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Chatter Setup

Shipmate starring Chatter lets your Multi-carrier shipments join the conversation. Using Chatter, you can follow any shipment and receive real-time tracking updates. To fully take advantage of this great feature, we highly recommend you also configure Schedule Tracking.

Note: If Chatter is already enabled in your Salesforce Org, then Chatter Tracking will already be activated. If Chatter has not been enabled, then follow the steps below.

1. Enabling Chatter

  1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Chatter | Settings
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select Enable
  4. Select Allow Emails so users can choose to receive email notifications about Salesforce Chatter updates (optional)
  5. Click Save

Note: Enabling Salesforce Chatter also enables the new user interface theme, which updates the look and feel of Salesforce.com.

2. Setting up Feed Tracking

  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking
  2. Select Shipment
  3. Select Enable Feed Tracking
  4. Select the following fields: Actual Delivery Date, Delivered, Last Track Update Time, Shipment Deleted, Status Description
  5. Click Save