Pick and Pack Station

The process of locating and pulling product from warehouse and packing it for shipment needs to be highly efficient in order to meet customer demand and accelerate business growth.

Picking & Packing Process

1. Sales order

Once a sales opportunity becomes an actual sales order, it is highly important to have clear access to the complete order details for that customer: shipment address, preferences, volume and product identification.

2. Picking

Generate 100% clear picking lists that will increase the speed and efficiency of your locating & pulling staff present in warehouse.

3. Packing/Shipping

Safely pack and prepare your product for an accurate shiptment. Shipmate integrates seamlessly with almost every thermal printers (including Eltron and Zebra), as well as laser printers, scales, and barcode scanners.

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Integrates with Salesforce Partners

Our apps are 100% native which makes it simple to integrate with other AppExchange partners. Take a look at our integration tutorials for Ascent, Kenandy and Accounting Seed.

Why use Zenkraft for your Picking & Packing?

What is in it for you?

  • Create and print personalized pick sheets for all your shipments with one click.
  • Print and personalize dispatch notes in order to be sure that every order goes to the right place.
  • View outstanding shipments at a glance and organize your queue of orders to process.
  • Full flexibility to manage high volume orders and part-ship orders as your business need it.
  • Integrates with your existing hardware including barcode scanners, scales and thermal printers.

How do we do it?

  • You will have access to an automated, 100% Salesforce integrated, software that will increase your Picking & Packing accuracy and speed.
  • Shipmate allows you to organize your shipment orders.
  • Decide which members of your staff have permission to manage shipments and have access to your Zenkraft account.
  • Complete view of your Picking & Packing status.
  • Your shipped orders get closed and removed automatically from your work queue.

Zenkraft is used by nearly 1,000 companies including

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