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USPS Endicia Preference


Testing Account

You can run our Multi Carrier app in Demo Mode to show the various features without having to use a Production USPS Endicia Account. 


There are two steps:

1. Turn On Demo Mode

Follow these 5 steps to turn on Demo mode.

1. Navigate to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings

2. Click Shipmate General Settings

3. Click Manage

4. Click New

5. Provide a Name and check Run Demo Mode


2. Create a Demo USPS Endicia Preference

1. Navigate to the Shipmate Preference tab

2. Click New Shipmate Preference

3. Create Select USPS - Endicia  from the Carrier Code picklist 

4. Fill in all the required fields
5. For the payment details use this test VISA credit card number for: 4111111111111111
6. Use any CVV number you want. For example: 123
7. Make sure you choose an expiry date that is in the future
8. Click Save


Note: Accounts that are DEMO start with 2******,  Live Accounts start with 1********


Once you account is set up you need to add "test" credit to your account. To do this click on the  "Endicia Account Status/Buy Postage" button on your newly created preference.

You will then see this screen where you can add some more credit to your account.




Production Accounts


Once you are happy with the functionality provided with your test account you can set up a live USPS Endicia account following the same steps as for the test account, but adding your real credit card number. Remember to turn Demo Mode off



If you already have a USPS - Endicia account , you can just add it using by selecting this toggle and adding your account number and passphrase.



If you forget your Pass Phrase you can always reset it using this link: https://www.endicia.com/support/forgot-passphrase/


Set up Endicia Auto-Purchase of Postage via Endicia.com

Endicia is a pre-paid service, set up auto-purchase of postage so that your Endicia account always has credit.

Log in to your Endicia.com account using your Account ID and Passphrase.

From the My Account tab, select Update Profile --> Auto-Purchase Settings

Select the Enable check box.

Select a Purchase Amount from the list.

Set your purchase Trigger Amount.

Click Continue to complete the process.


Set up USPS Web Tools API

In order to retrieve the most accurate tracking updates through USPS-Endicia, you will need to register with the USPS Web Tools here

When filling out the form, fill out the required fields and set the 'Web site Address (URL)' host to be 'salesforce.com': 

Once registered, you will receive an email that includes your 'Web Tools User ID (Username)'. You'll find the ID here: 




Copy that ID and plug it into our application through a custom setting. To access this custom setting, navigate to Setup > Type 'Custom Setting' into the Quick Find box > Click 'Manage' next to 'Shipmate General Settings'


Edit the record: (Note: If no record is displayed, click 'New' and name it, then 'Save')

Check the 'USPS Tracking' checkbox and Paste the 'Web Tools User ID (Username)' here: 



Then click Save! Now you'll get the most accurate tracking updates for your USPS-Endicia shipments.