supplies_delivery - Copy
Exchange Bills Special Delivery exchange_bills_special_delivery - Copy
WinLogis Special Delivery- Next Day winlogis_special_delivery_next_day - Copy
WinLogis Special Delivery- Third Day winlogis_special_delivery_third_day - Copy
In-island Express(110CM) in_island_express_110cm - Copy
In-island Express (140CM) in_island_express_140cm - Copy
In-island Express (170CM) in_island_express_170cm - Copy
In-island Express (210CM) in_island_express_210cm - Copy
In-island Express -Batch(80CM) in_island_express_batch_80cm - Copy
In-island Express -Batch (110CM) in_island_express_batch_110cm - Copy
In-island Express -Batch (140CM) in_island_express_batch_140cm - Copy
In-island Express -Batch (170CM) in_island_express_batch_170cm - Copy
In-island Express -Batch (210CM) in_island_express_batch_210cm - Copy
In-island Express-pickup in service point(80CM) in_island_express_pickup_in_service_point_80cm - Copy
In-island Express-pickup in service point (110CM) in_island_express_pickup_in_service_point_110cm - Copy
Easily Pickup-Document easily_pickup_document - Copy
Easily Pickup-Small Parcel easily_pickup_small_parcel - Copy
Easily Post-Small Parcel easily_post_small_parcel - Copy
SF Box No.3(Shop To Door) sf_box_no_3_shop_to_door - Copy
SF Box No.3(Shop To Shop) sf_box_no_3_shop_to_shop - Copy
SF Box No.5(Shop To Door) sf_box_no_5_shop_to_door - Copy
SF Box No.5(Shop To Shop) sf_box_no_5_shop_to_shop - Copy
SF Box No.6(Shop To Door) sf_box_no_6_shop_to_door - Copy
SF Box No.6(Shop To Shop) sf_box_no_6_shop_to_shop - Copy

Packaging Types

Packaging Types Value
Your Packaging your_packaging Copy

International Shipping

In this section you'll find the required or recommended fields and settings for international shipments.

Mandatory fields for Customs items

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Quantity Unit
  • Weight
  • Value

Label Types

The available label formats can be usually grouped into two types: thermal and non-thermal labels.

Label Types Value
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