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Connect the scales

To set up your scales, make sure they are plugged in via USB and powered on.

You will be able to see the scale has been correctly recognised by opening the Zenkraft Shipmate Printer app, and clicking on the Scales tab as you can see here:

If you still don't see your scales listed in the app after pressing Refresh then, please log a case with Zenkraft support by emailing support@zenkraft.com and we will try and help you further.

Scales set up in Salesforce

Setting up multiple users to use their own scales is easily achievable via the "Manage Printers/Scales" button on each of the apps.

Just follow this link and you can set up your scales on a global, preference or user level, just like you do for printers.

There is one more setting that needs to be added, and thats on the shipment preference.

• Enable Scales - this must be checked for the scales option to appear within the wizard

• Auto Weigh Package - once checked, it will automatically get the weight from the scales once the package and service type have been selected

Using the scales in the wizard

Once you have your scales set up, when you get to the shipping Wizard you will see the scales you have set up, and if you need to get the weight of your package just click on the Get Weight button.