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Advanced Custom Address Source

This guide will show you how to utilize the advanced "Child Objects" checkbox on the Products and Customs Items section of the Custom Address Source to automatically populate the Wizard and get your invocable methods running for your more complex shipments such as shipments with multiple packages and for international shipments with customs items.

We will show you how to set this up to bring across the data that stored on your Order Items related list that you can have related to your Order Object.

1. Create a Custom Address Source 

If you haven't already done this then please follow this guide

2. Multiple Packages

To set up multiple packages then you first need to select the "Use Child Object" checkbox under the Packages section, and then select the child object you want to use. In this case it will be the OrderItem.

Now populate the fields as you would normally:

If you do not want to have any of these records create a new package line in the wizard section then you can use the following section to choose a field on your child object that has a checkbox set to true.

This is useful if for example its a service such as "support" that doesn't actually need to be packaged in the shipment.

3. International Customs Items 

For international customs items you have the same facility as for the Packages above but for your Customs Items.

Remember to select the child object checkbox and then fill in the fields as you need to.

Once again you can exclude items from being added to this list by selecting the exclude filter.

4. International Documents

If you want to use the Paperless Electronic trade document submission provided by carriers then you use the "International Documents" section of the Custom Address source to preset the Commercial Invoice / Nafta / EEI / Pro Forma documents.

You need to create a field on your parent object, in this case the Order Object, that contains the Salesforce ID of the document you are using.

You can find the Salesforce ID of the object by going to Shipping Forms

Selecting the document and then taking the ID from the URL as you can see here

Save your Custom Address Source and you should now be able to test via the Wizard to make sure everything loads correctly.

Once thats done you can even turn on Invocable methods for creating shipments via process builder.

Please contact us via live chat using the chat icon on the bottom right of this page if you need any assistance.