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Custom Carriers

If you have courier companies you that have not yet been integrated directly with Zenkraft or that don't have any technology that allows that, you can still create shipments for them via the Wizard, Bulk and Invocable just like any other carriers.

To create a Custom Courier simply go to Shipmate Preferences and click on "New"

Select "Custom Carrier" and fill in at a minimum the required sections such as Shipping Address and Billing Address.

This section is not required but if you want to store any sort of information related to the carrier you can add it here.

The Custom Meta section is where you can set the package types, service types and reference fields you want to display. Click the button "Custom Meta Builder"

This first toggle allows you to set whether this custom carrier should be allowed to create multiple packages per shipment.

Next select the package types you want to be available by clicking on the Add button.

Please enter the name of the package, for example "Small Box", and then use the toggles to decide if you want to require weight and dimensions.

Next you need to select the Service Types. Click the Add button and then give each service type a name. Each row then has a picklist to say whether this should be shown for Domestic, International or All.

Finally you can select how many Reference fields this carrier can have.

Once completed you should see something similar to this screen.

These settings get saved automatically so just click the (x) at the top right of this model to save.

Don't forget to save the preference as well.

This carrier will now appear in your wizard, and you can start creating shipments.

FTP Upload

Some carriers will want you to upload your shipment information to their FTP sites.

You are able to set this up by using this section to create a daily schedule of when to do this.


Please contact us if you have any questions about this and we will be glad to help.