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Purolator International Shipping

1. Define your International Commodity Data

Prior to creating any international shipments, first define the commodity data which will be referenced when creating an international shipment. You can create one via section 8 of the Wizard by clicking the Create new button.

Definitions for the commodity/document list fields:

  1. Description: Unique description for the commodity.
  2. Quantity per Package: The number of this commodity that is within a single package in the units specified by Quantity Units.
  3. Quantity Units: The units used to specify the Quantity per Package.
  4. Country of Manufacture: The two letter country code for the country of manufacture.
  5. Weight per Unit: The weight of the commodity in the units specified by Weight Units and Quantity Units.
  6. Unit Price: The price of the commodity in the units specified by Currency and Quantity Units. This value will be multiplied by the Quantity per Package to obtain the per-package customs value.
  7. Harmonized Code: The harmonized code for the commodity (not required).
  8. Export License Number: The export license number for the commodity (not required).
  9. Export License Expiration Date: The expiration date for an export license.

Select International Options

Calculate Rates and Ship

Click Calculate Rates to get an estimate of the Purolator shipping charges.

Click Ship Now to generate the shipment record and label.