Bulk Cancel UPS shipments

Published on 18 July 2017 in

A quick code snippet for you today, if you want to cancel all UPS shipments that have not been picked up.

Here is the code to run in Developer Console:

String queryString = 'SELECT ' + 'Id,Name, zkups__UPSShipmatePreference__c, zkups__MasterTrackingId__c, zkups__ShipmentProcessingCompleted__c, ' +
            'zkups__SsProcessReturnShipment__c, zkups__ServiceType__c, zkups__SenderState__c, zkups__SenderCountry__c, zkups__SenderName__c, ' +
            'zkups__RecipientState__c, zkups__RecipientCountry__c, zkups__ShipmentDeleted__c, zkups__Delivered__c, zkups__StatusDescription__c, zkups__ModKey__c  ' +
            'FROM zkups__UPSShipment__c WHERE Name <= \'UPS-Shipment-0000001000\' and zkups__StatusDescription__c like \'%BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED\' and zkups__Delivered__c = false and zkups__ShipmentDeleted__c = false' ;
Integer recordCount = 1;
zkups.ShipmentInterface.startMassShipmentCancelBatch(queryString, recordCount); 

Line 4 determines the shipments we want to set as cancelled. For this snippet we have decided to cancel all shipments older than UPS-Shipment-0000001000.

Line 7 then uses our startMassShipmentCancelBatch process that goes through all the shipments and cancels them.

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