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Purolator App Installation Guide

1. Go to the Purolator AppExchange Listing

To install, begin by going to the Salesforce AppExchange and finding the Shipmate – Purolator for Salesforce listing. You can find the app through Search or by clicking this link.

2. Click ‘Get it Now’

Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination. Shipmate – Purolator for Salesforce can be installed in both Sandbox and Production instantly. Click Continue.

You will be asked to enter your Salesforce username and password. In order to install any AppExchange package, you must either be a Salesforce Administrator or have the Download AppExchange Packages permission on your user profile. If neither is applicable, please contact your Salesforce Administrator to install this app.

3. Choose Production or Sandbox

4. Confirm Installation

Once you have entered your Salesforce username and password, you will see the Confirm Installation page. After reading, confirm by checking I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, then click Confirm and Install. You will have to verify your password one more time.