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Lightning Order Management Return Processing

Process returns with 60+ carriers including FedEx, UPS and DHL from Lightning Order Management


Install Multi-Carrier

To install, begin by going to the Salesforce AppExchange and finding the Multi-carrier for Salesforce listing. You can find the app through Search or by clicking this link.

Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination (sandbox or production). Multi-carrier for Salesforce can be installed in both Sandbox (does not expire) and Production (7 day trial) instantly. Click Continue.


Preference Setup

If you want to test the shipping functionality then we recommend using our test FedEx preference (this is because FedEx offers the most friendly test environment). By using this test preference you won't be charged for any of your test shipments.

You can add this by going to Zenkraft Settings and turning on Demo Mode and then clicking the "Create FedEx Test Preference" button.

Otherwise please do go ahead and add your own preferences. Make sure Demo mode is off though, otherwise you might see some authentication errors.


Create a lookup to the Fulfillment Order

Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Shipment

Click New under Custom Fields & Relationships

Select Lookup Relationship:

Select the Case object.

Click Next until the custom field is created and click Save.


Setup Custom Address Source with a Case

Creating a Custom Address Source will automatically pass your data into our Shipment object. Here is an example of some of the values you could set for a FedEx Return Ground shipment:

Field Value Type Value Field Docs
Name Text "Fulfillment Order Returns" View Docs
Object Lookup Field Lookup Fulfilment Order View Docs
Service Type Static Value fedex_ground
(you can view which service type
to use for each carrier by using the View Docs link)
View Docs
Package Type Static Value your_packaging
(you can view which package type
to use for each carrier by using the View Docs link)
View Docs
Shipment Type Static Value RETURN View Docs
Recipient Name Formula FulfilledToName View Docs
Company Name Formula Account.Name View Docs
Phone Formula FulfilledToPhone View Docs
Street Formula FulfilledToStreet View Docs
City Formula FulfilledToCity View Docs
State Formula FulfilledToName View Docs
Postal Code Formula FulfilledToPostalCode View Docs
Country Formula FulfilledToCountry View Docs

For the ultimate guide on the Custom Address source and all the values you can set please follow this link



Now it is time for you to test.

Go to a Fulfillment Order object, select any record on the object, you will now see a related list called ‘Shipments’. In the related list, you’ll see any created Shipments related to the Fulfillment Order object. Click on the New button and it will take you to the Shipment Wizard with all the fields filled out.

If you have any questions then please contact us and we will be happy to help.